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  • 5th August 2015

Top 5 iPad Apps That Businesses Must Deploy for Effective Enterprise Management

Top 5 iPad Apps That Businesses Must Deploy for Effective Enterprise Management

The popularity of iPad is apparent in many enterprises today. Many organizations have started placing the employees’ laptops with iPads. The trend seems sustainable in the near future. Considering this drift among many enterprises, iPad is being pushed by the Apple to the enterprise market loaded with many fabulous features and functionality.

There are numerous iPad apps for enterprise management available in the market. However, picking out the right solution is far more important. Here is the information about some useful enterprise management apps that help to boost business collaboration and sale. Go through the information about the apps, you will surely find them must for your enterprise.
Empower Your Sales Force with Powerful iPad Apps and Get an Edge over Your Competitors

Enterprise owners and corporate climbers know the value of time. Waste of time is like a waste of money. Using enterprise management apps, you not only save your working hours, but also manages your business practices effectively.
In return, you get better control over your business processes and your business efficiency will increase. These apps fulfil enterprise’s remote management need providing easy and effective functionalities, essential support and security. Ultimately, they improve your marketing efforts and boost your sales. Most importantly, you can identify the best sales prospects after deploying these apps.
If you are looking to smoothen your business management process, then you must look at the below mentioned enterprise management iPad apps.
1. Business Intelligence Apps

Executives and office workers from every enterprise and business are demanding apps in order to have access to the analytical data irrespective their proximity to the office. Accelerating demand for Business Intelligent apps has made mobile app development services to create more intelligent mobile and iPad applications.

Business Intelligence apps keep you alert about the activities happening every corner of the business. Therefore, businesses can take uniform decisions in real time which are based on supple interpretation of several data streams.

This is a useful tool for sales representatives as they can take decisions any time quickly. Also, they can create reports on every product easily. Ultimately, businesses can monitor the performance of specific product effectively.

2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Apps

Customer relationship management refers to the interaction between an enterprise and its customers. The primary function of CRM tool is to streamline crucial areas of customer interactions. This can be included contact management, Marketing campaign monitoring, setting appointments, handling customer services and more.

A customer relationship management app helps sales executives to obtain the right information at any point of time they need.
3. Document Management Apps

IPad is recognized as the best device for enterprises and especially sales. Using document management apps, sales persons can access their business documents and files or make business presentations easily and quickly whenever they need.

Businesses can integrate their documents right from the web to their devices using iCloud, Microsoft’s one drive and iCloud. The iPad apps function as an extension to the web based document management system and brings you the most easy and secure way to manage, edit, maintain and review the content.
4. Product Catalogue management Apps

Product catalogue management apps are very powerful and useful apps. They digitalize your information in an exclusive way. They let your sales executives to show products and their details as well as documents, videos, images and more.

In order to engage your potential customers, your sales executives can get an extra advantage with product catalogue management apps.
5. Microsoft Office Apps on iPad

For sales executives, this is one of the useful applications that allows view, edit and create office documents and project them on a big screen for the presentation purpose.
iPad is considered as an ultimate gadget for enterprises, especially for boosting sale. iPad apps help carry out various business operations and increase business efficiency. The above mentioned enterprise management apps surely help you boost your business efficiency.

We can help you build such apps for your business, kindly discuss your ideas with us today!
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