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  • 28th February 2018

Make the Best Use of Push Notifications to Re-enlist Your Lost Customers

Push Notification


Are you on the lookout for an effective strategy to re-engage your lost customers? Well, using push notifications is an effective way how you can ensure the same. Push notifications represent a great way to interact with your audience. Your mobile application development venture will remain unaccomplished unless you act smart. As per a recent study, a great percentage of smartphone users have push enabled on their devices, and these notifications can be utilized to benefit businesses in the following ways:

Push Notification

    • Channelizing users to your social media platforms
    • Boosting more products and services
    • Creating and retaining trust by delivering valuable content
    • Engaging users who aren’t currently on your site
    • Making use of abandoned carts for e-commerce apps


It’s pretty much certain that brands will come to accredit the high engagement rates of push notifications, and then thoroughly ham up the strategy until they vex their audiences and force them to branch off push notifications. But, until it happens, you should remember that the persons who have installed your app will already be more responsive to communication from you – as long as you don’t harm this trust.


Instead of being hostile and belligerent, focus on delivering value to your audience via push notifications in order to build a brand reputation for the long-term.


In today’s age of information and high-end technology, generic mass marketing techniques are on the verge of dying out. Here, personalization can work as the main key to victory. According to a recent survey, a great percentage of marketing professionals in multiple industries stated that product customization is an extremely important criterion to meet marketing objectives. Push notifications will always enable you to carve up the audiences you’re targeting in a very personalized way.


As for an example, a clothing brand may want to send different messages to its users based on the types of items that they’ve bought in the past. Sending different exhortations to men and women is probably a good idea – and the same applies to customers who have browsed products as per their needs.


This approach is held up by the data of the users who open a push notification. At the same time, geo-targeting is another great feature you can use. As a retail business owner, you may want to send out reminders for time-based promotions to anyone who’s within the immediate area. By inserting the user’s first name and stating the exact area they’re currently in, you’ll be able to capture their attention more perfectly than a generic message would.


Simultaneously, utilizing various emojis has also been found to increase retention.

So, when you are putting down push notifications, it’s always recommended that you empower a great variation of notification options for your users. Once they have a perfect knowledge about when and why they get notified, they’ll be more likely to fix on and remain engaged. Your mobile app development services should also not be devoid of such initiatives.


Last but not the least; if you are able to turn out a high value, there’s always a great chance that the users will be more likely to stay arrested with your push messages along with nurturing a high notion about your brand.


An excellent tool as considered, push notifications can somewhat deliver the best value to the customers, thereby paving way for brand loyalty and increased sales. All you need to do is customizing your messages based on the user which, in turn, will keep your content relevant and customers engaged.


The fact that push notifications are more profound and detailed than that of other forms of communication, they’re quite perfect for reopening a channel of communication to the previous customer. At the same time, they are also quite useful when it comes to reminding the users about adding an item to their cart. You should, anyway, check with your e-commerce provider to look into the best available options to take benefits from. So, making the most use of push notifications is what you should be doing on a prime note.


Push notifications have always been regarded as one of the most effective strategies to gain the attention of more users and keep the existing ones engaged in the same. It’s also said that push notifications play a major role in bringing the lost customers back and re-engaging them into their lost activities. However, it’s always recommended that you become very specific in using the notifications and look into the fact whether it is worthwhile.


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