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  • 5th August 2015

Node.JS: To Build Fast, Scalable and Real-time Server Side Applications

Node.JS: To Build Fast, Scalable and Real-time Server Side Applications

Node.JS Application Development

Panacea is one of the leading web development company that is powered by more than 10 years of experience and plenty of web/software development projects across various top notch web development platforms such as JavaScript, PHP, flash, .Net, Android and iOS. Our persistent endeavor for innovation and approach of embracing new technology make us the best developer for our clients and enable us to take pride in ourselves. We have a core competency in JavaScript. Our team of expert JavaScript developers is passionate about embracing new technology. Node.JS is one of such JavaScript based technologies that we have embraced to create cutting-edge real-time web applications for our clients.

What is Node.JS?

Node.js is a programming language which is based on JavaScript. It enables developers to create apps for enterprises which are lightweight and fast, and run on fewer servers. It is a fast, flexible and responsive web development framework that fulfills the need of fast, lightweight server side apps for enterprises.
Why Node.JS?

Node.JS development is suitable for all kinds of enterprises. However, it is the best platform for the enterprises that comes under SME or start-up category. If you are looking to formulate online stores and websites, Node.JS development is something that you should consider seriously as it offers you a facility to write your own framework as well as you can observe a website from various aspects. Node.JS is an open source platform that help developers build scalable and real-time applications with its event-driven processing and asynchronous architecture. It enables developers to address the requirements of modern web. For businesses who are looking to build business applications, node.js is high performance and low cost technology solution.
Some of the major beneficial features of Node.JS include-

Creation of rich web application
Low level API is one of finest advantages of Node.JS
It comes in many extensions and packages
It can be modified very easily.
Cross-platform compatibility.
It can be used on all major Linux distribution apart from Max OS X and Windows.
Competency of handling e-commerce websites
Ideal for building real-time web based solutions, data heavy websites and apps.
Why Panacea for Node.JS development?

Panacea has over 10 years of experience in web applications development and outsourcing. We have been formulating many unique and feasible applications based on varied open source framework for our clients. Node.JS is one of such framework that we utilize to formulate quality applications while keeping time frame and requirements of our clients in mind. Our Node.JS development team can help you build quality server side apps that are fast and scalable.
Contact us and discover more advantages of Node.JS. Discuss your ideas with us and select the most scalable and flexible framework for your website.

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