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  • 31st March 2016

Google Search Update – Removed all Right Hand Side Ads worldwide

Google search update


Google search update

Google keeps on updating his interface either by logo, google maps, images and many more. As we are aware of that google used to show both organic and paid ads which in total showing three paid ads above, below and at right location which has been recently modified by google as they have killed all the right hand side ads which resulted in increase in number of ads from three to four above organic result. This change has become a important point to be discussed among Marketers, Businessman, Merchants as purchasing the paid ads would become expensive and moreover competition too would increase.


What was the reason of updating Google Search Result?

This change was done to provide a clear and simple user experience whenever someone performs a search. After the updation in SERP, google can provide a united experience between desktop and mobile search.

Another factor could be revenue, as the number of paid ads increases above organic result which will leads to increase in clicks thus resulting in increase in revenue.

Moreover, normal user used to click either on top ads, below ads or organic result, thus there would be few user who used to click on right hand side ads, which got tracked by google and decided to kill all the right hand side ads.


Will it affect the marketers’ owing organic result?

As the number of paid ads got increased, which will result in push down of organic result thus will impact on traffic and decrease in business revenue. So in order to achieve high click through rate marketers need to be smart in rich snippets, quality content and best SEO techniques.


In order to overcome this updates, organic marketers need to review their position for every keywords, concentrate on quality content and back-links. We at Panacea Infotech are equipped with experienced digital marketing professionals which will help you out in promoting and ranking of your business.


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