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  • 3rd March 2017

Why Most Businesses Prefer to Embrace Custom Mobile App Instead Off-the-Shelf Product ?

custom mobile app development company


Considering the adoption of mobile across the world and incredible rise in the number of mobile internet users, it has become imperative for businesses to make mobility as a vital part of their business strategy. Today, from shopping to booking and learning to entertainment, people use mobile apps to perform these and more activities. Therefore, businesses those who use mobile apps for addressing their customers’ need certainly reaping its rewards in terms of greater customer reach, retention, loyalty and revenue.

custom mobile app development company


If you have realized the importance of mobile apps and planning to invest in mobile app development, then this article will help you get started with the right approach.


When it comes to developing a mobile app, many entrepreneurs feel uncertain about making a choice between custom app development and off the shelf produce. Though the latter option seems economically viable, it’s always better to choose the former one to provide your business with all the major benefits of app development.


Custom mobile apps are developed based on the unique requirements of a particular business. Rather fulfilling the large community having varied needs, they address the needs of your target audience. Hence, help you yield the right results. This is the reason why custom mobile app development has greater demand than off the shelf product. Let’s check out few key characteristics of custom mobile apps, so you can embrace it without any hesitation.

No limitation

Every business has it’s unique requirements and audience base. Off the shelf, apps are built considering the common or standard requirements such as inventory, asset tracking, and sales. They can’t meet the unique needs of the business. App developers have to follow certain accepted methods of app development in this case. Also, the app can’t be scaled further in case your business grows.


Unlike off the shelf solutions, custom apps are scalable. They can be adapted easily to changing behavior and demands of users. Therefore, they survive longer and contribute to your business success for many years.

Personalized User Experience

Personalized user experience has become a key factor in terms of driving customers engagement. Custom apps fulfill the unique requirements of the business as well as customers. Thus, provide users with a personalized user experience which is highly necessary for converting visitors into buyers.


For delivering personalized user experience, the user interface (UI) of your app needs to be tailored to your business needs. Most of the ready to use apps offer generic UI, thus fail to attract users. Custom apps are built keeping particular needs of business and users in mind, thus they feature unique UI which reflect the essence of your business and help to grab more eyeballs.

Better Security

Ready to use mobile apps have generic security features which are known by everyone. This is what make the security of your app highly vulnerable, thus put your data to risk. Having a custom mobile application built uniquely for your business strengthen the data security, as necessary security measures are taken care based on your business requirements.

Fewer complications and issues related compatibility

As you build your mobile app according to end-users’ needs, users find it easy to adopt. Also, the application includes only relevant features, a little training needs to be provided to the users.


You encounter fewer complications when you operate your app with your business software and the application that you are already using. With the off-the-shelf product, it is normal to deal with constant issues and errors while using it with other applications.

Reliable Technical Support

The greatest advantage you get while having custom app is a robust technical support offered by the custom mobile app development company. Whenever you face any issue regarding performance or scalability, you get a reliable and dedicated support from the team of experienced app developers. Ultimately, it helps you keep your mobile app running without any obstacle.


Competition in the mobile market is rising rapidly. As a result, companies are looking for innovative ways to engage customers. Custom mobile apps offer many advantages that help you meet your business goals.


At Panacea Infotech, we help businesses to build innovative custom apps to achieve their business missions. If you are planning to build a mobile app for your business and looking for the help, then you can feel free to contact our mobile app developers. We will be happier than you to provide you with the best suggestion.


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