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  • 7th January 2017

How to Create an eCommerce Product Page that Converts Visitors into Buyers

eCommerce Design Company

Are you running an eCommerce business? Unhappy with your conversion rate and sales? The majority of eCommerce sites fails to impress visitors due to certain flaws in their product pages. By making some small but effective changes you can eliminate those flaws and enhance chances of attaining your business goals.

eCommerce Design Company


As a leading eCommerce development company, we have built numerous eCommerce websites for our clients across various industries. Our experience has helped us to learn what works in the online market. Furthermore, our team recently has conducted a research on few successful eCommerce site to find out elements that inspire visitors to take action. Based on this knowledge and information here we are providing you with some best tips to create an eCommerce product page that help you reap great rewards. Let’s check them out further.

1. Responsive design/Mobile optimization

You call it responsive website design or mobile optimized page, it is highly essential to deliver a quality user experience to your visitors. Today, a majority of buyers visit your website through their mobile devices. Thus it is imperative to make each element on your website perform well on mobile devices. According to the research, a huge number of mobile shopper abandon transaction or leave your site if the site is not optimized for mobile devices.

E-commerce is shifting rapidly to smartphones. Turning your product page into responsive or optimizing it for mobile, certainly, helps you to hold visitors on your site.

2. Highlight your product name clearly

It’s common sense, but it is crucial for keeping visitors stick to your page. As soon as your target audience land on your product page, the first thing that they must see is your product name. Therefore, make sure your product name is easily seen. Furthermore, if you have something essential to show such as your product code or key features, you can mention it along with your product name.

3. Effective product description

Product pages on your eCommerce site not only play a key role in turning your visitors into buyers but also help you rank well on the Google. The web pages having fresh and quality content likely to get a good position in search engine results. Also, a unique product description helps you to impress the audience and persuade them to buy your product.

While writing description apart from mentioning the key features of your product ensure to integrate keywords. Keep it brief and show it in a professional manner.

4. Integrate high-quality product images and videos

E-commerce development has gone beyond just creating pages with a product name, description, and a single image. Today, customers want realistic shopping experience. They want to view your products from multiple angles. Therefore, make sure to add different images with higher quality and resolution. It is your image quality that makes audience feel positive about your products.

To make your page more effective, you can further add videos that present and describe your products in a powerful manner.

5. Compelling Call-to-Actions

The attention span of visitors is getting shorter and shorter. You just get few seconds to influence the buying decision of audience. Call to actions also known as CTAs help you catch the attention of buyers and simplify their journey on your site.

When implement call to actions on your product page ensure to use attractive and relevant. For example, if you are selling a product then you can use Buy now, Grab your product, or something unique. Also, make sure to highlight your CTAs with color, font, and effect that enhance the beauty of your page and compel visitors to click it.

6. Add live chat functionality and secure payment gateway

Live chat functionality and payment gateway on the eCommerce site has become an intrinsic part of eCommerce development. If your business offering product to multiple countries then adding live chat software that supports various languages can help you build a good relationship with your customers. Secure payment gateways help you build trust that eventually help you achieve customer loyalty.

Creating a powerful eCommerce product page is really a challenging stuff in today’s competitive business world. The above-mentioned point surely helps you start well and add more quality to your page that increase your chances of generating great results. If you have further queries or need help with your website, you can feel free to contact our experts. We will be happier than you to provide you with the best suggestions.

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