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  • 1st August 2017

Prerequisite Steps of Launching Mobile Application in Marketplace


Do you know that sales of smartphones and tablets are three times higher than for laptops and Pcs? The future world will be the mobile, and every software product is focusing on securing a place under the sun should have a mobile application. Every day dozens of new aspirants decide to develop their application. Well, it is not surprising that so many screws up due to lack of experience. One the biggest mistakes they commit is that they believe coding the application is everything. Or they heavily rely only on mobile app development company and a team of developers. Of course, app development companies do their job as per they receive the requirement from their clients. But, depending completely on developers or company is not everything. You need to be more open and tactical in this case.


Have you ever downloaded an app, only to be amazed at how to use it and what it is supposed to do? Sometimes, you quickly delete the app and never return to it again. With close to a million apps in App Store and Google Play Store, most applications never get to the limelight because they have some major issues. What many people outside the software industry don’t know is the importance of thorough development planning and strategies, which is responsible for avoiding many problems.


Therefore, whether you are launching a new app, undergoing a relaunch, or updating it, the deployment can either save or cost you a lot of money and time. Nevertheless, you need to be ready to adjust consequently and remain flexible as your plan change along the way. Whether you have a large or small business, if you want to maximize user retention, drive daily usage, and reduce abandonment rates launch, here are worthy tips that will help your team for the successful launch of the application.


Remember, Mobile App Development Begins with Market Research

Blindly launching your mobile app will waste your a lot of time as well as money. If you do not know the market and your users beforehand, you are probably on the wrong track of application development. Conducting the market survey is the first step of your mobile app development. You might have creative application idea but does it have demand in the market? Knowing what your audience wants will help you to better understand their pain points. It is also important to reveal the underlying reasons why people are facing problems with available applications by examining their behavior and attitudes. Following questions might help you to understand your application’s objectives-


  • Who is your app built for?
  • How is your app offering benefits to its users?
  • What are the different issues your user need solutions for?


You can find answers to these questions by interacting with users personally. The data gathered during market research will definitely help to take all important decisions properly while launching and marketing the app.


Problem or Solution Statement and Business Strategy

Every business has problems and every problem has a solution. Finding solutions to the problems is the key to the success of business in the market. While building application strategy, the important question you need to ask yourself is “what is the objective of the app?” Your app should either solve main problems business/users facing or bring something that potential market has never seen before. If there is a need, there is a strong foundation of the application to be successful. You could use online information and survey to gather the information regarding with target segment and existing solutions. There are over 5 million apps in the application market. If your app is going to be successful, you need to offer something unique and valuable so that users are enticed to download your app. After you have to figure out who it is that you’re targeting, you need to determine what makes your app different than your competitors. This method is called Unique Value Proposition which tells why your app is valuable to your users and why they should buy-in.

Define Success Scale

Setting up goals around active install rates, a total number of feedbacks and reviews, and average rating score will help to know whether your application is succeeding or not. Many companies leave business finalization for later stages. But it is not recommended. Before launch you need to decide whether your application would be free or paid, will it include the in-app purchase or not, etc. And set the success scale accordingly.


Prepare Application Launch and Marketing

There should be robust marketing plan to ensure that every action is made and executed properly in a timely manner. It generally details methods to get potential customers. Following to-do list will help you to make your app launch more successful.


Application’s Site: Your application needs to have its own home that is a website. For early users’ sign up you should design launch page of your application. Along with application store, website also help to brought a lot of traffic.

Promotion Video: If you have sufficient budget for application marketing, creating promotion video is one of the best things to do. You can promote different features and functionality that your app is going to provide. You can also add various screens of app and explain it in your own voice.


Social Media: Every social media post about your application create value for readers and also drives engagement. You can share the information about app in different groups and developer’s community.


What is Next?

After launching your application, you need to consider how you will measure the success of the launch by assessing what went well and what needs to improve. It is called post launch follow up. By using analytics, tracking user behavior, and listening to feedback, you can determine what extra features users want in your app. Mobile app launch is not a one time process. There is always room for improvement, therefore mobile app development companies need reassessment as the market demands change.


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