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  • 5th August 2015

Laravel: A New PHP Framework for Building Robust, Feasible and Sustainable Web Applications

Laravel: A New PHP Framework for Building Robust, Feasible and Sustainable Web Applications

Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development

Powering millions of web domain, undoubtedly, PHP has become one of the most sought languages for the web developers across the world. Today, there are plenty of PHP frameworks available for developers to develop high quality web applications which are creative, customized and rich.

However, it is very daunting to learn many of these frameworks and undergo their hefty development processes. In the midst of such frameworks, Laravel emerged as a solution for developers that take the pain out of arduous development process and enable them to develop wonderful web applications. It gives an easy access to various common tasks such as routing, caching, authentication and sessions. Though Leravel is a new framework, it is superior to many other PHP frameworks due to its maintainability, better code foundation and many other powerful features. We live in the era of technology where technology is growing rapidly with new innovations. Hence, it makes us look ahead for a well-designed framework that speedup the process of development and bring quality results. Laravel is such a framework that make it simple and fast for developers to create impressive web applications. Using Laravel, developers can create and maintain high quality web applications with minimum efforts. We have a dedicated team of developers that work towards continuous improvement, sustain assurance to research and development and refine procedures according industry standards. At Panacea, our approach consists a systematic study of new and coming technology along with changing market trends and deployment of procedures that enable us to streamline technical as well as commercial challenges.

Advantages of Laravel Framework

Laravel is a PHP framework that is an open source web application framework. It has been designed exclusively for MVC application development. Its resource code is said to be hosted on GitHub and it is known as one of the finest PHP framework till the date.

The features of Laravel framework are its advantages. Here are its features

  • Application Logic
  • Beautiful Templating
  • ACI
  • Bundles
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Admin Generation
  • Automatic Pagination
  • Authentication
  • Migration
  • Unit Testing
  • Restful Routing
  • Validation
  • Scaffolding
  • Events/Hooks
  • Caching


How is Laravel Framework beneficial for the Clients?

  • Laravel makes customization and set-up process incredibly effortless.
  • It features an instinctive modular packaging system that saves a lot of time.
  • Many in-built features that aid in dependency injection containers, solid code, template engines and service layers.
  • It has separate model files to keep all the SQL codes. Hence it makes coding easier to maintain and monitor.
  • It pre-enabled tools provide protection from xss and injection attacks.

Hire Laravel Framework Developers at Panacea Panacea helps clients to meet their requirements by using the best available technology. Laravel is a new and one of the finest PHP framework that we utilize with its full potential to bring our clients’ ideas in to the reality. Code reliability and maintain ability that we can attain from the development using the Laravel framework.

Below are the benefits of hiring Laravel framework developers at Panacea.

  • Expert and experienced in-house team of PHP developers
  • Quick Turnaround time
  • Timely support and Maintenance
  • Innovative development solutions
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Well tested and reliable code
  • Affordable solutions without any quality compromise

We believe in producing high quality web solutions for our clients that deliver real value and outcome for their businesses. We help you to keep up with the technology through our quality web development and web designing services.

If you are planning to develop a web application for your business, discuss your project with our business analyst and find the best available solution to get your ideas off the ground.

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