23 Apr

Things to consider before developing a Mobile App

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In this technological era, app development companies are growing very fast. More than 80% of the companies are focusing on more robust strategy for scaling their app development. Therefore, the mobile app development service providers searching a way to stand out their IT services from others as it is quite tricky, as the market flooded with options and everyone is looking for the best one.

Mobile App Development

Below are the given tips before developing an app:


Analyze the Market


It is a foremost step of any new app. So, before starting with any development process, it is essential to understand what your target user base demands. For instance, people prefer apps in their regional language, and for better results, one can do the competitors analysis of the app and see what they are offering because there are billions of people who are using smartphones which means you can’t jump in the market without any plans.


Understand about Ongoing Trends


Trends don’t stay constant, it keeps changing, and hence it is necessary for every app development company to know what the latest trend is going on before starting development of a mobile application. So, as of now augmented reality app development, on-demand solution and unity game development are in trend. Therefore, this helps you by giving the chance to let your company know and help your app to reach the top of the mobile app market.


Choosing the Right Platform


The mobile app service provider is investing in more strong platforms which will help users with seamless navigation. Therefore, it is not as easy as devices and operating systems to continue to change because there are numerous approaches to app development, including block chain application development. Hence, a Native and Hybrid mobile app platform has its own set of tools and methodologies so it will be difficult for an individual to decide which platform they should use.


Ensure Your App Meets Your Idea


No one wants to create a clone what has already established because every company targets something unique and innovative to entice the set targeted audience. Therefore, it is essential that your mobile app should meet your vision. So, while developing a mobile app, it is always better to highlight your app USP and innovative idea without over-stuffing your app. Additionally, you can also make sure that every screen of the app reflects what your app has promised.


Test Your App More Often


Mobile apps testing are not a new concept anymore because many tired and tested tools have developed entirely for this task. However, testing is a one-time process which is done only before releasing the app. Therefore, it is necessary to keep testing your app for successful Mobile app development regularly. It will also help to spot the error in your app before any of your users does.


Make Your App ASO and SEO Friendly


App store optimization and search engine optimization mainly depends upon the application name. Therefore, according to the research from Sensor Tower Note, 74.3% of the apps with top rank for high traffic keywords included the target keyword in their app name. Henceforth, there are millions of apps available on app store and Google play store, but only those apps are discoverable which hits users search query, and then nobody noticed the apps which are settled in beneath of the app stores.


Optimize Your App


Nobody likes to see an app which consumes 100Mbs from the limited storage of smartphones. So, from a user’s perspective, an app which uses few Mbs from their phone storage must be capable to do their task in a more efficient way. Therefore, avoid the use of unnecessary objects and variables because it can slow down the performance of your app.


So, for wrapping up there is no sure shot success pill of anything which you can do in this world, but above given tips can definitely help you plan for mobile application development long lasting.


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05 Apr

Mobile App development: Web vs. Native vs. Hybrid App

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Web and Mobile Application have become an integral part of business life because almost every business has to turn towards the web, and mobile application development for leveraging business results like a lead generation of higher brand value increased reach, increase in business profits, etc. Mobile and web apps have not just limited themselves to be a medium of distribution, but they evolved as an essential part of the communication between the company and its customers. It’s helping you for shaping your business strategies and learn consumer behavior also keeping a close eye on your competition. Websites are a vital and integral part of a broader strategy which is necessary for businesses wanting to build strong brand value. They also provide many benefits to offer, as they strengthen your brand’s customer experience.
Mobile App Development


Moreover, websites are still a significant part of the e-commerce industry. So there are web, native and hybrid three main app types which you can explore for your app development project: but the primary question is which is better to choose? It mainly depends on your business objective and overall goals which can even make or break the success of your mobile app strategy. While deciding for building an app, there are numerous factors which you need to consider. Therefore this comparative guide will examine all the three approaches from the standpoint of a company looking to develop a mobile app.
Web App Development.


There is a fundamental difference between websites and web apps. Websites are typically generated to provide complete information, whereas web apps give away a practical solution which can seamlessly run on mobile sites. The significant advantage of web apps is that it does not need any platform specification they run seamlessly on android, iOS, Window, etc. Web apps are not for downloading, but it can smoothly load in web browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. It doesn’t even take up a user’s device space.


It is the best example which connects the gap between the native app and hybrid mobile app. Web apps nothing but a website with native app design, which can bookmark by the user in a browser instead of being installed on a user’s device. Web apps are mainly built in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 to run on browsers. They are even quick to develop and simple to learn. However, web apps are not designed to replace mobile apps.


Web apps are progressive web apps, as they are the hybrid of mobile apps and web apps. So, rendering the functionalities of mobile apps to web apps, progressive web apps can now send push messages, use phone hardware and so on. Hence this technology is still limited to iOS and Windows users as it is available on Google Chrome.


Below is the given advantage of Web app:

• Easy to build
• Easy to maintain.
• Inexpensive.
• Single code base across platforms.
• Device level features accessible through JavaScript APIs.
• Developing costs are lower.


Below is the given limitations of Web app:

• Interactions are not so neat and responsive if compared to other apps.
• Slower than native apps.
• Less interactive and intuitive than native apps.
• Cannot leverage device utilities.
• UI elements are consistent.


Native Mobile App Development


Native mobile apps are the most common app. They are mainly built for some specific platform and written in languages which platform accepts such as Swift and Objective- C for native iOS apps and Java or Kotlin for native Android apps. Mobile app Development Company also builds native mobile apps with an integrated development environment for multiple operating systems. The most commonly used syntax for native app development is Swift and Objective- C for iOS and Java mainly for Android. Native mobile apps are fast and responsive as they build with platform specifications. They are interactive and give users a natural flow of functions due to their already set platform standards. However, they can be costly if someone has a limited budget.


Moreover, the arisen of modern technologies such as Xamarin and react native have changed the scenario. These are the two leading technologies which allowed mobile app developers to create native apps for a various platform with a single codebase. So both native and hybrid mobile app development technologies are built to serve native Android, iOS, and Windows development ecosystem.


Below is the given advantage of Native mobile apps:

• Native apps are fast and responsive as it is built for a specific platform.
• They are interactive, intuitive and run much smoother.
• It also allows developers to access the full features.
• Can work offline, the internet is not required.
• It is available in app stores hence marketing is easy.
• Least use of hardware and give efficient coding experience.


Below is the given limitations of Native mobile apps:

• Different codebase required for different platform.
• Expensive.
• Time taking.
• No cross platform support.
• Prior approval required for the Apple App store.
• Maintaining updating are demanding.


Hybrid App Development


Hybrid mobile app development or cross platform app development is something which is between web apps and native apps. They are mainly built on JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and run on web view. Therefore the development process is much cheaper and has access to a device internal API which allows it to access storage, camera, etc. Henceforth, they are not as fast as native apps but they are good MVP options can be created in a short period, which can be launched for testing and feedback. Besides they are not able to provide a personalized experience to the users. At the same time, they also get the chance to be accessed on the App Store, Google Play or Window store.


Below is the given advantage of Hybrid App Development:

• Single code base so easy and fast to develop
• Provide cross platform support
• Convenient, fast and cost effective to build.
• Apps can be easily marketed in app stores.
• Provide easy and quicker updates.
• Can work offline.


Below is the given limitations of Hybrid App Development:

• It is less responsive and slower than the native app.
• The UX is usually compromised.
• Submission is required for a relevant app store.
• Depended on a third-party platform.
• Expensive than web apps.


The best way to choose between web, native, and hybrid mobile app development is through analyzing your business goals. Consider essential factors like app speed, UX, complex features and budget before going for a mobile app development technology. However, the primary objective behind building an application should be developing a quicker, rapid, reliable and responsive way to communicate with your end users.


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29 Mar

How User Behavior Impact Mobile App Development?

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In the digital era, where everyone is trying to build an app for almost anything, understanding your customers’ interest is very important before developing an app. Ask a few questions to yourself to understand the requirements of your customers: what types of application your customers prefer to download? Will your customer interests in making an in-app purchase? The response to these questions will vary according to the OS. Knowing the difference between the behaviors of iOS and Android users will help you decide which user group is suitable for your business goals and product, and ultimately assist you in selecting the right platform to develop your mobile application.


How User Behavior Impact Mobile App Development


The primary objective of any application is to offer users a solution to a problem they collectively face. Without having a proper understanding of how user behavior differs depending on OSs, it will be difficult for you to build a mobile app that addresses the specific requirements of your target audience.


As 97 percent of the worldwide mobile market share accounted by Android and iOS, organizations that are considering building an app should go for both platforms, but in many cases because of some factors such as budget and time, they have to choose one or the other. Let’s have a look at some major differences between iOS and Android user behavior to get a clear idea which helps to select a better platform for your business:

User Demographics

According to the current statistics, Android holds over two-thirds of the global market share. The major reason behind this is the popularity of Android among developing and lower-income countries. On the other hand, iOS is more popular in Japan, UK and North America. Studies also state that iOS customers generally have higher app engagement and likely to spend more money per application.


A survey conducted by a reputed organization says that the annual income of iOS users is USD 53,231 compared to USD 37,040 for Android users. It also states that iOS customers spend more, mainly on products related to self-image like cosmetics and clothing. Information about income, location and purchasing decisions can impact the users’ actions such as subscription enrollment and in-app purchases. These demographic variances also have an influence on which kind of apps a user prefers to download altogether.

Device Compatibilities

There are some major differences between iOS and Android device that directly have an effect on the user experience and influence you to choose one over the other. For instance, when it comes to developing an app and submitting it to the Play Store, Android developers have a free hand, whereas to submit an app to the App Store, iOS developers are bound to follow the strict set of rules. The process of developing and verifying an iOS app may take a longer time to deliver a more secure, consistent and intuitive app experience. On the other hand, Android users praise the freedom and customizability their devices facilitate that allows them to actually modify their phone according to their desires.

Consumer Spending Behavior

Studying a user spending behavior to buy an app or to pay for in-app purchases is very difficult. In 2018, app revenue grew by 23 percent worldwide, but there is a huge gap between the spending of Android users and iOS users. According to a report published by app analytics firm, by the end of 2018, Apple’s App Store produced USD 46.6 billion, whereas the Google Play Store generated only half of Apple’s revenue that is USD 24.8 billion, which is a difference of 88 percent. Usually, the iOS user is likely to spend more on clothing, fashion accessories and cosmetics. In contrast, most of the Android apps depend on advertising as the main source to generate profit. These details are very helpful for organizations looking for iOS or Android mobile app development for their retail business or to generate revenue from apps.

User Engagement and App Retention

Every individual is different and their way of viewing and engaging with content varies from each other. According to a survey, on an average, iOS user spends around 5 hours per day on their phone, while Android users spend around 3 hours and 42 minutes on their phone. While it comes to notifications, iOS users take around seven minutes to open notifications while Android users usually take an average of 48 minutes to take any action on notifications. The Android customer base includes a greater number of media users and the Android users prefer performance, utility, anti-virus and productivity apps. The performance of goals such as registration, purchase, reservation, subscription and in-app purchase vary between Android and iOS. In the user engagement metrics, iOS outshines Android in all of the above-mentioned categories, except registration, in which Android has an advantage.

Android or iPhone App Development, which is better for your business?

While selecting a platform to develop an app for your business, the major question to ask is: what is the purpose of the application and what is your target user group? Selecting an appropriate platform entirely depends on the purpose you are trying to achieve and what is your plan to monetize your mobile app. If possible, you should develop an app for both iOS and Android to gain the most diverse and widest user base; however, developing an app for both platforms is not feasible.


Each platform has some unique characteristics and offers different advantages, but knowing the behavior of the users of each operating system can help you make better decisions about where to put your efforts to meet the most business requirements and goals.


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01 Feb

5 essential mobility practices to follow in 2019

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Enterprise Mobility has always been a significant account for different directions when it comes to developing a business after some current sessions. With the increasing demands of employees and customers, the growth potential of mobile and the growing competition has made the initiative of enterprise mobile these days highly significant. Therefore, one organization should give top priority to mobile; otherwise, they could lose their market share.


Mobile App Development USA


Companies are exploring different ways to emerge in the interbitt mobility game. They are looking forward with the help of mobile device management, mobile enterprise service, human resources mobility initiative, combination or rapid change. In essence, enterprise mobility is in practice to discuss and business owners look forward for mobile application development for their business.


Let’s talk deeply about enterprise mobility and what trends of enterprise mobility businesses should follow in 2019.


Enterprise Mobility: In Nutshell – Enterprise Mobility defines the operation of its business by various companies, to develop and distribute business services through mobile-based solutions, and also explains the mobile products that are launched explicitly for customers.


Enterprise mobility usually refers to things like mobile apps, which are employees or business-focused, quick strategies, client-centric mobile applications, change management and DevOps, and other initiatives taken for digital changes.


Let’s take a look at what one organization can do to improve its enterprise mobility management.


1. Consider the various options for mobile app development:- According to studies, some people prefer a hybrid approach to the development of mobile apps, in which web technologies like HTML5 are used to develop applications that are eventually placed in a container that will give you access to basic device features. Some prefer the basic app development on the iOS and Android mobile platforms while others prefer web development languages.


These days, html5 is getting more support. Supporting and creating mobile apps on different platforms may be more costly to you. And this is a big problem for an organization that creates apps that will be using other partners, suppliers or external contractors.


The native script is one of the technologies that are highly in trend and is an open source system, which, according to some experts, may have a future for mobile app development, which believes that this framework provides more flexibility than Apache Cordova, which is just hybrid app development.


Android and iOS app developers can develop native applications using native scripts, and they do not even need to write the original code. They can use online known resources like JavaScript and HTML5 for their mobile projects. There are many benefits to using a single language, but it only lets you work or integrate with the basic capabilities of the device.


2. Keep your organization data and apps safe:– Since the use of mobile applications and devices in organizations is increasing every day, it also increases privacy and security risks. For example, by using personalized gadgets to access company data from anywhere or at any time, your network can be accessed via virus attacks, data leaks, and illegal access. Many organizations rely on mobile security policies that adjoin solutions to control the exploits made by jail-broken devices. Known threats identify many of these solutions; they are unable to find stranger OS, network and app exposure.


3. Keep users in mind when designing mobile apps:– If you do not design an app properly and users do not want to use it anyway, then all your efforts and skills will be in vain. An organization should recognize the issues of its employees and create a mobile app that will reduce their problems.


To rise above the barriers that an app can embrace immediately, be sure to interact with promising users and understand how they are going to use your app. For example, you might need to design an offline application, if sales reps sometimes work in places with no authentic network connections.


4. Create safe user credentials: Usernames, such as usernames and passwords, must be made with the best care and safety. Credentials which are sufficient for some types of apps, may not be suitable for other types of apps, which require more security.


For example, a small number of stars, while the game scoreboard or leaderboard can have accurate authentication for users, they will not be enough for a social networking app.


5. Follow new tech trends: Continuous development of new technologies can ease mobile device security. Specifically, focuses on protecting at Android OS level for work solutions. It can keep individual and professional ambient apart by supplying secure containers or profiles on Android gadget’s trendy generation. Whereby it is capable of managing enterprise-level controls, while users control only their personal information.


Also, this work solution protects the app from enterprise data and user’s actions that are carried out outside of their profile, such as ordering something from unknown sites, side-loading web applications, or other activities that are not possibly safe.


Summing Up:


It proved that enterprise mobility solutions are essential if they developed, followed and applied significantly. Therefore, businesses must look towards the trends and contract with best mobile application Development Company in USA and across the globe ultimately leading to better ROI.


Keep the above points in mind, execute mobility and handle it efficiently. To find out which of the practices as mentioned above can benefit from your business model, contact our specialists or drop us a mail at info@panaceatek.com


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24 Dec

Crucial tips to initiate your apps for this Holiday season

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The Christmas bells are already beginning with the enchant the ears with its pleasant and heartwarming sound. People are purchasing the gifts and decorative items from the streets and markets to decorate their homes, and children are excited and waiting for Santa Claus to come. And it’s just a week when we say goodbye to 2018 and will welcome 2019 with positivity, hopes, and aspirations.



So, just when various people are planning for a memorable vacation this Christmas with their friends and family the app developers require preparing a base to serve consumer need.


If you check the statistics, then you must see that mobile commerce has crossed the mark of $800 billion in sales during the holiday season. Well, these figures are highly motivating and if you are looking to developing an app or owe an app, then reap maximum benefits from it.


Here is one can give a new look to their apps for a holiday makeover:


1. Unique design for the apps:


Well, a design of the holiday app is one of the crucial factors for the customer in your application. This just means you are required to process a list of crucial tourist destination that will be suggested to a targeted audience.


You can also give inclusion of main hotels and places based on accommodations, to upload beautiful pictures of popular attractions, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Moreover, one can also give information about the travelers what activates one can look upon while traveling.


2. Features as per festive season:


The app developers are more or less familiar with the fact that it has the features that make you app always in a spotlight of users. So, when one is getting the apps ready for a festive season, be very sure about adding interesting and crucial features that are good for the specific period.


Moreover, you can also add a page where visitors can initiate their Christmas and New Year shopping, and they do not need to visit other website or app for sure. Moreover, it will be interesting if one can provide a suggestion to select their destinations, type of holidays and facilities, etc.


3. In-depth research of customer’s demand:


The grand Christmas holidays come every year, and after 365days we welcome it with full enthusiasm. It is crucial to inspect user demand and trends that are going on in the market.


So, it is crucial for app developers to keep updated with the current going demands that are in the mind of users for which it is required extensive research for being evident. So, offering what people are searching for is to prove highly beneficial.


Let’s just understand with an example:


You are highly aware with the fact that at the time of Christmas and New Year eve, various events get organized like concerts, dance, carnivals, fests, and drinks, etc. where people visit to enjoy.


4. Captivate customer by contests:


As it is a fun time, you can boost the pedal to increase the excitement and enthusiasm of the customer by initiating the exciting contests and competitors for end users.


Like you can keep contest of photography where one can ask the users or tourists to update the best photo click at the time of vacations. So, you can ask the end user about what they like at the time of the holiday. The best one can win the contest.


5. Discount coupons and offers:


One of the other techniques one can apply for making the app ready for the holiday goers is launching the great offers and discount coupons that will help in moving and attracting the customers. You can also avail special coupons for rebates on room tariffs or discount on lunch and dinner of specific restaurants.


What one can do more in such regards is that you can offer free passes to specific events where the end user can buy the ticket to look upon and participate. Value-added coupons should be given high priority and more preference in comparison to coupons.


6. Push notifications to attract customers:


It is great that you are sending emails and offering rewards, discount coupons so that more people can visit the app. But in the latest scenarios, push notification is one of the crucial tools for boosting sales and promotion.


It is with the help of push notification that only you can inform a customer about great contests and coupons etc.

Summing Up:

Let the Christmas enlighten the lives of people, and one can play an essential role in enhancing the enjoyment of the people with the worthy holiday apps. The fun, excitements, and enthusiasm have started, and an app can double the spirit of vacation.


So, it is high time to prepare as one can face high challenges from competitors. Be in touch with reliable and best app development companies in USA and across the globe for developing high-value holiday and Christmas focusing apps.


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26 Nov

5 Benefits of developing Newspaper Mobile App

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The newspaper sales have decreased as media launched their mobile apps for news. There has been a 7% drop in sales in 2015, and it will rise as per the predictions. According to a survey, the end-user spends 2 hrs on the phone to check out the news updates.


Mobile App Development Companies


Newspaper mobile apps have taken over the printed newspaper with the changing time in this technology-driven world. As per the report, only 2% of the Americans said that they read printed newspaper and find it relevant. Almost 85% of the US population either do not read the printed newspaper or read it either on a mobile application or on a website.


It is found by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) that in a readership of print media has lower down in countries like the US, UK, India, and Germany tremendously.


So, all these studies and statistics have proved that newspaper mobile apps are the primary choice over print media. However, the cost of news app development is often a matter of concern for some news channels so it is crucial to consult mobile application development service for better proficiency in development.


We will talk about every aspect of how much it costs to build a newspaper app.


1. Return on Investment from apps: If you are looking forward to developing a news app by hiring mobile application Development Company in USA or across the globe, you have to know about the advantages you will get from the news app. It does not concern how much money you have invested in developing a news app as far as it gives some good return on investment.


2. Subscription: Just like readers pay for the printed newspaper every month, you can also apply this strategy to deliver quality content or updated news in exchange of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual subscription.


3. Advertisement: As per the report “Businesses have spent more than $120 billion on mobile adv.”. It is a great source of income for various news companies for having a mobile app. Having a personalized app for businesses will initiate things. It will also be the best option to select the ads as per the interested reader pursues to boost the possibility of viewing the ad.


4. Sponsored Campaigns: To run personalized sponsored campaigns on your news mobile app is another way to generate revenue through mobile apps. Events tickets or shows can be sold out on the app. This can also be initiated for the specific location or the particular people with the same interests.


5. More readership and reach: No doubt, Mobile app will boost the reach of an audience as people prefer to read virtually. However, with the increase in reach, readership will also get an increase. Countries like Spain, Sweden, and South Korea have a greater number of app users. The way in which content is displayed on apps is very much appealing than print media. Using GIF’s and HD images boost the chance of readership.


So, it all depends on how the app is developed and how the smooth and attractive user interface it pursues. So, it has had has been thumb rule that better the app, more will be the ROI.

However, if you know how to develop a news app for Android or iOS, then you should pay only for the tools. Few app development cost calculators can provide an estimate of development cost.


Our robust and experienced team of app developers know about developing a newspaper app. Contact best mobile app development company who can assist you in developing brilliant news app.


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22 Nov

Top 10 Video Calling Apps

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Have you ever wonder that we all are living in the era where sci-fi films are predicted to an extent? Just a decade ago, video calling used to be laggy, having dropped frames, with incomprehensible sound. Video calling application developers that use various efficient compression algorithms along with high-speed internet connectivity have changed in this digital and technological driven world. Nowadays, we can interact with any of the person face to face with just a few clicks on the smartphones. This is the reason why app development companies in USA and across the globe are at its peak as everyone is looking to take smart mover advantage by developing the app for their services.







After being popular as a robust messaging app, WhatsApp came with its video calling feature. It is a cross-platform app that has huge active users who make tons and tons of video calls daily across the globe on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.




  • It is free to have a Video call or voice call,
  • The user can share images, videos, documents and much more with its multimedia feature.
  • Simply download WhatsApp on end user system, verify the number and start receiving messages.
  • Set custom wallpapers, notification ringtones, easily, etc.






Developed and designed especially for Apple devices, FaceTime makes it very easy to connect the people no matter which country they belong to or at which corner of the world they are in. End user are simply one click away from making an HD video call on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac device.


Features :


  • High Definition video calls upto 720p
  • User can receive incoming calls on MAC too that makes it easy to answer.
  • Even if FaceTime is not running end user can receive the incoming call on iOS devices.






Skype does not need an introduction as it is one of the most popular video calling app for individuals and working professionals. With its new and latest design, features and vast active user base, Skype helps in staying connected with people across the globe. Skype works on a huge number of devices and is one of the most trustworthy video calling apps.


  • Send text, videos, photos, voice messages, and many more.
  • With skype end user can call on any device, mobile, or landline.
  • A low rate of calling to landlines and phones around the globe


Facebook Messenger:-


Facebook Messenger


As popular as Facebook, this video calling app is very trustworthy among its user. Facebook Messenger is free for both iOS, and Android users with the help of any web browser logged into end user Facebook account.




  • Users can easily find end user friends, with names or phone numbers,
  • Connect with people immediately.
  • Compatible various operating systems and devices.
  • Add effects to end user pictures, fun art, and videos. Share them immediately with end user connections.

Google Duo:-
Google Duo

Launched in 2016, Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps in 2018. The app is very easy to use. Just Log in, verify end user number, and start quick video calls like normal phone calls. Its simple app’s interface brings its video calling feature to the forefront.




  • An end user can make calls across Android and iOS devices due to its cross-device compatibility.
  • A user can check the person identity before picking the call.
  • Faster and reliable video calls regardless of Wi-Fi or mobile connection.
  • Very fast and trustworthy video call even though the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is slow.
  • The simple interface helps in making video calls easier.




A hangout is one of the best video calling app if end user are brand specific, backed up by Google. A hangout helps end user in connecting with up to 9 people at a once. It is not mandatory to sign up with a new account if end user have one. Hangouts can be installed on iOS devices as well as on Android-powered smartphones and tablets.




  • Group chats for up to 150 people include all end user contacts.
  • It can change any of the group conversations in a video call up to 10 people.
  • App can syncs chats across all end user devices and can be initiated with Android and iOS devices.
  • Easily connect end user Google voice account for SMS voicemail integration and phone calls,




It’s a simple, trustworthy, fun to use and free, high-quality voice, video, and a group calling app and is highly secured for the users. This application can be used both in Android and iOS and is perfect for family and friends.




  • Make the group or individual calls with High definition video quality along with clear voice.
  • End user can share the end number of doodles, stickers, and photos in real-time while calling.





This video calling application drives users crazy for using video chats for real-time communication. Users can communicate by seeing a friend’s facial expressions.




  • ALLO PEN helps in better communication at the time of video chatting.
  • End user can connect faster to other users with direct call feature.
  • Thumbnail screen feature is integrated with the video chat feature.
  • A vast range of stickers for fun chats.




This is the most preferred chat app for most teenagers and as per the study; it was shown that Snapchat has left behind Facebook and Instagram due to its popularity among active users.




  • Users can share small video clips.
  • Snapchat stories that are news feeds can be made up of photos or videos
  • A user can see the visual parties on snap chat.





It is a simple and easy video calling app for Android users that allows the end users for making free voice and video calls over both Wi-Fi and mobile data and is accessible to both iOS and Android users.




  • Gives a fully secured end to end encryption for all messages, video and voice calls.
  • Supports cross-platform calling.
  • Send images, stickers and group call easily, etc.
  • Less data consumption for video and voice calls.


The above-mentioned video calling app offers best in class features from which customers feel amazed. These video calling apps are continuously improving regarding features, functions, and optimization due to super competition and new business entering in this market. If end user are looking forward for developing such type of video calling app it is high time to collaborate with Mobile Application Development Company in USA and across the globe.


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22 Aug

The Most Important Features of an Uber Like App

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Are you storming your brain right now, as you are planning to come up with a brand new app? Well, then it’s time for you to know that you should prove your flair in something that has the highest demand in the market. Can it be anything other than a taxi booking mobile app? No, we guess! Uber like app development has now been embraced by an array of developers who do understand the current market trend and taking this drift on a light note will definitely be an act of stupidity on your part.

Uber like Apps


Let’s consider the scenario. Whether it’s in office hours, in an emergency or even in a haste to attend a meeting, hailing a can has now become just a cakewalk! It’s just at the fingertips! Starting from opening the application to confirming a ride and finishing the same by paying cash or by using other payment gateways, it has become simpler and easier. Hat’s off to all the taxi app development companies that have put their best endeavor to come up with such amazing creations.


So, don’t you think, choosing cab booking app as your next venture would be the wisest act from your end? Digging deep into taxi booking app development is not going to repent your decision by any means. Now, if you are really curious to know how exactly to make an Uber like app, this post is going to help you in more than one way. To build a taxi booking mobile app, you have to be particular about the fact that you will be required to put your efforts into two different applications- one is the Passenger App and the other is the Driver App.


Following are the features of the Passenger App that you need to follow while building the same-

• The passengers can directly sign up from the mobile app. To do this, they have to put their personal email as well as contact number. Sometimes, the details of social media account are also required.
• A particular mobile app screen should be there that would let the passengers enter their travel choices to book a taxi or schedule other rides.
• This feature allows users to check on the current availability of drivers. However, it depends on the pick-up location they have chosen.
• Users are completely free to opt for any pick-up location of their choice.

• Also, the rider can select the type of car he/she wants to travel by.
• Once done, the passenger gets a fair calculation of the amount that would be charged to him/her, based on the distance between the destination and the pick-up location.
• The user can start tracking the cab even before its arrival. The live status of the cab will always be available.
• In case, the rider chooses any smart payment option, the amount will get deducted from the main balance and the invoice will be sent to the registered email address.
• The option of split payment should also be there, in case there are multiple passengers.
• Sometime, certain discounts of digital coupons should be there to grab more eyes towards the app.
• The passengers should be able to give their valuable rating and feedback after they are done with the ride.
• Last but not the least; certain customer engagement features like loyalty rewards and badges should also be there.


The essentials of the Driver App are as follows-

• Just like passengers, drivers also need to sign up for approval and their profiles are approved only after certain verification by the admin.
• To authenticate their profile information, the drivers have to go through detailed verification.
• Notifications for new booking get flashed in the driver’s account. The driver is free to accept or reject the request.
• Like the Passenger App, the estimated fair is displayed to the Driver App as well.
• The Driver is left with few seconds to accept or reject the incoming requests. They also have an easy access to the distances between the drop-in places and the pick-up locations. The Driver can also update the passenger about their booking confirmation, arrivals at pickup point as well as at the destination.
• The driver can look into the status of the completed as well as cancelled bookings.

Now, when it comes to admin panel, it’s worth mentioning that the Uber like app solution you are going to offer may survive without the absence of this particular facet; but, then managing the large amount of data in the app will actually be a hassle. To avoid such fuss, integrating admin panel to your Uber like app development will definitely be a smart act on your part. However, the admin panel should always be able to perform the following tasks-

• Store, run and preside over the in-app actions
• Help drivers with best-in-class navigation routes
• Keep a proper track of the important data about revenues
• Control app reviews and ratings
• Aid in an ideal business

So, if you are on the lookout for such venture that would help you the best in this regard, taking Panacea Infotech into consideration would perhaps be the wisest act on your part. Providing unique products to an array of clientele, we have acquired a glut of acclamations from every nook and corner. Also, we have delivered a number of successful apps and this is how we have gained a sound control over the same. Building Uber like apps is our forte and we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our clients the best. Being a top-end taxi app development company, we make sure the process of taxi booking remains convenient, comfortable and easy for all the customers.


We have a troop of dedicated developers on board who put their best effort to make a taxi booking experience more than amazing for the commuter, which, in turn, has helped us extend our business yet more. The apps we develop allow best-in-class communication to happen between the Driver app and the Passenger app, which can be easily monitored from the taxi app development platform, thereby making the cab booking apps a grand success. You can contact us any time you want and we will be happy to come to your best aid.


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