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  • 5th August 2015

Biggest Changes That Your SEO Efforts Needs To Be Targeted On, In 2015

Biggest Changes That Your SEO Efforts Needs To Be Targeted On, In 2015

The world of SEO always and frequently bring something new and challenging for the SEO pros. Year 2014 was not an exception to this fact. We had seen search engine algorithm updates in the last year as we see them in every year. 2014 was the year where content was a predominant factor in SEO. Last year, many SEOs experienced the panic attacks as Google de-ranked the sites having law quality or duplicate content with its Panda update. The people who were wise enough to not practiced black hat or bad SEO only survived from the panda update in the last year. However, many of them affected from Panda and Penguin. Hence, still many are in confusion whether the worst is over or more to come? Here, we are going to look at the bright side. Below are the changes that will help you to survive well in 2015.

The Changes that your SEO strategy should be focused on prominently in 2015:-

Mobile Traffic – Mobile traffic is the key target in 2015 as it has exceeded the desktop traffic. Therefore, optimize and create for mobile traffic. Hence, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Optimizing for Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo – It could be possible that some other search engines start to take shares in 2015. There was a news that Firefox is in the process of making Yahoo as default search engine over Google.There is a possibility that the options other than Google soon become popular. Hence, visibility across all the major search engines will surely bring great results.

Strongly Focused Social Media Approach – When it comes to sharing content, social media comes first in the list for businesses. However, now it has become a channel for marketing and customer-service. Hence, focus more on your social media approach and try to get engaged with your customers on personal level.

Switch your focus to ROI metrics from keywords rankings – If you are giving importance to keyword rankings and looking keyword position to determine the success of your campaign. Then it is a wake up call for you. Choice is yours. Do you want to see a fancy raking report or want to know about your return on investment.

Target precise search phrases and keywords – Though broad keywords has huge search volume, they are very expensive to rank and fail to attract highly targeted traffic. Focus on targeting long tail search queries as they have less competition and help you to attract traffic of qualified buyers.

Earn links rather build links – Inbound links are the most significant indication of authority and trust, and it will not going to change in near future. Building links is now over. Hence, focus on earning links from high quality websites which are relevant to your business will help in term of various aspects such as SEO, branding exposure, sales, leads and attracting referral traffic.
Businesses always seek organic search traffic. This highly desired traffic can be driven through the proper search engine optimization. At Panacea, we practice most advanced and feasible SEO techniques and offer quality SEO services to bring you the quality results.

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