29 Mar

How User Behavior Impact Mobile App Development?

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In the digital era, where everyone is trying to build an app for almost anything, understanding your customers’ interest is very important before developing an app. Ask a few questions to yourself to understand the requirements of your customers: what types of application your customers prefer to download? Will your customer interests in making an in-app purchase? The response to these questions will vary according to the OS. Knowing the difference between the behaviors of iOS and Android users will help you decide which user group is suitable for your business goals and product, and ultimately assist you in selecting the right platform to develop your mobile application.


How User Behavior Impact Mobile App Development


The primary objective of any application is to offer users a solution to a problem they collectively face. Without having a proper understanding of how user behavior differs depending on OSs, it will be difficult for you to build a mobile app that addresses the specific requirements of your target audience.


As 97 percent of the worldwide mobile market share accounted by Android and iOS, organizations that are considering building an app should go for both platforms, but in many cases because of some factors such as budget and time, they have to choose one or the other. Let’s have a look at some major differences between iOS and Android user behavior to get a clear idea which helps to select a better platform for your business:

User Demographics

According to the current statistics, Android holds over two-thirds of the global market share. The major reason behind this is the popularity of Android among developing and lower-income countries. On the other hand, iOS is more popular in Japan, UK and North America. Studies also state that iOS customers generally have higher app engagement and likely to spend more money per application.


A survey conducted by a reputed organization says that the annual income of iOS users is USD 53,231 compared to USD 37,040 for Android users. It also states that iOS customers spend more, mainly on products related to self-image like cosmetics and clothing. Information about income, location and purchasing decisions can impact the users’ actions such as subscription enrollment and in-app purchases. These demographic variances also have an influence on which kind of apps a user prefers to download altogether.

Device Compatibilities

There are some major differences between iOS and Android device that directly have an effect on the user experience and influence you to choose one over the other. For instance, when it comes to developing an app and submitting it to the Play Store, Android developers have a free hand, whereas to submit an app to the App Store, iOS developers are bound to follow the strict set of rules. The process of developing and verifying an iOS app may take a longer time to deliver a more secure, consistent and intuitive app experience. On the other hand, Android users praise the freedom and customizability their devices facilitate that allows them to actually modify their phone according to their desires.

Consumer Spending Behavior

Studying a user spending behavior to buy an app or to pay for in-app purchases is very difficult. In 2018, app revenue grew by 23 percent worldwide, but there is a huge gap between the spending of Android users and iOS users. According to a report published by app analytics firm, by the end of 2018, Apple’s App Store produced USD 46.6 billion, whereas the Google Play Store generated only half of Apple’s revenue that is USD 24.8 billion, which is a difference of 88 percent. Usually, the iOS user is likely to spend more on clothing, fashion accessories and cosmetics. In contrast, most of the Android apps depend on advertising as the main source to generate profit. These details are very helpful for organizations looking for iOS or Android mobile app development for their retail business or to generate revenue from apps.

User Engagement and App Retention

Every individual is different and their way of viewing and engaging with content varies from each other. According to a survey, on an average, iOS user spends around 5 hours per day on their phone, while Android users spend around 3 hours and 42 minutes on their phone. While it comes to notifications, iOS users take around seven minutes to open notifications while Android users usually take an average of 48 minutes to take any action on notifications. The Android customer base includes a greater number of media users and the Android users prefer performance, utility, anti-virus and productivity apps. The performance of goals such as registration, purchase, reservation, subscription and in-app purchase vary between Android and iOS. In the user engagement metrics, iOS outshines Android in all of the above-mentioned categories, except registration, in which Android has an advantage.

Android or iPhone App Development, which is better for your business?

While selecting a platform to develop an app for your business, the major question to ask is: what is the purpose of the application and what is your target user group? Selecting an appropriate platform entirely depends on the purpose you are trying to achieve and what is your plan to monetize your mobile app. If possible, you should develop an app for both iOS and Android to gain the most diverse and widest user base; however, developing an app for both platforms is not feasible.


Each platform has some unique characteristics and offers different advantages, but knowing the behavior of the users of each operating system can help you make better decisions about where to put your efforts to meet the most business requirements and goals.


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25 Mar

Features of Google’s Latest Android Q Beta First

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Last week Google officially announced the beta 1 of Android 10 Q, which is available for Google’s Pixel devices. The release of the final version of Android Q is scheduled in Q33 of this year, before that there are six beta versions will be released. This version of Android brings some major changes in UI and quite a few innovations under the hood. Android Q also has a dark mode whose activation is quite complicated in Beta 1, for some specific reason.

Android App Development

The beta version of Android Q is available to install for all Google Pixel devices (Pixel 1, 2, and 3) and includes a number of features from improved security to the support for foldable devices. The Android app development companies can download the beta version and start using it.


Here is a list of newly added features of Android Q:


UI Changes: The UI changes consist of options to set-up accent fonts and colors in developer settings. This is one of the common features that most of the devices have for ages; with the Q update, this will be natively supported. In this version of Android Q, the theming option is in developer sections, which is quite confusing. Another change in the UI is the visual improvement in the sharing menu and the estimated battery life is shown in the status bar. Next major change is in the screenshot, they have included the rounded and notch corners on screenshots for devices that have the rounded and notch corners.


Privacy Protection: With the Android Q, users can now have control over various apps and their access to the distributed files. Also, the user will be able to track on an app’s access to the videos and images. Apart from this, a user can also control the access of files to apps. Few other privacy features offered by Android Q have limited access to device identifiers like IMEI, serial numbers, etc.


Foldable Screen Support: With Android Q, the android application development team will be capable of controlling the way their apps should look on the large and foldable screens. To allow users to make the most of these features, Android Q comes with a few improvements like modifications to onPause and onResume to allow multi-resume, etc. To assist users in managing how her/his app is being displayed on a foldable and large screen, Android Q has also made some changes the way the resizable Activity manifests attribute works. Also, the Android Emulator has been updated to support the multiple-display type switching.


Control over Locations: The upgraded OS of Android Q Beta First facilitates a user to manage an app in searching his/her desired locations. For example, when an app is searching for a user’s location to deliver a product, it makes sense and the user might allow the app to access the location.


Setting Panels: The incorporation of Setting Panel API has made it possible to display the system settings in an app’s context. This is taking the benefits of the Slices features from the Android Pie. The Setting Panel is a floating UI that can be evoked from an app to display toggles as well as system settings.


Mode of Wi-Fi Performance: Android Q Beta First ensures a low-latency mode and a very high performance for several wireless connections. The enhanced real-time gaming and voice calls can get benefited by this.


Improved Network Connection: The Android Q can bring a distinct improvement in the privacy and performance by refactoring Wi-Fi stack. It can also boost the performance in common scenarios such as IoT devices management and suggestion of various Internet connections needing location permission.


Better (Android Run-Time) Performance: Improved run-time helps apps perform quickly without consuming much memory. By improving the Zygote process, Android Q Beta First can initiate the app’s process and transfer it to a security container.


Camera, Graphics and Media: In an Android Q Beta first, apps will have the ability to request the dynamic images, which includes JPEG or XMP metadata as well as the maps in the same file. This version of Android also supports a bunch of new audio and video codecs. Also, it allows audio encoding with open source video codec AV1, Opus, HDR 10+, etc.


These are just some of the features that Android Q’s first version incorporates; there are five more beta versions to go before releasing the final version of Android Q. It’s high time for android mobile app development companies to start working on the latest updates. At Panacea, our team of Android developers has started researching about the updates and learning to incorporate the same in our upcoming projects to deliver the most compatible apps to every customer.


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07 Mar

Why Prefer Android for On-Demand App Development?

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Mobile applications made their appearance after the growth of smartphones and tablets. In fact, mobile application is playing a vital role in popularizing smartphones. In this current scenario, the mobile application development industry has two rigorous competitors Google and apple even though the Microsoft Windows is also a participant of this race, but it is lagging far behind. Besides, we are well familiar that both the Google play store, as well as the Apple iTunes is already immersed with mobile applications belonging to various categories. As per the report from Statista, the total number of mobile devices is expected to reach around 4.68 billion by 2020.
Android App Development


What is the on-demand app solution?


On-demand apps solutions are a medium between end-users and service providers which has many stages. In previous days, users used to call and order the service. Even the purpose of on-demand apps is to provide ease to the end users. There is a distinct purpose and uses of on-demand apps. One of the significant advantages of the on-demand mobile app is that it makes the marketing and branding of the businesses quite easy which can also develop on various operating systems such as iOS, window, android and many more.


Below are the given reasons why Android is a preferred choice for on-demand app development:


Higher Market Share


Android has outpaced all its competitors such as apple and windows with a considerable margin in market share. Most of the smartphones have an Android operating system which works as a primary reason, why businesses are serving end users on-demand basis, also preferring to develop on-demand apps in Android as it has a vast audience. As per the report from Statista, total numbers of Android apps is about 2.1 million whereas the number of iOS apps remains around 2 million. Even the demographics region coverage of Android apps around the globe is also higher where they have enormous market bases in Asia including countries like China and India. On the other end, iOS finds its user base in the North American region comprising of US and Canada besides Australia.


Ease of Customization


The vital feature of on-demand apps is that it needs to serve the requirements of the end users. Therefore, its functionalities keep on changing after frequent updates.


That is because of the change’ in user requirements after each small period in comparison to iOS. Android apps offer a higher level of customization. So in this scenario, the Android application development is more capable of customizing the ongoing changes in comparison to iOS apps, which helps to make businesses easily, customize their apps and meet the customer’s expectations regularly.


Google Assistant


Google assistant, the voice assistant by Google, is supported by all the major Android phones, which is extremely useful for business and other mobile apps. It helps in giving access to several data points to make Google assistant more effective in compare to Siri. The data gets encrypted just by android users command. Therefore, customers will able to search for a particular item with the help of Google assistant.


Data Storage


Android gives the add on benefits of cross-platform support and free storage capacity of 15 GB so, you will be able to store your valuable data on Google Drive. As the on-demand apps deal with customer’s data, the data generated is a form of big data and companies can handle it with the help Google drive integration.


Multi-language Support


Most of the on-demand apps are B2C type and therefore it is essential to be available in all the languages which are induced by the target audience. When it comes to multiple languages, Android OS supports over 100 languages where iOS supports just 34 languages. Nevertheless, Android OS is therefore suitable for developing apps for e-commerce, health and other people-oriented sectors.




Cost-effectiveness is the most vital aspect. Companies can leverage the benefits from Android devices which can address huge smartphones using audience irrespective of display size and device type in a cost-effective way. All they need is to find a top Android app development company.


There won’t be any doubt that the popularity of on-demand apps has incredibly increased in the market. So, consumers are looking for a reliable and profitable app platform which can help in maximizing the gains and target maximum customers. Therefore, Android is developed and backed by Google and hence, it offers the best advantages to both customers as well as the developers.


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12 Feb

Mobile App Trends For 2019

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The year 2018 has been a milestone in terms of the technology developments, which is going to continue in 2019 as well. The canvas of technology is huge and there are many colors that need to get on that canvas.

Mobile Application Development


Here are some of the mobile application development trends that you should look forward in 2019:


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


We all have seen Artificial Intelligence growing over the years and we know that it is here to stay for decades. The International Data Corporation estimated that the AI market would be over $40 billion by the end of the year 2020. So far, the manufacturing and medical sectors have made huge benefits by utilizing artificial intelligence. Affective machine learning and AI are only possible with accurately capture real-time data.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


The list of the current trend in the app development world would be incomplete without AR and VR technology. This technology makes the user experience more interactive and expected to become more popular in 2019. Many mobile app development organizations are looking to invest in the ‘beyond the screen’ technology.


On-demand Mobile Apps


We have witnessed craze of on-demand services and the trend is expected to continue in 2019. Things are going to be more interesting as many other sectors are expected to get into the world of on-demand apps in 2019. In the recent years, some of the major on-demand apps like Taxify and Uber have gained huge popularity. According to one of the reports published recently, the on-demand platform to generate more revenue in coming years.


Blockchain Technology


Blockchain Technology has been launched a few years ago, but grabbed attention in 2018. Major financial investors and institutions have generated huge profits, especially in the case of assets. The blockchain technology market is expected to reach the $20 billion mark by 2024. You should also understand that app development companies will be looking to grab this opportunity. Hence, it is very important for you to follow this field.


Wearable Apps


In 2018, we witnessed the growth in the demand of wearable apps. For instance, in the healthcare sector, we have seen the use of apps to get the vitals including the blood sugar levels and heart rate in patients. Apart from the medical field, other businesses are also looking to try their luck in the wearable app. Smartwatch is one of the major reasons behind the evolution of the wearable app.


Internet of Things


If you look in the past few years, you will realize that the Internet of Things is making its way to the operations. The development of IoT is expected to go a notch higher in 2019 as many sectors including e-commerce and education are looking to invest in the internet of things.


Payment Services for Mobile


Nowadays, everyone carries their world on their phone. Banking platforms cannot spare from this development especially when we are talking about mobile application development. In 2019, you will come across many other mobile payment options. The development of e-commerce and other digital services force banks to offer convenient payment methods.


More Cloud Storage Platforms


The increase in the demand of various mobile applications eventually leads to increase in the requirement of cloud storage. The cloud services make it easy for you to store more data in your business. This will also provide high security and privacy of your data. It is estimated that the cloud-based companies will make more profits in this field.




Chatbots are trending in every industry and in 2019, chatbots are expected to take over various communication facets in the mobile app world. This technology minimizes the need of human-to-human interaction in different fields. Various companies are generating profit partly because of effective customer engagement.


Application Performance Management (APM)


The performance of any mobile application depends on different factor and varies across the board. To deliver the best services to users, search bots like Google and Bing enhance the excellence of these platforms, which gives you the ultimate experience while accessing apps.


Enterprise Mobile Management


As far as the business concern, mobile apps are expected to be at their best space, which highlights the existence of Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) in the industry. In 2019, these EMM services will assist foster app security and management of assets among business owners.


It is very clear that 2019 is going to bring some major evolutions in the mobile app development and every mobile app development company is trying to adapt the latest changes. In 2019, we should expect the exponential development of on-demand and wearable apps. Along with this, we will see AI expanding in different industries and making its impact. Let the technology set the new milestone in 2019.


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17 Dec

Mobile App Development Trends to Look For in Future

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In recent years, mobile phones have become an extension of our life for almost everything. We use smartphones for music, clocks, alarms, e-newspaper, watching YouTube videos, catching up with friends across multiple platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber, checking email, various corporate apps for project management, time management and much more. Current statistics suggest that in 2020, 2.87 billion people would own smartphones.


This helps drive new ideas, innovation and exciting iOS and Android mobile app development trends to catch up with a growing demand of smart devices and apps on them. Here is a list of the most important and exciting tech ideas and trends to keep an eye in the coming years.


Mobile App Development Company in USA


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


AI is set to provide business owners with some mouth-watering insights via machine learning tech, cognitive interfaces to complex systems and advanced analytics. We can see the power of AI in the mobile app space with apps like Microsoft Pix, Hound AI and SwiftKey AI.


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)


Many of us of recently encountered with AR and VR. Both of these technologies have transformed the entertainment and gaming industries. Games like iOnRoad, Pokemon Go, myNav and Sky Siege are great examples of AR games. On the other hand, VR devices like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR are gaining popularity.


Mobile payments


In 2017, global mobile payments surpassed $700 billion, a hike of approximately $500 billion over the past few years. Earlier in 2018, Google launched its payment service for simplified mobile payments. This brings Google Wallet and Android Pay under one umbrella. And we have an Apple Pay for iPhone users. Instead of using debit or credit cards, many people are utilizing apps on their phones to make payments, which give a big push to m-commerce.




Over the years, the demand for personalization or customization from business has grown exponentially. Airbnb and Netflix are some of the best examples of personalization. These apps monitor users’ preferences such as ‘which movie you watch’, ‘what is your favorite holiday destination’ and ‘what you search the most’ and then they tailor information to offer a personalized experience to each user. Many Android and iOS app development company are trying to incorporate this feature in their app by using big data.


Cloud-based Apps


Cloud computing has boomed many industries in the recent years. With cloud computing, developers can design an app that has less impact on the internal memory of mobile devices. Google Drive and Dropbox are the best examples of cloud computing.


Wearable Apps


The wearable apps are diversifying and are going to be one of the fastest growing trends in the coming years. Currently, there is a huge range of wearable devices available, from smart watches to count your calories, smart sneakers to evaluate your walking pattern, smart gloves to assist you with your golf swing and wristbands to evaluate your sleep quality. Expect this only to get bigger.




Blockchain is not only the technology behind cryptocurrencies, but it is more than that. The blockchain is a digital ledger of economic transactions, which can be designed to record not only financial transactions, but everything, that has value. It has the ability to change the way in which we currently operate our lives and businesses. The technology is expected to become more prevalent in business and everyday life.


Strict App Security


According to reports, around 75 percent of the apps available in the market wouldn’t be able to clear the basic security test. As many apps require personal as well as confidential information to install and run on smart devices, it has become important for Android and iOS app developers to pay special attention to security factor.


Internet of Things (IoT)


The IoT is a physical objects’ network embedded with sensors, software, network connectivity and electronics. These elements allow objects to gather and exchange information without human interference. In the coming era, this incredibly exciting and game-changing is going to be an explosive technology.


Location-based Services


An application based on this tech is vast across healthcare, hotels, retail outlets, sports and event venues, museums, restaurants, and much more. Assisting businesses and people with relevant location-based data is only going to rise.


The mobile app development is one of the growing industries and the next big thing is always coming here. Tech offers much more than excitement and innovation, which can change everyday lives on a grand scale and have the potential to solve big problems.


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26 Oct

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Android Mobile App Development Company

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In this ever-changing digital world, developing a mobile app is the most effective way to market your business and getting the required exposure in the market. Today people prefer using apps to communicate with friends, access the internet, collecting information and many other tasks. Considering the past statistics, it is expected that there will be over 160 billion app downloads in 2018.


question to be asked_update


For business thinking about creating an android app, it is wise not to hire any startup app development company in the USA. Before hiring any android mobile app development company, it is important to carry out detailed research. This process includes a number of questions, which will prevent a lot of headache in the future. These questions will help you gain insight into the reliability of companies to select the best app development company in the USA to create your Android app.


Here are some questions that you should ask android mobile app development companies before hiring them:


1. Can you provide me with detailed information about the type of services you offer?


The answer to this question will give you an idea about what to expect from the app development company. This question will assist you to gain information about the company’s beta testing services. Many mobile app development companies in the USA offer other services than just app development. The quality assurance service is one of the important things you should look for while hiring a company to create Android app.


Here is a list of the services that you should expect from your mobile app development partner:

• Business analysis
• Actual app development
• Quality testing
• App launch
• After launch maintenance and services

You can contact various app development companies in the USA and compare their answers to find a suitable partner to develop your android app.


2. How much time and involvement you expect from me?


This is one of the most important questions to android mobile app development company. For any company, it is impossible to create an app without your involvement, but the level of involvement required will give a better idea about the possibility to work with them. Some mobile app development companies prefer to handle mostly everything on their own, whereas some require their clients to be more collaborative.


3. Can I have a look out your previous work or portfolio?


You should never skip this question while hiring a mobile app development company. High level of expertise and numerous years of experience are not all that you should look for. To demonstrate expertise and experience, there should be something to see, a proof of their work and portfolio is the ultimate way for that. The past work/portfolio will offer you a briefing about an app development company; it will give you an idea about their skills, their potential to think out of the box and execute the concept and the type of apps they specialize in creating.


Another way to know about the company is to read reviews from their past customers on different review website; you can also check their online portfolio. A professional firm will show their portfolio, even before you ask. To ensure a good ROI, the company portfolio is highly important.


4. Will you going to assign a dedicated team to work on my app?


The mobile app development is a continuous process which needs a series of changes and communication. To achieve a seamless app development process, having a dedicated team is a must. A dedicated team working on your project eases the way to communicate and minimize the time required to make or implement new suggestions. Knowing how many other projects the company will be working on simultaneously is very important.


5. Can you arrange a call or a meeting with your past clients, especially those who are working in the same industry?


Every company showcases themselves as the best in the industry, but their past clients are the ultimate source to get a factual, impartial and independent report. Talking with old clients provides you with a clear idea of how a company manages its relationship with its clients. A few points that you should get an idea include their communication process during the development, how the company handled deadlines and how good are they in handling pressure.


6. What will be the communication medium through the development process?


Developing an app is a continuous process, which needs various exchanges between developer and clients. Hence, it is important to select the best communication medium. It is very important to question the company about their mode of communication; some of the common communication ways are in-person meeting or communication over emails or phone calls. If their mode of communication suits your schedule and work infrastructure, you move one step closer to your partnership. You should also get a clear idea about how regularly you will be getting an update on your project.


The above steps will help you to choose the best app development companies in the USA to create your Android app.


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16 Oct

Nine new features of Android 9

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Android’s latest version, which is 9.0, is termed as the Pie. The previous few versions of Android brought in a few tweaks, but Pie has some considerable additions that must be appreciated. Herein, we discuss nine new features introduced by Android mobile app development.

Android P


More information about notification


This topic consists of the following three navigations:

• To view more info, tap See all from last 7 days.
• To view the apps that have pinged you recently, refer to the Recently sent section.
• To view those apps that have been sending distracting notifications, tap Notifications in Settings > Apps & notifications.
Selection of text has become easier

In case your routine involves a lot of copy and paste, there is one useful change in Pie. When you do a long-press to select text, a little magnifier pops up. It displays the text that you are exactly selecting.

Selectable dark mode

A dark mode was included in Android Oreo. However, the decision to enable it depending on the wallpaper was automatically decided by the system. Now in Pie, you can do the selection yourself. For this, tap Device theme, after moving to Settings > System > Display > Advanced.


Improvement in sound and volume


Oreo had two Bluetooth options, while Pie has increased them to five. You can have these connections simultaneously. These calls can reach those Bluetooth devices that can handle the calls. Now, the phone remembers the individual Bluetooth device volume. Thus, if you use the Bluetooth speaker at maximum volume, the possibility of blowing your ears out with the earbuds does not exist. The following functions exist:

• To make detailed adjustments after opening the Sound menu, select the Gear icon.
• To unmute or mute media audio, tap the Note icon.
• The Calls volume can be toggled among Mute, Vibrate, and Ring by tapping the icon above the Note icon.
• If the Volume button is pressed, the slider does not appear on the top but the right side.
• If you press Volume buttons, rather than the ringer volume, the media volume gets altered. This simple change in volume functionality facilitates avoiding opening of a YouTube video and playing it at maximum volume accidentally.
Rotation of the screen has become easier

Depending on how the screen is situated, Android changes the orientation of the screen automatically. If you need to switch from landscape to portrait and vice versa frequently, locking the orientation to one of these becomes troublesome. However, it has become possible to lock the orientation. If you turn off Auto-Rotate and rotate your device to landscape, a new icon is displayed on the right side of the navigation bar. If you tap this icon, you can lock the landscape orientation. To rotate back to the portrait orientation, you need to tap the icon again.


Panacea Infotech is an Android app development company USA, which can use all these new features.


Shortcut to the new screenshot


For shortcuts, the default combination is the Power + Volume down button. This is a little cumbersome to use. In Pie, it is possible to use the Power menu to take a shortcut. The notification has the Edit command, which when tapped seems to make changes to the screenshot.


Accessibility menu


Several accessibility features exist in Android, which cannot be easily accessed. Pie has a new menu, which simplifies access to common functions. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Menu to enable this menu. You have to turn the Use service slider on, and then confirm the prompt. Now, to the right of the navigation bar, you can view a new icon. If you tap this icon, a large menu is displayed. It has shortcuts to Quick settings, Recent apps, and Volume, etc. Due to this, users can have easy navigation to access Android’s features.


Digital Wellbeing


This is a very interesting feature. You can understand how often you use your phone. You can also know the apps with which you spend maximum time. This feature has a dashboard that displays how frequently you check the phone, the duration you spend in handling apps, and the number of notifications sent by the apps to you. It is also possible to set daily time limits to prevent yourself from indulging in time-consuming apps.


When it is time to sleep, the Wind Down feature changes the phone to gray-scale. The Pie also has a Do Not Disturb feature, which turns off video and audio notifications. Thus, it serves as a blockage for all distractions. The Digital Wellbeing feature is expected in Pie in the future.


Better security


In emergency situations, the phone is safeguarded by the lockdown mode. To enable this, go to Settings > Security & location > Lock screen preferences > Show lockdown option, and then on the Power menu, tap Lockdown. This action hides notifications on the lock screen, disables Smart Lock and fingerprint unlocking, and locks the phone. To unlock the phone, you should use your pattern, password, or pin. This is a very helpful method in case a thief coerces you to use biometric methods to unlock the phone.


A second feature is about restriction to SensorManager sensors, camera, and mic from idle apps. It happens that you have given permission to your app to access the microphone. However, unless you are actively using the app, this app cannot access the microphone.


In addition to the above, the Android mobile app development has resulted in Pie having rounded corners across the OS, refreshed fonts, and more colorful Settings menu.


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10 Oct

Best food delivery apps for mobile app development

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Food Apps are crucially one of the most important applications that any food lover will have in their devices. There are millions and millions of the foodies who just have initiated food in their lifestyle. So, it is an excellent time to create android app along with the iOS for attracting more of foodies on your food counter.

Food Delivery App

In this digital era, there are end numbers of useful apps that are fully dedicated to food. Right from checking up the recipes, to watching the one who cooks to ordering the food online, there are various food delivery apps for every food lover.


Let’s see the top rated apps that every foodie must install in their smartphones.


1. Fasoos:



Faso’s is one of the best apps with delicious and freshly cooked up meals that delivered directly to customers’ doorstep. The user interface is very simple, and it enables you to choose the favorite food item from the vast range of options from salads and wraps to non-veg stuff, and fresh ingredients are used to make all food items.



1. Real-time tracking of orders.
2. Simple payment interface for fast placing the order.
3. Earn credits through app referrals

2. Foodpanda :



It is one of the largest food-based delivery apps with serving in more than 50 countries along with more than 15000 restaurants options, Foodpanda has lots of variety of food stuff offering to customers tables like Chinese, Thai, continental and Mexican etc.


Features :

1. Select the best restaurants near you.
2. vast cuisines options
3. Live access to status updates for tracking the food orders.

3. Zomato :



Find the best and nearest greasy spoons either to eat and order in the form. Go through the photos, customer reviews ratings and menus to decide what you are looking to eat for your next meal. The app can be accessed in UAE, India and the Philippines.


Features :

1. Easy searchings for pubs, cafes, restaurants by location and cuisine.
2. Use advance filters for finding the restaurants.
3. View menus, user reviews and restaurants through images.

4.Food Science and Nutrition Technology:

Food Science & Nutrition


This is one of the best apps for any foodie. This app solve almost all interesting questions and queries based on various fields of food therapeutic, diets and food microbiology.


Features :

1. An end user can explore various branches of food science.
2. A user can put something together if they find anything missing.

5. Yelp



Yelp works in 130million restaurant across the globe, so it is considered as one of the largest and most preferred food apps for food lovers. No matter you are new to the city, then yelp can suggest you for finding the right places from breakfast to dinner.


Features :

1. Find the nearest and top-reviewed restaurants easily.
2. Booking of a table as per your desire.
3. Best Deals and discounts on food and drinks

6.Cookpad :



Select, share and store best cooking recipes with cork pad. This app has 5,000 easy homemade food stuff recipes from the UK along with 120000 English language recipes. Moreover, you can also meet the people who are cooking lovers and can share innovative and new ideas to cook.


Features :

1. Easy access by bookmarking the recipes.
2. Meet the other cooks by joining the cookpad community
3. Search recipes through ingredients or title.

7. Swiggy



Swiggy serves best when it comes to ordering food and beverages from your desired restaurants. They deliver the food from nearby local joints, food cafes along with 5-star restaurants having no minimum order restrictions.



1. Live tracking of the food delivery through swiggy and restaurants.
2. End number of payment option available

8. Uber Eats :

Uber Eats

Uber Eats stands tall among the crowd when it comes to food delivery. It gives efficient options to search out the nearby restaurants, specific dish or cuisine to order the same. This app is currently working in various countries across the globe.

iOS developers

Various iOS developers feels that the uber eats is a benchmark when it comes to develop a food delivery app.


Features :

1. Pay from the existing user account of uber
2. Real-time tracking the order
3. Order from anywhere no matter how far or near the customer is

9. Food Quiz :



Food Quiz is a robust food quiz app having more than 7000 items. This app has the vast collection of food items across the globe that allows the end user to explore various food stuff from different regions. The best thing about the app is, it can be synced with social media site like facebook so that end user can open the app from the desktop too.


Features :

1. Almost 400 packs of food differentiated in 25 countries
2. An app can be used and viewed in 8 different languages

10. Yummly recipes :

Yummy Recipes


It is a smart cooking book that avail customization help in every single way. Right from recipe recommendations to quick cooking videos, the Yummly app has almost everything that a foodie requires to enhance their chef skills.


Features :

1. 2million+ recipes search
2. The end user gets personalized recommendations as per taste and nutrition preferences.
3. Get the option to save, collect and organize the desired recipes.

11. Eatigo :



Eatigo is table booking app for the restaurants that avail time-based offers and deals in more than 4000 restaurants. Eatigo is free of cost app with no hidden costs or payments.



1. No requirement of pre-payment
2. Grab the best discounts and deals as per your location and choice of restaurants.
3. Book your table for 3easy steps- Browse, choose and select the time and date.

Wrapping up :


When it is the matter of food, the various people can’t use web browser for finding their favorite recipes or restaurants. Well, in this digital era they look for the app which can settle their needs. So, it is high time for the food based firms for mobile app development to stay competitive in the market. We at Panacea InfoTech, have experienced developers who have experienced in delivery the apps as per your business requirement.


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09 Oct

Reasons to select Android as a platform for business app development

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The world is getting restricted to smartphones these days. People are attracting more towards smartphones and ditching desktops as various things can be achieved hands on.

android mobile app development


This resulted in boosting the growth of mobile app development and especially on Android. Business app development for Android has given more satisfaction to end users in comparison to other platforms. Demand for development of business app has reached on a new level and has insisted the developers go ahead for android app for business.


And as the impact of the Android mobile app development on business growth is positive and undeniable, numerous companies are looking forward to developing an Android app to grow more the business that is the perfect blend of top-class technology and features having the best user experience.


Reason for selecting android app development:


If you are doubtful for selecting android for mobile app development, here are some of the reasons that you must opt android app development for business:


High android users: In this digital era, various users across the globe are using android phones. So, in this dynamic competitive technological market, not having an android app for business means losing the limitless opportunities and customers in the business. When there is high competition going on in the market, no business can afford such a huge loss. So, it is suggested to look forward to android app developers for converting a website into an app.


Target Multiple Platforms: Android app developers use java language for developing an android business app. This simply means that you can even port the app into other operating system like Ubuntu, blackberry and Symbian. Thus, one can take advantage of the development of the app by targeting multiple platforms.


Open source platforms: Android is an open source platform. So Google won’t charge any of the fees for utilizing this platform. Moreover, Google also provides the tools for app development and technology for free. This aspect helps to cut the cost in the entire project. The costing of the project is fully based upon company to company depending on various other factors of android app development.


Multiple device compatibility: The greatest merit of selecting an android app development for the business is that, there is no restriction for building an android app on the device. One can develop an app on windows desktop, Linux system and Mac.


Faster Deployment: The overall period of deployment for iOS app stretches to weeks, whereas developing android app can take a couple for hours to develop. That’s the reason why various android app development companies recommend selecting the android as a platform. Business development procedure must be fast because as the app gets developed, the business will bloom.


Customized App: One of the interesting fact about the android is enabling the android app developers to personalize the app as per the need and requirement of the business. This means that the development of an app can be done with right and specific requirements that might not be possible with other platforms.


So, in a nutshell, even if you are a product based company or service based company, it is essential to have an android app for your business. It will help the store to reach maximum potential customers and improves the sales and revenue. We at Panacea Infotech have experienced developers who have rich experience in developing and delivery high quality android apps which make us best in class app development companies in USA and across the globe.


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