01 Jun

Developing a Taxi Booking Mobile App? Factors You Should Always Consider

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Have you built a taxi booking app? What factors should you consider while building your app? Planning a taxi app isn’t an easy task. You must take into account several factors starting from competition, local fares, essential paperwork, and going all the way to designing interface and integrating payment methods.


Running a cab booking app is difficult without right resources, technologies, infrastructure, and marketing strategies. With help of taxi software solutions, it has become easy to create and launch a taxi booking app. Features that are built with latest technologies are very important for taxi booking app developed on any platform like Android, iOS or Windows Phone. For example, integration of Google maps or GPS is must for taxi booking application, as without it the app couldn’t run. The company can also include additional features, apart from the main features to provide hassle-free rides. The features should be included keeping in mind the needs and requirements of both the drivers and the passengers.

Cab Booking App Development Company


With the increasing use of application and taxi booking apps, there are various factors that an entrepreneur or the taxi business has to narrow down to bring out a successful taxi booking solution.


Following are the factors you should consider before you delve deep into the vocation of developing a new taxi booking mobile app.

• Before starting to build an uber like app development, it is important to understand the competition in the area where you want to launch your services. If you want to launch your app for a metropolitan city, you must gauge the existing competition, what features your competitors offer and how will your app be different from them? If you’re working in a small town, make sure you find out if there’s a need for taxi service app.

• Geolocation technology is essential when it comes to developing an uber like app solution. The GPS facility when tightly integrated with Google Maps goes a long way. The integration helps to find the fastest routes while saving your time. In addition, the customer can ensure that the driver takes the right and fastest route.

• While creating an app, it’s quite challenging to include all features and elements into a single interface and create a visual harmony. No user would like to use an app that makes it difficult for them to figure out how it is used and where to find a particular feature. So, make sure your user interface is simple and self-explanatory.

• The car tracking feature is not only used for safety purpose but also helps the user order a ride for someone else. It is also an interactive way to entice customers. A realistic design always appeals to customers, and many of them like to follow routes on their devices.

• Implementing payment integration for your taxi app lets you notify the amount a user needs to pay when the taxi reaches its destination. The best part is that the user doesn’t have to pay cash. Instead, they can link their credit or debit cards and e-wallets with your application and pay while on move.

• Considering the competition has again huge significance. Before launching an app, it is really important to know exactly where you’re standing in the market. At the same time, take into account the area where you want to implement it. If you are in a small town, ask yourself if there is really any need for a cab booking app.

• Verifying the interface also makes a big sense. With all the things that you have to include in an interface, it’s quite a hard task to make space for all of them and to create a visual harmony that will combine all the elements. Nobody wants an app where it’s hard to figure out what does it offer or where can you find a particular feature.

• At the same time, having the right cars is highly important. Not every car is suitable for being a taxi, so it’s better to inform yourself in advance. Try as much as possible to have cars that are modified for this type of service and which are safe. Search for ones with clean interiors and lots of space for luggage.

• Also, you should be quite mindful of the payment integration feature. This feature is particularly useful, since it lets the taxi users know about the source and the destination of the trip, the distance and the payment details as soon as the ride is over or even when they’re in the taxi. One thing that is really appreciated about the successful taxi apps is the fact that you don’t need to use cash when paying, which is one worry less.

Panacea Infotech is a top-end mobile application development company in USA, using agility to bring the much-required velocity in your business and help you respond to the changing needs of the digital economy. We, a leading taxi app development company, help organizations to propel further and go beyond developing completely new categories and introducing new products as well as services faster than ever before.

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11 May

All You Need to Know before Developing a Taxi Booking Mobile App

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When it comes to taxi booking apps, Uber leads the way and has set a trend which, in turn, has revolutionized the life of drivers and commuters alike.  By offering the commuters all the comforts of a personal car ride accessible on demand minus, it has actually become a trendsetter. When the worries of ownership, repairs or parking space constraints have become things of past, concerns like expenditure and safety have also mitigated to a significant extent.

Cab Booking App Development Company


Are you up with the vogue to shine with an Uber-like app development? Thinking of taking recourse to some cab booking app development company? Today’s unique mobile technology has made it quite easy and possible to run a business just through an application. But, the main problem lies in the fact that there are plenty of good ideas already in the market. What is missing in the business is the uniqueness of idea.


Well, this blog is going to help you with a detail cicerone on how to develop a taxi booking app.


So, in case, taxi app development has made you forget your sleep, then you should take a look at some of the features which drives a successful mobile app for taxi service. Also, if you have no idea about app designing, than you must hire an app development company to do it for you.


Taxi Booking app such as Uber comes with two mobile applications and an admin dashboard. One is used by the commuters while the other one is meant for the drivers. At last, the dashboard is intended for the admin panel.


Passenger App Features:


  • Mark exact pickup location on a map by using inbuilt GPS module
  • Book a cab as needed and track cab movement on the interactive map
  • See estimated fare and personal discount
  • Text or call the driver right from the app
  • Rate the driver after the ride
  • Manage personal information
  • Automatic execution of payment and even option to split fares with a fellow traveler


Driver App Features:


  • Dashboard with driver account details
  • View details of trip – time, date, locations on map, passenger details
  • View all cab requests
  • Accept / Decline cab requests
  • Google navigation support for smooth pick up and drop
  • Mandatory GPS activation upon login
  • Waiting time stop-watch with auto calculation of fare
  • Reports to show statistics of completed trips and earnings


There are some features such as security login, push notifications, in-app messenger and profile editing that are common to both driver and passenger apps.

Web-Based Admin Panel:
The admin dashboard is the control center that allows operators to manage registered customers and drivers.

  • Register new drivers/taxis
  • View and manage all registered customers and drivers
  • Provide quick summary and trip statistics
  • Manage all finance and logistics


Now, if you are confused with the cost involved in developing an uber like app, we will help you with this too. The cost of developing an Uber clone app depends on the functionalities you are envisaging to phase in, the features you need to personalize the application to match up your specifications, the design & UX.


The taxi app can be customized with features that are locally admissible and in demand. The final cost for taxi app development depends on the time it takes to accomplish such important features like geolocation services and routing, payment incorporation, communication & notifications, rating & reviewing and user profile/registration. The price may also rise based on the platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) you wish to support.


As it turns out, giving an exact price without knowing all the requirements is quite tough but developing an Uber like app can cost roughly around $8,000. Nevertheless, this is just an approximate price of developing an App like Uber and it may differ depending on the features you may want the app developers to cast up.


However, there are a number of app development companies around and you can take recourse to any of such ventures that will help you the best with the process. Panacea Infotech, a leading mobile application development company in USA, is similarly expert in developing top-end taxi booking applications.


Our Uber like app solution is exclusively built for providing both the drivers and the passengers with amazing experience. When the initiation of a pool of smart apps have just changed the life of you in more than one way, we present before you something yet more unique and feature-rich addition. Our taxi app solutions, with every required facet on board, make sure that your life is more simple, convenient and hassle-free. In Panacea, a top-end taxi booking mobile app company, the app we develop is exclusive in nature and completely different from how the conventional taxi apps function nowadays. When the useful insights of the app will make it a seamless experience for you, the user-friendly UI will enable you to book a wide with confidence.


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29 Jan

Ways You Can Buck up Your Taxi Booking App

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Trying to improve your taxi business? Looking for unique ways to make your venture reach the top level of excellence? Then, the first thing you should start with is enrich your taxi booking app to a significant extent. We, in this post, are going to discuss a number of ways how you can boost your app like never before!

Taxi Booking App

Ensure a perfect loop between your drivers and operators- Your taxi booking app should always possess certain features which make sure that the drivers and the operators stay in constant touch. There have been many instances where it’s seen that the passengers have been told that the cab will appear in about 5 minutes; but, sometimes, due to the miscommunication between the operator and the driver, wrong information is showcased to the passenger, thereby leading to a number of unwanted events. So, always ensure that your taxi booking mobile app flashes the correct time on the display.


Keep space for advanced features- Again, one of the most effective ways you can top up your cab booking app is by taking recourse to several upgraded tools. It will not only help you get connected to your customers easily but will also aid you in beefing up a solid taxi business. Having a cloud dispatch always has a special significance. At the same time, the passengers are always in need of a guarantee that the taxi will be there at the gateway just when they need. So, in order to make it a pleasurable experience for them, keep an option for booking in advance. With all the similar details on board like pick-up location, drop-in destination and the preferred mode of service, the only way it is different from the standard cab requests is that the users have to set a specific date and time.


Make your strong presence in social media- This is perhaps one of the most important things to consider, when it comes to perking up your uber like app development. In an era when social media is deemed to be the most powerful channel to promote things, you cannot just miss the opportunity to do the same for your own business. You can easily take recourse to the popular social media channels and create communities to boost your business. There cannot be a better way to boost your company awareness and considering that your customers are already on social media, you can actually make the best use of it and try to promote your business like never before! Also,  always make sure that your company has a webpage as well. Web-page solutions are often considered as one of the most important channels to cater to the demands of the customers, as it’s going to handle your online booking 24/7. So, lagging in this part would certainly be an act of sheer stupidity from your end.


Plump for proper advertising- Proper advertising is also quite effective in this regard. You can just start campaigning for your uber like app solutions on several platforms where your customers tend to hang around the most. Provided, you are steering onto the right track, Google Adwords and PPC can actually proffer you a huge traffic even beyond your expectations. You can also set a small budget and try to aim at certain locations and audience.


How about experiencing your customers fleet branding? Why don’t you get your line of cabs wrapped with your taxi app solutions? The bundled-up taxis will be on road and visible to an end number of eyes, making it more recognizable as well as accessible. You can try making several flyers with promo code and distributing them in public. These coupons will work the best in restaurants, bars, malls, making people aware of your amazing taxi booking app. Also, you can share your promo code through viral sharing. It will actually do wonder!


Get dedicated drivers- Last but not the least; one of the most important paradigms you should stick to is stay committed only to dedicated drives. Your taxi booking app can reach the summit of success, only if the drivers take the best care of your clients. So, in order to keep your service level high, you should always ascertain the fact that you are not working with such drivers who are interested only towards money. Instead, you should be in tie-up with such drivers who just love what they do and don’t consider payment as the prime concern. Now, the question remains, where to get such drivers from? Well, you can always check for reviews and ratings on the web and opt for them coming with good grades.


So, what are you still contemplating over? It’s time to upgrade your app adhering to the above tricks and get your taxi booking app to a new height of distinction.


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