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  • 28th August 2017

6 Impressive Features of Brand New watchOS 4 that You Shouldn't Miss


This latest version of watchOS 4 was recently introduced at WWDC 2017. In watchOS 4, Apple has focused on introducing a more personalized Apple Watch experience and redefining what folks love most about the Apple Watch, bringing new Activity, Music, and Workout feature.

There are three new watch faces in watchOS 4, consisting a new Siri watch face that provides personalized and dynamic information that varies according to the time of day. It takes into account the apps you use, your daily routine, and when you use them to predict what you will want to see next. Other watch faces consists a photo-based Kaleidoscope face and a new Toy Story face starring Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie.


Here’s an overview of the capabilities and major performance improvements we will see in watchOS 4:


  • Developers can now make apps that record audio in the background

  • Location-based user tracking

  • Apps can access the heart rate sensor in real-time

  • Apps can access the accelerometer and gyroscope in real-time

  • Real time route mapping and navigation

  • Automatic screen rotation


Apart from these above-mentioned capabilities following are the noteworthy features that mobile app development companies should consider while building watchOS 4 compatible applications.


1. Applicationss would be More Faster

In previous versions of Apple Watch, third-party applications were extremely slow. watchOS was received a lot of criticism fixating on slow loading times. But, the real problem is the interaction time as users swipe through multiple screens and opening menus with 3D Touch. All these issues have been solved in watchOS 4. Apple has allowed third party applications to run directly on Apple Watch. But, in watchOS 4, it combines both app code and interface elements together into one single process that loads at run-time.


2. Cellular Connectivity to Improve the User Experience

The Apple Watch can already run some independent apps and make payments through Apple Pay with no data connection. watchOS 4 can use Wi-Fi networks for connectivity when a paired iPhone is not in range. With watchOS 4, Apple is taking a step further by letting the Watch connect directly to nearby Bluetooth devices. For the first time, Apple Watch will support Core Bluetooth. This means it can now bypass the iPhone completely and communicate directly with particular Bluetooth-enabled devices. The latest Bluetooth features of the watch should allow users connect directly to more specialized health and exercise devices, such as EKG monitors, golf-swing monitors, smart surfboards, and tennis trackers. This is an important technical building block that makes Apple Watch even more useful.


3. GymKit for Fitness Enthusiasts

Another major highlight is support for a new technology platform called GymKit. It will let users wirelessly sync fitness data between their Apple Watches and cardio machines at gyms. Ultimately, watchOS 4 has the competence to collect workout data from gym instrument, it could also signify greater smartwatch independence for the next update. It is the first and foremost example of Apple utilizing the Near-field Communication (NFC) chip to interact with objects in the physical world. Apple is already opening up NFC chip access on the iPhone in iOS 11, so it is fair enough to think the watch will follow.


4. Upgraded Navigation to Add More User Friendliness

Apple is also planning some adjustments to improve the navigation issues those were observed in past watchOS. In watchOS 4, users can sort the dock by recently opened and there will be a new list-style way to sort applications rather than the honeycomb grid. A horizontal page layout is a new addition and users should thank Apple for it. This horizontal page layout can launch on any page as Apple is also improving their own apps for developers to follow. For instance, Apple’s Workout app will allow users to start new exercises from within existing ones. By default, those exercises will use a goal the user has set and only require a couple of steps. It is the best example of creating a responsive user experience, where it is not only about updating the data in your UI but also about thinking of what the user might expect to do next in your app based on what you already know.


5. Siri is Drawing Everyone’s Attention

Siri will now display calendar events and important information to its watch face in watchOS 4. Possibly the upcoming version of the watch will enable the most awaited arrival of the traditional Siri. Apple affirms that the watchOS 4 will have the smartest watch face ever with Siri’s intelligence that proactively displays the information users want right when they need it. Users can now ask Siri to send money to friends easily, instantly, and securely with updated Apple Pay. Users can also request and receive money right in Messages on their watch.


6. Apps are Getting Smarter

Apple is allowing developers to do a lot more with their apps. For instance, background privileges will be prolonged for audio recording, enabling apps to catch the sound while the watch screen is off. Also, the open state time for application has been extended from two minutes to eight minutes, and then close once a task is completed. For example, if a user is out shopping, their shopping list will pop up when they raise their arm. This shows that Apple is focusing on minimizing the efforts a user has to put into navigating through the app.


Which is your favorite watchOS 4 feature? Have you made any new discovery? If you have features that we have overlooked, feel free to contact us and let us know. Panacea is a leading mobile app development company delivering it’s 100% results for the businesses who are looking for the massive success in today’s competitive market.


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