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  • 5th August 2015

You Need a Smart Meal Plan

You Need a Smart Meal Plan

People often lose track of what they are eating and how much they are eating all through the day in midst of various activities at work and daily house hold chores. What this does is confuses you not only regarding your daily calorie count but also brings you into a habit of over eating. These habits are obvious to cause a lot of harm to your body the first amongst them being Obesity, followed by other ailments such as- diabetes, hair fall, skin disorders, and trust the experts, a lot- lot more. Hence this is where the role of SmartMealPlan becomes mention worthy as it helps you plan just the right number of meals and the correct dishes for each and every day of the week.

How it works-

1. Start/login-

To start planning a healthy week ahead with the right amount of nutrition and nourishment in your food, all you need to is visit the site ( and press start. Immediately a time table appears in front of you. There after you can start with the scheduling of your meal plan.
2. Meal plan:

Once you have visited the site and the time table has appeared on your computer screen you can start adding recipes and meals to each slot to compile and complete the time table. There are a number of recipes already available on the site. All you have to do is choose one according to your preference and need.
3. Add a recipe:

If the recipes available online do not meet your pre requisites or you would love to have something else for change, all you have to do is add recipes of your own. It is to be kept in mind that you can only add your own recipes when you either sign up for the site or log in with your already existing account.
4. Create a recipe:

You can also create a recipe according to your liking with all the guidance you can get from the SmartMealPlan site. Other than just the name of dishes the site also avails the account holders with a complete step by step preparation guideline of the dishes which one can use as a guide to prepare their own recipes.
5. Save the recipe:

Once you have prepared your own recipe you can follow the step by saving the recipe on the site itself. If you intend to share it with other Smart Meal Planners, you can do so too, only if you hold an account with SmartMealPlan.
6. Add the recipe:

If you think that you are better of choosing the already given recipes on the site rather than preparing your own, you can do that too. Just chose the recipes you like most and add them to your time table or food plan.
7. Generate list.

Once you are done with all the choosing and adding draught down the ingredients you will require to prepare the dishes in to a list. Add up all the common ingredients in each dish and compile the total quantity together. This sorts up your shopping errand.

Thanks to this new and one of a kind website individuals can now have the best SmartMealPlan.

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