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  • 3rd March 2016

Are Tailoring Solutions beneficial and fruitful for E-commerce Business

Tailoring solution | Diginer tools | Panacea infotech


Tailoring solution | Diginer tools | Panacea infotech


E-commerce business has competently grown in last few years and differ according to the nature of the product. Every individual love to purchase products online rather going to shopping malls or outlets. If you want a shirt of your choice then obviously you will search online store, but there may a chance you didn’t like any of the shirt which E-commerce website is offering. What to do now? Keeping this in mind, a solution is required which allows user to design garments by their own. In this type of cases tailoring solution is the best as this will act like a tool and will help you design as per your choice.


In order to grow your E-commerce business, service named tailoring solution proves to be needful as it can meet customers requirements and helps in operating business module. This solutions helps in aligning your objective with goal. Panacea has launched convenient tools for their customers to make the products according to the need and choice.


Key Designer Tool

This tool is designed for those businessmen whose main focus is to deal in particular product. The basic features included in this tool.

  • Excellent Color Gallery.

  • Designing is possible from any side.

  • Image, Picture, Drawings uploading functionality.

  • Friendly Printed images

  • Provided with full support

Leading tools with 360 degree Customization

We offers these tool which can customize any of the garment that merchant is offering to their customers. These tool are convenient to use as customers just need to submit their requirements considering following parameters like collar style, color, button type, stitching type and many more.


List of various product designing tool – Best Solution for your E-commerce Business

  • Shirt Designer Tool

  • T-shirt Designer Tool

  • Combo Designer Tool

  • Cap/Hat Designer Tool

  • Suit Designer Tool

Trial Room Feature

It’s one of the best part of this solution which allows you to feel of trying a dress by showing a mannequin wearing a dress customize by you.

If you want to wear unique garment products like t-shirt, shirt, suit then tailoring solution is one of the best, as you can design any of these products using various product designing tool which can also be integrated with your online store leading to increase in business sales.


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