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  • 29th January 2018

Ways You Can Buck up Your Taxi Booking App

Taxi Booking App


Trying to improve your taxi business? Looking for unique ways to make your venture reach the top level of excellence? Then, the first thing you should start with is enrich your taxi booking app to a significant extent. We, in this post, are going to discuss a number of ways how you can boost your app like never before!

Taxi Booking App

Ensure a perfect loop between your drivers and operators- Your taxi booking app should always possess certain features which make sure that the drivers and the operators stay in constant touch. There have been many instances where it’s seen that the passengers have been told that the cab will appear in about 5 minutes; but, sometimes, due to the miscommunication between the operator and the driver, wrong information is showcased to the passenger, thereby leading to a number of unwanted events. So, always ensure that your taxi booking mobile app flashes the correct time on the display.


Keep space for advanced features- Again, one of the most effective ways you can top up your cab booking app is by taking recourse to several upgraded tools. It will not only help you get connected to your customers easily but will also aid you in beefing up a solid taxi business. Having a cloud dispatch always has a special significance. At the same time, the passengers are always in need of a guarantee that the taxi will be there at the gateway just when they need. So, in order to make it a pleasurable experience for them, keep an option for booking in advance. With all the similar details on board like pick-up location, drop-in destination and the preferred mode of service, the only way it is different from the standard cab requests is that the users have to set a specific date and time.


Make your strong presence in social media- This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider, when it comes to perking up your uber like app development. In an era when social media is deemed to be the most powerful channel to promote things, you cannot just miss the opportunity to do the same for your own business. You can easily take recourse to the popular social media channels and create communities to boost your business. There cannot be a better way to boost your company awareness and considering that your customers are already on social media, you can actually make the best use of it and try to promote your business like never before! Also,  always make sure that your company has a webpage as well. Web-page solutions are often considered as one of the most important channels to cater to the demands of the customers, as it’s going to handle your online booking 24/7. So, lagging in this part would certainly be an act of sheer stupidity from your end.


Plump for proper advertising- Proper advertising is also quite effective in this regard. You can just start campaigning for your uber like app solutions on several platforms where your customers tend to hang around the most. Provided, you are steering onto the right track, Google Adwords and PPC can actually proffer you a huge traffic even beyond your expectations. You can also set a small budget and try to aim at certain locations and audience.


How about experiencing your customers fleet branding? Why don’t you get your line of cabs wrapped with your taxi app solutions? The bundled-up taxis will be on road and visible to an end number of eyes, making it more recognizable as well as accessible. You can try making several flyers with promo code and distributing them in public. These coupons will work the best in restaurants, bars, malls, making people aware of your amazing taxi booking app. Also, you can share your promo code through viral sharing. It will actually do wonder!


Get dedicated drivers- Last but not the least; one of the most important paradigms you should stick to is stay committed only to dedicated drives. Your taxi booking app can reach the summit of success, only if the drivers take the best care of your clients. So, in order to keep your service level high, you should always ascertain the fact that you are not working with such drivers who are interested only towards money. Instead, you should be in tie-up with such drivers who just love what they do and don’t consider payment as the prime concern. Now, the question remains, where to get such drivers from? Well, you can always check for reviews and ratings on the web and opt for them coming with good grades.


So, what are you still contemplating over? It’s time to upgrade your app adhering to the above tricks and get your taxi booking app to a new height of distinction.


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