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  • 22nd April 2017

Empower Your Mobile App Development with Rolling Wave Planning

Mobile App Development Company


Have you decided to build a mobile app for your business? The decision you have taken is certainly admirable as mobile apps have become backbones for many businesses across the world. They offer the convenience of access on-demand to products and services, thus their consumer-base is increasing rapidly. Considering this current scenario, mobile app development can surely help you add extra value to your business and drive more sales.

Mobile App Development Company

When it comes to developing and launching a successful mobile app, product development planning plays a key role. Rolling wave planning works as a wonder in this regards. Let’s discover exactly what it is and why it is important in mobile app development.


What is Rolling Wave Planning?

It is a process of planning a project in waves (steps). It enables you to plan your project as it unfolds. Here you need to plan iteratively similar to techniques used in SCRUM and other agile product development methodologies.


Rolling wave planning helps you reach the position where you can make informed and actionable product decisions based on the knowledge you gain as your product evolves. It is used to do detail planning for near-term activities and high-level planning for activities which need to be performed in far away future. As the project move forward, the requirements become more clear, so you can make a more detailed planning.


Let’s check out the importance of rolling wave planning in mobile app development.


Helping in making better product decisions

As you kick start your project, you can devise the right way where your project needs to be directed with the help of rolling wave planning. It helps you acquire essential knowledge to analyze, understand and act in the right direction.


Rather having the requirements document, you get the concrete version of your product that enables you to take decisions near to the precision. As you come to know the appearance and functionality of your mobile app through a demonstrable version, it put you in the position to make a better product decision.


Reduce Downtime

Downtime comprises elements which are considered as waste in product development. These elements including waiting, not using resources, overproduction etc. Rolling wave planning helps you get rid of this wasting and minimize downtime.


While you are delaying product decisions, you don’t develop unnecessary features and functionality until you reach the position where you can make the better decisions. As you understand what it necessary to acquire better result, you are able to minimize downtime.


Minimize Risk

Time-sensitive detailed upfront planning put you in front of the product that changes with its development. The assumption you make at the initial phase of the product development often disproved as you get access to the more information. You find features which are inappropriate, objectives that need to be shifted and things that need to be altered.


When such scenario occurs, your budget might feel the heat. You need to invest your time and resources to devise a detailed plan and rework on it that eventually make it challenging for your team to readjust with the changes. Rolling wave planning enables you to adjust your deliverable as your product evolves without making costly changes. You have a flexible team at your disposal during your entire mobile app development process.


You gain the competence to pivot

When you embrace rolling wave planning, you gain the ability to pivot when required. In case you need to adjust your criteria for a minimum viable product or minimal marketable features, you can easily accomplish this as you carry forward your development process without wasting resources and time on re-planning. You can see and evaluate every advancement while identifying required changes. If you want to pivot, you can make it occur in the next sprint by planning the steps. This helps you avoid expensive changes as well as time and resources in case you need to plan again from the beginning.


Like any other product development, rolling wave planning is the vital part of mobile app development. It provides you with many advantages such as flexibility, more efficiency, and less risk. Ultimately, you deliver the best product. You must incorporate it in your app development process and if your team is using agile methodologies then it must practice it.


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