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  • 2nd July 2018

Aspects to Follow While Building a Taxi Booking App

Taxi Booking App Development


Online taxi booking app has now almost turned out to be a buzzword for the drivers as well as passengers alike. When it has brought in a change the concept of online taxi booking app, it has also altered the way people would consider transportation industry before. Want to know the reason why?  Hassle-free taxi booking service has been the main reason behind the success of uber like app developments.

Predicting the user demand and providing service accordingly does play a huge role in the success of any taxi business and such seamless on-demand apps tend to crack the nut in the best possible manner.

Taxi Booking App Development


With the increasing popularity of taxi booking mobile apps, an array of new applications is making its way in offering several unique features.  While some emerge as the best ones in the market, many fail to catch the light. So, if you are up with the venture to develop some fantastic taxi app solutions, which technology you should adhere to or what are factors you should follow to make your endeavor a grand success. So, whether your business is just a start-up or an existing venture, it needs a set of proper research and plans to understand the requirements of the customers and what your competitors are offering.


At first, you should always consider building apps for major platforms. Android and iOS- both the platforms should be taken into consideration while developing an uber like app solution. Well, while doing the same, it might take twice as much time and money; but, in the end, you would definitely get the best value for your efforts. Also, you can opt for cross-platform app development to save your precious money and time. In such context, doing a full-fledged on the most popular platforms in the city would be the wisest act from your end.


Well, next comes the built-in maps and traffic data. When you are going to offer something to your customers, you would certainly try to provide them with the best service, isn’t it? Similarly, the type of navigation experience you are offering can be a crowning point for the drivers. To get them at a specific location, you should always adhere to some registered and legitimate mapping assets; as for example, Uber uses Google Maps for the same and has also acquired Microsoft’s Bing mapping lately.


As you are trying to operate throughout a vast province, you should always take navigation quite seriously. For this, you again need to plan in advance and then only; you are going to get the required settings tapped in your app. Again, for instance, you can use Apple’s MapKitframework to come up with a highly utilitarian map interface into your taxi application. Last but not the least; Google Maps is always the best solution ever!


Let your customers experience the best payment system to date! Why don’t you refrain them from reaching for their wallet every time they have to pay the respective driver? Don’t you think they would lose their interest towards your app this way? What about making them feel like they are eligible for “payment-less” payment options? Well, you can still incorporate a “pay with cash” along with “pay with debit card or credit card or net banking” in your new cab booking app. There might be some passengers who would not like to pay through credit or debit cards. So, does it make it any sense to lose your potential customers over such simple issue?  Definitely not!!


However, with a cash option, it’s quite crucial to ensure the fact that a client doesn’t change his or her mind and calls off the cab on its arrival. To avoid the same, you are always open to provide an option for placing certain security charges on the user’s account. But, also, never forget to give way for such options that would give the passenger the money back on his/her account once the service is restored.


Here, Braintree can be used to offer your customers the best online mobile payment options.  Offering an easy-to-use collection of APIs, the iOS SDK would provide intrinsic yet exclusive payments to the customers. Also, the Venmo touch network mechanized by Braintree technology even enables users for one-tap purchases. This, in turn, would save them from inserting their credit card credentials again and again.


Panacea Infotech is a top-end taxi app development company offering a plethora of solutions to every venture on the lookout for exclusive taxi app solutions at their disposal. So, if you are one among the troop in search of the same, waste no time of yours to contact us at Panacea Infotech. We provide 24/7 support and will be more than happy to come to your aid in a jiffy.


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