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  • 3rd May 2018

How SEO Can Help Improve the Visibility of Your Mobile App

5 Ways to Improve Visibility of your Mobile App


Brushing up the visibility in the app stores is somehow the primary goal of most of the ventures that are into mobile app development services.You should also not be an exception in this regard. Especially, with the number of apps growing exponentially in the major app stores, and mobile devices covering bigger shares of consumers, new ways of app discovery have also taken the foothold.

5 Ways to Improve Visibility of your Mobile App

The users don’t look for only new apps in the stores, they also use the traditional web search. So if you want the users to find your app in the first search results, you have to start thinking from SEO point of view. According to a recent study, there are 27% of users who discover apps while browsing search engines with their mobile devices.


That makes nearly one-third of apps that are discovered outside the app store!


Also, in the never-ending fight of the apps to maximize visibility and get more installs, the mobile search, for any mobile application development, has now become a significant priority for app developers and marketers alike. At the same time, appearing in web search engine results pages (SERPs) has become another goal to achieve. Otherwise, you might be losing one-third of the app downloads that you could’ve had!


Following the change in consumer search patterns, Google has tweaked its search algorithm accordingly. It doesn’t anymore treat mobile and web search results similarly without emphasizing the difference between them. It begins with adding an option for an “App” in the search tabs for mobile devices and is followed by introducing device-specific App Packs into mobile SERP.


As known to all, where there is a search engine, there is a chance for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And there comes a growing need of mobile developers to optimize their apps for achieving more visibility in app-specific search results.


The algorithm that Google uses to suggest and rank apps in the Mobile SERPs is different from the one used by the app stores, so the keywords rankings for the app won’t be the same on Play Store and in the web search. Nevertheless, there are similarities in the ASO and SEO optimization techniques and ranking factors, so if an app is ranking high on the app stores, it will most probably also rank well for the similar searches on the web. So, if you are quite keen on exploring how to optimize SEO for Apps, this blog will definitely be a big help to you!


There is nothing from another world – you just need to follow the basic ASO processes, enhance your metadata to make it work for web search, and get powerful backlinks. In this point, doing a thorough keyword research for both ASO and SEO is really important. The method of keyword research and choosing the right keywords to work on is basic: select the keywords that have a high estimated traffic (amount of searches) and low competition. To analyze keywords for ASO of your app, you can use some best keyword research tool, and for the web search, you can also follow the same trail.


Yes, getting positive ratings and reviews is highly important. User ratings and reviews matter a lot for both ASO and SEO for apps. And that happens for several reasons. Firstly, because of Google, just like the app stores, tends to rank higher the apps with more and better reviews and high average rating. The second point is that Google search engine will crawl user reviews to identify possible keywords. Usually, the more weight is given to the keywords from the top of the page, so constantly encourage your users to leave positive reviews!


Having high-quality backlinks is an essential part of an effective SEO. In case of mobile web search, what we want to promote is an app store listing or a download page. Start by adding a link to your download page from your website, and try to get different media talking about your app. The domain strength is the key here, and the more quality backlinks you have, the higher Google will rank your app in a search.


Try to add a link to your app store download page in the header of the mobile version of your website, or build a dedicated landing page to promote your mobile apps. Mention your best features and benefits – encourage your web users to use your mobile app as well! This way you will get more installs, thus more user ratings, and higher ranks in mobile search.


Having visibility not only in the app stores but also in mobile web search is essential for apps or games that want to grow their installs and revenues. Nearly one-third of all the apps are discovered outside the app stores, in mobile search, and in App Packs. SEO for apps is becoming omnipresent and, just like ASO, it is a long-term process of constant improvement, tracking, and optimization. Don’t ignore revamping your keywords, strive for more and better reviews and ratings, and focus on getting high-quality backlinks to your download page, and your app will be ready to get discovered in all possible ways! So, this is exactly how you can get more exposure for your mobile app.


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