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  • 5th August 2015

Angular.JS – A Web Application Framework Maintained by Google

Angular.JS – A Web Application Framework Maintained by Google

What is Angular.JS?

Angular.js is a JavaScript, open-source web application framework developed by Google and the extremely popular framework that extends HTML vocabulary for applications. It is backed by a community of developers and corporations to address challenges encountered in developing both web and single-page applications. The object of this framework is to make development of JavaScript based user interfaces easy and fast. This framework stands along with some of the most popular frameworks such as Backbone, Ember, Knockout, Cappuccino and Require. There are various reasons that make it one of the finest JavaScript frameworks that you will see in this article. It is being actively supported by Google, hence, it has a bright future.

Angular brings dynamism in HTML markup, therefore, developers find it very useful. Also, it provides standard structures that help to create many components easily and quickly. Usually, JavaScript coding is very time consuming and make developers to take sheer efforts set up interfaces. Hence, front-end developers seek a way to make this time consuming process of development fast and easy. Here, Angular comes into the light.
Angular.js Development

The finest advantage for Angular.js developers is the time spend between the process of designing and development. Angular.js enables developers to create the frameworks that noticeably reduce the time of the design and development process. Using Angular.js developers can create dynamic browser based applications. It can be also done by using HTML5, but, it doesn’t work when it comes to declaring dynamic views for the application that are web based. Here, the Angular.js steps in because of its MVC (Model View Controller) development pattern that lowers the development time. Angular.js is prominently used to create single page as well as mobile applications. Web solutions created using Angular.js are easy to manage and test. Our expertise in Angular.js complements if the main client side scripting will be a JavaScript. Our Angular.js developers enable you create applications that help your end-users to experience a smooth web performance. At Panacea, we our expert developers brilliantly tweak codes to fulfill your needs using Angular.js smartly.
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Notable Advantages of Angular.js

MVC design pattern that accelerates development process
Code libraries and Predefined templates that make coding easy for developers
Reusable HTML components
Flexible to filter data
REST friendly
Ease of development and testing
DOM and Model management with two way data binding
Directives to build custom widgets
e2e testing environment
HTML vocabulary can be expanded for high-quality web templating
How Angular.js is beneficial for your business?

Many companies run after the JavaScript MVC framework to create highly interactive websites. There are some big names who are using Angular.js, including Itar Tass Udacy, YouTube and more. You can create all kinds of latest and cutting-edge application using Angular.js, such as-

E-shops and Marketplaces
Interactive Dashboards
Real-time interactive maps
Search engines
Learning Platforms
Music and Video streaming apps
Social Networking platforms
Data analysis tools
Custom widgets
Social and interactive apps
Text Editors and Theme Generators

Today, where the competition is at peak, it is very difficult to stand tall among your competitors. Angular.js features an advanced technology that enables you to build web applications that represents advanced components and web features to gain an edge over your competitors. At Panacea, we are a team of dedicated and passionate web developers that are fully competent to use quality features of Angular.js to build impressive apps and keep your project running.

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