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  • 15th April 2016

Why Your E-commerce site needs to load fast & Tips to Improve Website Loading Speed

website loading speed optimization


website loading speed optimization


Website loading speed is an essential factor of any website to succeed in the competition and get more customers. It plays a critical role in offering quality user experience. Whether you have an e-commerce site or any other website, no matter how beautiful and engaging is your website design, if your loading speed is slow, then everything is worthless.


Internet users are impatient. They want everything fast. If they are not able to access your e-commerce site within few seconds, they prefer to switch to another site immediately. Also, according to the statistic, average user spend lesser time on slow site than a faster site. Furthermore, slow loading speed means no hope to get top position in Google’s search results.


Reasons why website’s loading speed is important

  • It is one of the ranking factors that determine the ranking of your website.

  • Most of the internet users expect to open your website within 2 to 5 seconds.

  • Slow page loading speed hampers your mobile traffic

  • Most of the buyers abandon their purchase due to slow loading speed

Tips to improve loading speed of your website

  • Take your site’s speed test with Google’s “PageSpeed Insights”. It will present you with your site’s loading speed and extra information for improvement.

  • Optimize your images

  • Reduce Animation

  • Remove unnecessary plugins

  • Don’t use flash

  • Put all script at one place

  • Try to maintain up to 3 CSS files

  • Don’t use iframe tag

These are some basic but crucial tips that surely contribute to improving your site’s loading speed. At Panacea, we offer Magento Development Services to cater e-commerce development needs of our clients. Our expert developers proficient in building attractive and engaging e-commerce websites while keeping all the necessary things that make it successful in the mind.


If you need help with your site’s loading speed issue or want to create a powerful e-commerce storefront, feel free to contact our experts & get a free consultation! Call us at +91 20 3291 3760 Or you can drop an email at


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