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  • 24th May 2017

Simple Tips to Create a Robust Mobile App Content Strategy

Mobile App Development Companies


Are you planning to develop a mobile app that helps you achieve your business goals? The successful mobile apps have the ability to attract and engage users that enable them to establish a long lasting relationship. They have something useful and valuable for their target audience that helps them turn visitors into loyal users. If you want to make your app successful and reap all the benefits of mobile app development, you need to build a mobile app that features an impeccable usability.

Mobile App Development Companies

If your mobile app doesn’t have anything helpful for the users and has weak usability, certainly it creates a negative perception about your brand. You can avoid this by focusing on creating mobile app design that revolves around the demographics of your target users and creates experience tailored to their needs.


When it comes to mobile app design, content plays a key role. As people have started consuming a huge amount of digital content from mobile than desktop, it has become vital to understand how to capture users’ attention on mobile. Here, the term content comprises various elements such as visuals, aids, language etc. You must organize your content in a way that helps you engage your mobile app users and inspire them to take necessary action. In this regards, you must have a right mobile app content strategy in place.


Let’s check out some useful tips to build a robust mobile app content strategy.

1. Clarify your UI elements

When users consume content from mobile devices, many a time they find it difficult to comprehend it due to the availability of less information.


Using color contrast, you can help your target audience to view and consume content effortlessly. Visibility is an important element in mobile app development. With a good visibility, you make it easier for your users to understand your content and find what they want with a great ease. Ultimately, it resulted in better usability.

2. Keep your text clear and concise

Presenting information on a small screen is one of the key challenges in mobile app design. To overcome this challenge, many mobile app developers use short text that fit perfectly to the screen size. To get the better result, you must customize your content for the mobile app instead copying it from the web and make it short. Including a huge amount of information in your mobile app certainly hurt its user experience.


Apart from tailoring your text for mobile, ensure that it must be legible. 11 pts is considered as an ideal text size for mobile content. Also, make sure to keep the proper spacing between the words and lines, so your users can consume your content from any comfortable distance.

3. Remove unnecessary elements

The mobile internet or app users usually have short attention span. Due to this, make sure to avoid including unnecessary information in your mobile app content. Remove all the clutters and pay attention to adding content that really matters. Any worthless or filler information mislead users from their prime purpose and restrict them to take your desired action that ends up with lower conversion rate. Remember, every added element whether it is image, text, icon or button enhance the complexity. Therefore, define the important elements and incorporate them into your app.

4. Develop a plan

Before jump into the actual mobile app development, build a content plan tailored to the requirements of your target audience. If you have hired a professional mobile app development company, ask them to create that content plan based on your specific needs and wants. Knowing your content pieces and call-to-actions enable your team to figure out a solution to process complex data.

5. Determine limitations

Knowing your limitations help you avoid obstacles in the later part of your app development. When your write a content for your app, it is vital to specify the limitation for each element of your content. It helps the writer to write the content within specific words and character length. Set rules for user generated content and give instructions to guide users when they input the data.

6. Use targeted and relevant content

It is important to stay relevant with the current app market to ensure the success of your app. Therefore, your content must be relevant and targeted. You must know your target users and their needs to create an app that addresses those needs instantly. Focus on creative evergreen content that enables your app to deliver value for a long time.


Content is a crucial aspect of user experience. If you want to offer a good user experience, you need to have good content. Giving priority to your content, you will be able to build a solid foundation for your mobile app. Considering the above-mentioned tips you can create a robust content strategy. Implement that strategy and reap great rewards from mobile app development.


If you have any query regarding mobile app development or planning to build an app for your business, feel free to get in touch with our experts for free consultation.


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