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  • 28th December 2022

OutSystem Platform has empowered Mobile Application Development- Here's How


OutSystem is a platform that has empowered businesses and organizations with easy and quick app creation for better digitization strategies. It is a low-code development platform that enables you to develop an entire application visually, integrate it with existing systems, and even add your custom code. Along with the development, OutSystem also simplifies and accelerates the integration of the application with existing cloud and on-premises databases.

In this article, we have illustrated how the OutSystem platform benefits mobile application development. Let’s begin with the type of mobile app, OutSystem enables you to create.

Mobile Apps

These are the standard mobile applications that can be directly installed on the devices and have access to the permission of devices. It can be used both online and offline.

Responsive Web Apps

These applications are used through phone browsers, using responsive web technologies to rapidly adapt to mobile browsers and different devices.

Develop only the mobile backend

You can also use OutSystem as a backend for your custom-built native mobile app, which utilizes traditional tools.

As mobile software has become important, companies need to know how app development is an important approach and its benefits. Here are some major benefits of the OutSystem platform for mobile application development.

Single Code Base delivers multiple devices

OutSystem develops performant hybrid applications, leading you to deliver your mobile app to numerous operating systems rapidly. OutSystem-based applications can easily run-on iOS and Android devices, eliminating the need to adopt different codes.

Develop Apps with Intuitive UI

OutSystem-based applications have an attractive user interface. The platform involves an integrated UI framework called OutSystem UI, which provides customized themes for mobile apps. It also offers an array of samples and patterns, enabling you to select creative mobile apps.

Faster Development

Unlike manual coding, OutSystem is both times- and cost-efficient. OutSystem accelerates the development speed and considerably reduces the application development time.

Gain the Benefits of a Native App

OutSystem enables the developed mobile apps to access all the native capabilities and APIs of the device using plugins. The capabilities include a camera, scanners, geolocation, barcode, Bluetooth, notifications, and more.

Create easy Offline Apps

OutSystem can also be used to develop offline applications. OutSystem-based mobile apps store all the app content on the device automatically to seamlessly access it for offline use.

Push notification for app Updates to Users’ Devices

OutSystem leads to rapidly and efficiently updating your mobile app on your user’s devices. You are only required to deploy the application to OutSystems. It automatically pushes the updated version to users’ devices post-publishing, ensuring your users use the latest version of your application.

It’s a Wrap

Developing a mobile app has become a priority for businesses in today’s competitive world. Selecting a development approach, however, seems to be difficult. OutSystem has proved to be the best solution that amalgamates the potential of low-code development with advanced mobile functionalities enabling you to build a robust application for your businesses. Need more help regarding app development and related services? We are here for you! Panacea Tech is a leading mobile application development and solutions providing firm. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries.

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