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  • 16th May 2017

Common Web Design Mistakes that Harm the Usability Of Your Website

Web design & development company


A website has become a must-have entity for every business to survive and thrive in today’s digital world. An attractive web design with user-friendly navigation’s not only catch visitors’ attention but also help you make first good impression necessary to drive customer engagement. If there is any flaw in your web design, it certainly hampers your site’s usability which can make an adverse impact on the bottom line of your business.


When it comes to delivering quality user-experience, usability plays a key role. If your visitors come to your site and they don’t find what they want easily, they instantly leave your site and your conversion rate will go down. Less conversion means less revenue.

Web design & development company


If you want to make your website work for you, first you must consider avoiding some common website design mistakes. Website design & development companies and other businesses who use website are always in the endeavor of finding and fixing those mistakes. As an experienced IT company, we have designed a plethora of websites over the years. Based on our experience and finding, here we are sharing some common but easy to avoid web design mistakes with you.


Lousy Content Structure

Most of the internet users visit many sites to collect information or learn something. But what happen when they don’t find what they want? The bounce rate of your site certainly increases.


Categories with confusing or broad names is one of the most common mistakes web design that pushes users to go through each category to reach their destination. The site structure which doesn’t follow a standard pattern or which is illogical create hassles for visitors. The sites that do not have advanced search option offer poor user experience. When your web design & development partner work on your site, it is important to conduct usability test to make sure your audience will able to find what they want instantly and effortlessly.


Slow Website Loading Speed

Today’s internet users are impatient. They want instant gratification. Slow website speed gives them a headache. If you want to keep your visitors happy and stick to your site, your site load speed must be 3 second or less than that. Furthermore, when visitors jump on different pages of your website, they expect the same level of speed. The longer it will take to load the pages, the higher possibility that users may abandon your site.


Wordy and Clutter Landing Pages

Most of the website visitors have a tendency to skim your web pages and not read them thoroughly. You must keep this fact in mind during web design process of your site. Using a huge amount of text on your web pages, crashing colors, confusing navigations, and lots of graphics, you create difficult for users to scan your website instantly. Properly designed web page with headlines, while spaces, relevant images, and sub-headings are paramount for enhanced usability and better user experience. Small paragraphs with bulleted lists showing what exactly users want which ultimately drive more engagement.


Unclear or Hidden Links

In the endeavor of creating something interesting or visually appealing, many web designers embed links in web design elements or use hidden links. Though it looks good, it sometimes difficult for visitors to see. It may happen with your navigation or CTA (call-to-action) links which are the vital elements of your website. To avoid this, make sure to show your CTAs and navigation’s in a clear manner, so the visitors will not waste their time in guessing.


Lack of SEO

If you want to rank higher and get your expected result from your website, you can not skip SEO from your web design. In fact, web design and SEO goes hand in hand during web development process. In this regards, you can take help from your SEO experts to make your web design work for you.


Inadequate Search Results

If you are running an eCommerce or retail website, then your site must be featuring a huge amount of content. In such case, you should have a search feature that delivers strong results. It must be fine tuned with search habits of your customers. Also, you should optimize your content and tag it properly with the search engine on your site. Therefore, your visitors will find what they need quickly and easily.



A good website offers a high level of usability to your target audience. Avoiding the above-mentioned common web design mistakes, you can surely end up improving your conversion rate. If you see some of these issues on your site, ensure to fix them quickly. If you need any assistance or thinking about re-design your site, please feel free to contact our web design & development experts to get the free consultation.

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