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  • 3rd August 2018

How Choosing the Right Technology Stack Will Get You the Best Mobile App Development Project

Project on Mobile App Development


With a strong competition on board in the mobile app development market, it’s quite obvious that a single error from your end can make you lose the race. Despite having an exclusive idea and choosing the best of features for your app, your project might just fail to stand tall in the market. So, it’s quite important that you opt for proper technology stack along with exclusive strategies. Are you looking for application development companies in USA to get the best aid in this regard? Go through this post as well, as it’s going to give you a sound idea about how choosing the right stack will help you excel in the channel.

Project on Mobile App Development


If you are thinking of creating a native app for iOS, then it’s time for you to opt for a technology stack that includes Objective -C or Swift (programming language), Apple Xcode (Toolkit), iOS SDK.


Native app development has now been overtly popular among both the mid-scale as well as big-scale ventures. The fact that it offers a number of benefits including swift performance, top-end security and unique user-experience has made the drift acquire ample acceptance from every nook and cranny. When it can make an application more productive, it also lets the users experience the best of features in smartphone devices including address book, camera, NFC module etc.


Now, in case, you choose Swift for your iOS app, then Apple Xcode is needed as the toolkit for developing your native app. This feature-rich development environment not only gives you the perfect drive to build an array of desktop as well as mobile applications, but also lets you get the required control over the entire process.  Coming with integrated support for Git repositories, Xcode provides the best graphical editing features to build user interfaces, combined documentation, debugging tools and instrumentation.


The iOS SDK consists of an application programming interface (API) that works as a loop between the platform and the software applications they trail through. At the same time, there are many ways you can follow to build APIs and they incorporate APIs can be built in many ways and include effective tools and programming libraries. Providing required gizmos for Apple’s touchscreen interface and its iOS operating system, which is the mainstay in all Apple’s iPhones and Apple’s other mobile devices, the iPhone SDK has the best of things on board to offer.


On the other hand, for cross platform app development, the right stack should be React Native + JavaScript/TypeScript and Xamarin + C#. Good platform coverage, cost saving attributes, easy to launch feature and the speedy development facet are the main pros to consider in cross platform app development.


For Android technology stack, programming languages like Java & Kotlin, tools like Android Studio and Android Developer are the right stand to opt for. Also, full device integration, good user experience, responsiveness, fast performance and high security are the main benefits of a native app development.


Last but not the least; the technology stack for Hybrid apps should include PhoneGap/Cordova and ionic.


Now, what exactly you should keep in mind while choosing a right technology stack for your next mobile app development project?


    • Well, before you proceed, the first thing you should consider is the type of project you are going to work on. A certain stack that goes well with a complex mobile app might not work with a simpler one. So, a right selection is always mandatory.


    • By engaging the users of your product, validating the idea also sounds wise.


  • While developing a product, considering a perfect framework with readymade solutions is also necessary.


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