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  • 2nd February 2023

Top 7 Ecommerce Website Features Customers Want in an Ecommerce Site


An impactful online presence is a must in the digital era for e-commerce market players. Not just to maintain a better customer base but to remain competitive enough. All you need to do is strategize and follow what’s trending.

There are hundreds of features available in the market that guarantees to make your website the best among others. However, filtering the best features that suit your website needs efforts.

Therefore, we have brought you a list of seven major e-commerce features that must be in your website. Hire PHP Developer It will help you strengthen your online presence and improve your existing website. But before that, let us look at your customers’ expectations. It will help you better understand a customer’s point of view.

Customer’s POV

· Easy management and handling of the website’s homepage

· Easy purchasing and billing process

· Aesthetically appealing website design

· Personalized experience

A seamless experience in all fields, from managing to purchasing and billing. When a customer lands on your page, he makes a snap decision about your brand. Captivating websites, therefore, keeps the customers longer, helping you increase your e-commerce conversion rate.

So, here are the seven must e-commerce features to help you build an ideal, engaging, and customer-friendly website for your business.

Convenient design

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes while developing a website. This will help you develop a much easier and more convenient website structure. Every business owns a website, and it is easier for customers to switch from one another if they are still looking for what they want. Therefore, you must avoid giving them a chance to switch and develop easy to use and flexible website for a better user experience.

Mobile adaptive features

Mobile devices are the most significant asset when it is about e-commerce in the modern market places. Your e-commerce website design, therefore, must involve mobile optimization. Ensure the adaptive feature of your website for all the screen sizes and shapes of different devices.

Flexible payment choices

Unfitting payment modes are one of the most basic reasons behind cart abandonment. This can be minimized by providing multiple online payment choices to the customers. Flexible and suitable payment choices can lead to successfully closing your deals with a satisfied customer experience.

Seamless customer support

Thanks to AI for enabling support for your customer 24×7. This feature assures your customers of having the best assistance and services. Enabling chatbots on your websites backed up by the customer care team can lead to provide a better experience for your customers.

Exhibit Customer Ratings & Reviews

Combine a section to your website for your customer’s ratings and reviews of their purchase and experience. Customer reviews help your business become successful and lead more customers to trust your brand.

Deals & Discounts

Every customer enjoys the feeling that they are getting treated differently. And having discounts and deals can help you offer that exact experience to your customers. Offer your customers some personalized deals. Use their purchase history to track what they purchase regularly and offer them deals on the same. It will help you strengthening your relationship and gravitating customers.

Detailed Information

Among the innumerable benefits of online shopping, one major disadvantage is that the product cannot be seen with the naked eye until it arrives to the customer. This creates a vague image of the product, especially for first-timers. Help your customers by offering them in-detailed information about every product, including the date of manufacturing and expiration, though it is already printed on the product. This improves the transparency between the customers and helps them trust you are better.


The E-commerce industry is exploring new horizons in business management, profits, popularity, and services. The rising competition, on the other hand, is leading to give rise of newer and stronger strategies. Effective website development for your business, at this time, therefore, can help you elevate your business.

However, you must keep certain important features in your mind and involve the latest trends to serve your customers better and more seamlessly. Need more assistance? Panacea can help you! Visit our website to know how our team can guide you with the best website development, or simply contact us!

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