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  • 6th December 2017

Best Magento 2 POS Solutions to Consider for Magento Ecommerce Development


Point of Sale (POS) system is by far the imperative element for any online business. Within the Magento ecommerce development network the POS module considered in almost every main activities such as payments, creating and completing orders, refund, etc. All these functions provided they are organized in a proper way and really organize the ordering process, can greatly help online store owners improve their Magento ecommerce development along with the overall business performance both online and offline.


POS Solutions and Why to Apply Them


To get a decent POS solution, though, consider that you are aware of what exact functionality it must have on board. The more a POS system meets your business needs, the better it performs. So, if your business is just emerging, be sure to know everything you need from a POS solution, before choosing for one of them on the market.


Apart from this, POS systems developers must provide relevant and trustworthy information not to deceive their customers. Due to personalization approach, some of the POS vendors can offer customizable functions and options to comply better with your Magento ecommerce development platform.


In this article, we have gathered information directly from the retailers and from their official websites. That is why the best POS solutions described below are only those in which features we have credibility.


What are the Key Functions of POS Solutions


The fundamental feature of the POS system for Magento Services is to create the order in front of the customers so that they can buy the products from ecommerce store as well as from physical store.


With POS solution for Magento ecommerce development, entrepreneurs can manage their inventory and customers. The vital thing is that they can easily control their everyday transactions without facing any difficulty. Thus this is one of the most powerful modules to manage the sales and revenue of your business. The main POS functions and interactions are-


  • Transactions: Processing of multiple types of transactions securely

  • CRM: Collecting and managing customer history, demographics, and interests

  • Marketing: Targeting both online and offline messages to drive sales

  • E-commerce: Integration with website to track customers online

  • Loyalty Programs: Engaging customers with rewards for purchases

  • Inventory Management: Managing accurate stock and predicting buyer demands


Magento 2 POS Extensions


As you can see, there are numerous specialized Magento extensions developed that cover up almost every aspect of your ecommerce business. Magento 2 solutions that can optimize the POS activities are very few in number because Magento 2 is still new to many of developers. Another reason is it involves the development of complex code for the integration of POS solutions.


However, Panacea Infotech has selected several Magento 2 POS extensions that are available currently on the market. Top Magento 2 POS solutions must follow some criteria to be best suited for Magento development services. So it should be reliable, fit your POS business processes, provide trustworthy features, and have an affordable price. Below are few best Magento 2 POS solutions-


1. ConnectPOS


This is a great POS solution for your Magento development services for your web store. It offers a simple and quick check-out in 3 steps, high speed and accuracy in calculation. This extension can offer various features such multiple payment methods, refund and exchange policies, deposits, multiple stores and registers, and real-time synchronization with Magento 2. Additional features are-

  • Product Organization, that means it can support all Magento product types, search products quickly by name, ID, SKU or barcode.

  • Product Display, so you can switch easily between grid view and list view

  • Barcode Support, to assign existing barcodes to products and scan a barcode to add products to customers’ carts.

Moreover, ConnectPOS provides you seamless checkout process, that includes a 3-step checkout, custom sale, order notes, multiple tax levels, promotions, shipping, receipts, and more.


2. Magento 2 POS by MTC


This POS solution can assure quick and accurate process orders. Magento 2 POS by MTC is fully compatible with Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0.x – 2.1.x. Its main benefits are-


  • The accurate process of checkout that involves fast loading and powerful performance like a native app with the support of Magento Knockout JS technology.

  • Advanced payment processing allows quick and secure payment process for customers with different online and offline payment options.


3. POS Extension by BoostmyShop


BoostmyShop provides Magento 2 POS extension that allows you enter sales orders within the Magento 2 back-office with ease. It is right Magento ecommerce development platform with such essential features such as instant receipt and multiple payments. Among useful features POS solution by BoostmyShop can perform the following:


  • Easy integration of a POS system in Magento

  • Supports Barcode scanner

  • Optimized UI for touchscreen devices

  • Multiple payments, coupon codes, and custom pricing support

  • Automatic generation of prints receipts

  • Support for multiple users from multiple websites


If you are looking best Magento development company, then Panacea Infotech is here for you. We have a team of experienced Magento developers who will help you to provide result-oriented ecommerce solutions to take your business to whole new level in the market.

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