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  • 19th June 2018

Explore the Benefits of DevOps- The Ultimate Guide to the Same

Agile Development

In search of best means to develop a brand new mobile application? On the lookout for top-end application development companies in USA? Are you trying to get a better command over what DevOps actually is? This blog post is going to be a big help for you! DevOps has now turned out to be a weigh down buzzword which has made people shed different views towards the same. However, this way it becomes a challenge when you are trying to define DevOps the best. DevOps can be explained simply as operations to get things done faster in an automated and repeatable way.

Agile Development

Now, you must be quite keen about knowing where DevOps has actually come from. DevOps has got its origin from agile software development – inbred from the need to keep up with the increased software velocity. Advancements in agile culture and methods over the last decade exposed the need for a more holistic approach to the end-to-end software delivery lifecycle and this is how DevOps has come into the scenario.


In the beginning, agile teams used to be constituted of developers only. Nevertheless, with agile teams becoming more effective and efficient in producing software, it has now become pretty clear that having Quality Assurance (QA) and Dev as separate teams were inappropriate only. Agile grew to comprehend QA in order to increase the velocity of delivering software and now again, it is growing to take in the support members in the best possible manner.


While each of the agile methodologies is distinct in its one-of-a-kind approach, they all tend to share some common vision and core values. They all involve continuous planning, testing, integration, and evolution of both the project and the software. They are all lightweight, especially compared to traditional waterfall-style processes, and inherently adaptable. And, what is most important about agile methods is that they all focus on entitling people to collaborate and make decisions together quickly as well as effectively.


DevOps is an IT mindset that peps up conveyance, teamwork, integration and automation among software developers and IT operations in order to tweak the speed and quality of delivering software. Also, DevOps teams emphasize on standardizing development environments and automating delivery processes to perk up delivery predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability. The DevOps ideals provide developers more control of the production environment and a better understanding of the production infrastructure. DevOps encourages authorizing teams with the autonomy to build, validate, deliver and support their own applications. With DevOps, nothing gets passed off to the unwanted source.


At the same time, DevOps comes with a number of goals that are as follows-


    • Improve deployment frequency
    • Achieve faster time to market
    • A lower failure rate of new releases
    • Improve mean time to recovery


Coming to the main benefits of DevOps, it is again to shake up the readers in several ways-


    • Ensure faster delivery times that improve ROI. DevOps is basically the application of Agile principles, and thus, it results into the faster development of software, ensuring more frequent delivery
    • Providing stable and reliable operating environment, it has got a direct role to play in the growth of any organization.
    • Improve collaboration between teams by improving the transparency required for effective decision making. Nowadays, development teams need to break down their inter-departmental silos and collaborate and communicate in a dynamic, round-the-clock environment. DevOps revamps business agility by providing the desired atmosphere of mutual collaboration, communication, and integration across established IT organizations. With this, all the team members become responsible for the quality and timeline of deliverables
    • Identify defects that, in turn, helps provide the best services and robust features that must be delivered to customers
    • Offer continuous release and deployment, continuous testing, and continuous monitoring. Today’s software development practices require teams to deliver quality software on a continual note. DevOps, using its practices of continuous release and deployment, continuous testing, and continuous monitoring, provides just what is required


At the same time, DevOps may be essentially disruptive, but it is here to stay because it is a very practical and valuable asset for today’s organizations and they are realizing a wide range of real, measurable benefits as a result of its implementation. Integrating automated testing with your DevOps is the best thing to do if you want to save time and money while increasing quality and time to market.


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