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  • 16th February 2016

Digital Marketing has completely Overcomed Traditional Marketing .. !!

Digital Marketing Services - Panacea Infotech


Digital Marketing Services - Panacea Infotech


Before Digital marketing came into picture, marketing of any product, brand or company was done in a traditional way which involves flyers, newspaper ads, television ads and radio. Traditional marketing was a strategy used in ancient and old times. This type of marketing involves manpower efforts in distributing pamphlets and flyers and conversion rate was too less. In order to add value to the business and increase conversion rate, digital marketing came into picture which completely involves the use of internet for marketing.


Since we are living in 21st Century everyone is using internet. Specially businessman, companies are using online media for marketing their products, brand and many more. In simple words we can say.


Digital Marketing – Marketing which involves digital media. !!.

Activities which comes under digital marketing are;
Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Social Media Optimization and many more. Through these activities we can create awareness among the people by just using a computer device and start promoting on different websites, social media platforms which leads to increase in traffic to the business and thus increase in revenue.


Panacea Infotech proves to be the best platform where you can hire a professional digital marketer which will help you out in promoting your business product resulting in high traffic to your business.


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