Mobile App Development: A Long-Lived Tech For Business

Today, mobile apps have turned out to be an integral part of everyday life, that we cannot imagine the apps of our everyday life without apps. The usability of apps in everyday life can be judged by the fact that today we have apps for every essential task such as making online payments, listening to music, teaching and updating through e-books and a library, and so on.

Considering the consumption of the apps on the basis of diverse categories, entertainment apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify are some of the most used apps, in terms of time spent.

According to Mckinsey, The best performers will be those that develop a deep understanding of the decision journey that shoppers undertake and what they really value when it comes to mobile shopping.

Mobile app development is one technology that serves every objective.

Why The Need For Mobile App Development Will Be Perpetual?

This is the question to think before deciding whether for your business. Professional applications are not always aimed at selling products or solutions. You can use a mobile app for different purposes. If you are in retail, a mobile app can be very useful for sale. If you work in the telecom sector, an application can be helpful for customer engagement and support. An application can help its users to understand its offers and benefits better.

We can develop mobile apps for small business owners to increase their sales. Today, customers prefer apps over a website. Gone are the days when users searched for information on websites. They need everything that is personal and fast. Users prefer to download the mobile app and perform all activities through these apps. They follow are mindset to have information access right at their finger touch. Focusing on key factors, companies understood this and began to market applications to companies as the popularity of using applications increases. Customers prefer apps over a website for several reasons.

Reasons Why Mobile App Development Is The Key To Success?

The mobile app development platform is set to grow at the great pace.

Below are some of the drivers.

Helps establish brand value in the market

A mobile app is like a business slate, where every business can write their own strategies. You can do whatever you want with it; you can make it elegant, modern, functional, repulsive or informative. But what you should to is create an app with features that your customers like, in addition to being well-marked and well-designed. If you wish to improve or instantly recognize your brand, creating a mobile app is a great way to boost your brand reputation and image.

Offer value to your customers

Your customers can take the opportunity to access your products/services at any time and in real-time. This is especially the case if you do not have a support line structure round the clock. Your mobile app can be integrated with features to keep users connected with prompt customer service, without necessarily accessing your website.

Peak sales

Lets someone knows about your app in intends to fetch it as quickly as possible. Later, when considering buying a product on an app, it helps the same user to simply open and app and proceed with the shopping without having to wait for regular working hours according to the operation cycle. This helps in smooth end-to-end checkout, where the customers don’t get diverted.

Increase your profit

In general, if customer satisfaction increases, so do sales. According to Salesforce, 70% of shopping experiences are influenced by how customers feel treated.

Another factor that have impact on the future of mobile apps is the mobile app development framework.

The above pointers convey the future of mobile app development or what is to come yet. What we can be certain is the future of application development will be bright and distinctive, thanks to current technologies. This enables businesses to function competently in the future. However, mobile app development cost plays a crucial role in any app success, as app developers or app development companies both have their own line of standard procedure and a rate card.

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Diet Planning App: Helping Senior Citizens amid COVID19 Pandemic

The elderly adults are the weakest among the worst effects of coronavirus. According to the WHO, during such epidemics, the most extra care and safety precautions will be required to help older adults stay safe. Thus, the demand for digital applications such as diet planning app development, food delivery apps, med apps, and other online telemedicine and nutrition apps is increasing.

According to an analysis by the National Institutes of Health in Italy, as of March 4, 2020, an average of 105 patients aged 81 died. This discovery has revealed another major figure of the China Center for Disease Control. In research generated in February 2020, researchers first looked at 72,314 patients with definite or suspected COVID-19 and discovered a huge variation in the virus affecting rates by age group. In short, the infection is fatal in people with each passing decade.

Therefore, with social distancing in practice, people are following distance from each other. With technological advancements, the online market place is booming with ideas like on-demand food delivery app, diet app, fitness app, as people will opt for online solutions.

By using digital applications, you can engage a consumer demographic that is typically achieved on the technology interruption bandwagon. The fact is that people are hygiene and diet-conscious, and this is the reason why the need for online diet food and diet coaches is increasing.

So, is your business ready for growing demand? Have you thought about the specific process of maintaining your business during a virus outbreak?

Now, let us see how the development of your application can help older adults during such a lockdown or quarantine period.

How is the Diet App useful for senior citizens?

When you are working with older adults, you have to work with all facilities like children. Thus, if you are one of the best apps to investigate the elderly, then you have to study all possible scenarios of the accident with them and develop the app accordingly.

Many seniors signing up now will appreciate the convenience of your weight loss app. Their smartphone will become an ideal tool for managing the diet, activity levels, doctor appointments, and more. In addition, your app can become a one-stop destination anytime, anywhere, for checking symptoms, browsing experts, making better food choices, counting calories, or a quick tap of the screen for mindfulness.

Help with food and essential things:

If you want to be the top diet and nutrition app for elderly monitoring, then you need to include some additional functionality. At the time of COVID-19, such as the flu, many incurable substances are in stock in people’s homes such as sanitizers and toilet paper. If you see a real need to use such essentials, older adults will top the chart.

According to a report in The New York Times, 60% of Americans have at least one chronic condition; 40% have more than one.

With this facility, they can inform their neighbors about their shopping list by selecting the required diet food and items. They can help them set up a revolving distribution from the grocery store, and so seniors stay indoor without future concerns.

To maintain a food database, integrate a weight tracker, a calorie counter:

These tasks should be done to keep your daily diet plans and food database in your elderly monitoring app. Let us understand these feature integrations.

  • Weight Tracker: When we talk about senior health criteria, there are many diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, which trigger their weight gain or weight loss. Thus, you need to integrate a tracker that defines their health goals according to their weight.


  • Calorie Counter: To monitor their calorie intake, your diet application should have a calorie counter. As beginners, they may take some time to adjust to add and measure their calories throughout the day, but eventually, it will become much easier for them.


  • Meal Plan: Make a meal planner for a week or a month. This will help them adapt to a healthy lifestyle and maintain a regime with dietary food and products. Through machine learning technology, you can easily maintain health records and predict their next meal along with their health status. This will make your application attractive and rich with AI-based solutions.

We at Panacea Infotech develop custom web and mobile app development for the healthcare industry, including wellness apps, telemedicine, mHealth, remote healthcare, hospital management, and others. Our developers are experienced and skillful enough that helps us in delivering the best in the class mobile app as per the client’s business needs.

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MVP in Mobile App Development: A Robust Solution To Measure

An application can be a risky investment for a company if it is not approached carefully. Even so, the most studied application concepts can lead to disappointing user downloads and retention.

For those who aren’t familiar with MVP terminology, it is termed as minimum viable product is basic version of application or product. It is majorly introduced with a single purpose operation to gauge the product potential and its response.

If you want to create mobile apps, have you considered using a minimum of viable products (MVP) to protect your customers’ investments? Not only do MVPs allow you to get your mobile app development projects complete faster, but they also allow developers to create robust products for their customers generally.

Here is what you need to know,

Factors That Shouldn’t Be Miss In App Development With MVP Launch

Non-technical aspects play an intense role in the overall app development process.

Considering these below factors would streamline planning, strategies, and execution for any development process may it be an mobile app or software.

  • Locate Your Ideal Users

You have your concept. This is the time to determine whether consumers want it. Even though an MVP is cheaper and faster to build, it does not mean that you do not altogether waste your time and resources. You should at least confirm that the interest is present and then clearly define who your target user is.

  • Target Product purpose

If you wish to make your application successful, it must solve a problem exclusively for a large part of the customer base. This means that your MVP must clearly explain what the product does and why users need it.

  • Consider PWA instead

You can create a PWA app. The costs would be lower, the time to market would be much faster, and it would be much easier to post your MVP to users than if you had to post something on the App Store. You may even find that PWA is sufficient in terms of product format.

In other cases, MVP does not even have to be a real product. It can easily be a website that advertises the product or provides a wire model/prototype model of the concept.

  • Emphasis on success benchmarks

There must be defined success criteria for evaluating MVP results. And that factor must be sharply focused on the best results. In that case, not only is the quality of the comments important but also below factors play a critical role.

Consider following pointers to have a quick overview of where you app is heading.

  • Total visitors
  • Number of people signed for beta
  • Total users retained
  • Quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Average time spent on app
  • Maximum and minimum time spent on specific features
  • Feedbacks of most favored feature
  • Reviews that made difference

Benefits Of Creating An MVP For Mobile App Development

  • You can launch the product to market much faster than expected until the complete application is developed.
  • You have the option to test the concept’s feasibility before spending many hours of work.
  • You give yourself more space (and maybe even a little forgiveness) to solve your final product problems.
  • You save money with an MVP. First, because you only spend time creating essential functions. Second, because you may find that users are satisfied with the reduced version and that they do not need to do much more to complete the product.
  • With a tested idea adopted by users, you have something for investors to facilitate the rest of the development process.

Final thoughts,

Building apps isn’t a small task or cheap to develop or maintain. Before you come up with a conclusion to create a new mobile app, think of going with MVP instead to get a better clarity on what respondents think.

Thinking of mobile app development but confused? Panacea Infotech can assist in overall mobile app development with agile approach.

So, whether to start with MVP or hit the market with full-fledge product?

Choice is all yours.

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6 Essential Features to consider for an Online Grocery App

With the growth of internet usage and the desire to save time and money for organizing daily routine for people effectively, there are various improvements in technology. As, most of the time, doing household duties becomes an unpleasant task, and then grocery shopping over this makes the situation more worsen and tiresome. As per the recent market survey, more than 60% of people shop their households with the help of smartphones as a result of which app developers are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Mobile app development companies have to consider user’s requirements because there is no doubt that people are looking for a natural and spontaneous mobile app for reducing their impulsive spending. Then they can adequately manage their monthly budget as users will stick to those mobile apps, which will help them to achieve all these things so that companies need to make an app where users will get everything in the shortest possible time. There are various features that companies can add in their apps, like giving a discount, loyalty program, and coupons. All these will help users for saving money as well as time on such apps. Therefore,

Let’s have a look at some essential features which can contribute to the success of the grocery shopping mobile apps. 

  • Grocery list reminder

If you see an ideal grocery shopping app, then it reminds their app user for buying essential groceries for daily use, which they are most likely to run out by the end of the week, for example, bread, eggs, or milk, and so on. However, the grocery list app helps its users to create the best grocery list each week with minimal efforts or typing. Besides this, it also makes sure that the users will never forget the basics for their daily use again. So, such a feature helps users to show essential groceries, which are most likely to require based upon the history of past grocery shopping. So, it is good to consider build-in reminder feature in the app as the feature can help for reminding their user about the groceries which they are about to run out of stock.

  • Able to Track spending 

For reducing shopping costs as well as for handling a family budget, it is utmost essential for the users to track their spending habits. The app should provide a feature which can give an overview indicating how and where users are spending their money along with some recommendation on how they can reduce their expenditure.

  • Coupons and loyalty program 

Everyone in this world is enthusiastic about the coupons for saving huge bucks on shopping. Thus the given feature is all about discount coupons, which can help to provide a simple way of turning virtual tokens into saving. Users always like personalized coupons based on their current shopping list. Grocery coupons come in both digital as well as paper to represent different discount programs, which can be seasonal, weekly, or can be daily. So, the online grocery apps help in generating relevant coupons based on the shopping history or user’s location, helping them in family budgeting. However, when users add something to the grocery list app, then the app can also alert them if there are any grocery coupons available on printing or loading the grocery store loyalty card. The grocery app should automatically load coupons for keeping up the ever-changing sales as well as discounts.

  • Barcode scanner

A barcode scanner helps users to find out product detail in a minimal amount of time as well as efforts. For scanning their groceries, users need to put their phone camera at the barcode of the grocery item to check the prices of the items on their phone screen. This will help them to add any grocery items to an electronic shopping basket where the barcode scanner feature also enables information about the nutritional value of the specific items as well as any dietary recommendations. Besides, the barcode scanner also helps the users to eat healthy food as well as for achieving their goals to remain healthy. Along with that, these useful features also encourage users to manage weight and conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and celiac disease. Therefore, the users don’t have to surf multiple websites for checking the calorific value for knowing about the specific grocery item.

  • Payment gateway 

Payment gateway incorporation is one of the most crucial parts for anyone to demand in mobile app development, even including grocery. It helps users for paying immediately by using the options as per their convenience. So, you can incorporate PayPal, stripe, or you can even use e-wallet options such as Paytm, and apart from that, users can also pay by debit or credit cards, internet banking for choosing the cash on delivery options. The mobile app development company must integrate relevant payment platforms with the grocery app.

  • Sharing feature

This is another must-have feature in a shared grocery list app because this helps to ease the grocery shopping for users. So, if a person adds the required grocery items, then he or she can share the list with the person who is in the supermarket. The sharing features enable the users to share the item in just one click, and those items automatically will get added to another person’s device. Also, there could be an option for sharing a grocery list with various platforms such as quick and easy sharing.

Summing up, the enterprise should ensure that the app development can satisfy the needs as well as the requirement of its users. Besides, they should also focus on making a grocery app that stands tall in the crowd because it is of the utmost necessity that the mobile application has a user-friendly interface.

If you are looking for developing a cutting-edge on-demand grocery app with innovative features, Panacea Infotech can be your ideal tech partner. We are a leading mobile app development company with strong industry foothold and domain expertise. Collaborate with our experts for end-to-end management of your mobile app project.

Transforming today’s parking problems with Mobility solutions

There are many drivers for them; parking is a high friction experience, whether it involves whirlpool blocks, hunting for pavement openings, or as an impatient driver looking for their rear-view mirror at their desired location for safety. The technology has limited many daily activities ranging from shopping to filling bills to traveling from one place to another — ownership of the vehicle. The parking experience with new technologies can be the next aspect of modern life where business models can go beyond more ubiquitous connectivity to make parking more efficient by increasing visibility with the application of things. There are long-term trends that are shared when the rise of autonomous vehicles changed the entire demand and required the type and location of parking infrastructure to accommodate cars as well as trucks. Therefore some parking players and technology are already working to capitalize on these developments by optimizing supply, regulating demand, and creating new solutions to meet consumer needs better.

There are many cases where a thin line will be needed for a change in the parking world, as today’s customers and mobility ecosystem players demand an existing transportation environment, hence the future of shared and ultimately autonomous vehicles. Those that look different become fixtures of the landscape while preparing.

Today’s parking:

The US parking market is comparatively stable and at the same time, consolidated to produce approximately $ 30 billion in annual parking revenue. So, there is a wide range of players who are primarily involved in parking operators where they are planning and managing the facilities, providing the necessary staff and technology. Therefore, these facilities vary in location, fee type, and real estate type, as local governments place public parking lots and most facilities, sometimes roadside parking, often to give control to parking operators. Relative market stability is confusing the number of persistent or inherent challenges due to lack of transparency related to both availability and pricing, so it often leads to consumer frustration as well as considerable economic costs. So, it leaves the task of creating the right balance for many cities as they are seeking to ensure adequate parking to meet the needs of residents and visitors while encouraging valuable traffic to encourage more traffic.

Future Parking Digital Solutions:

Technology is changing from online club booking to parking with exceptional technology such as license plate recognition systems and scanners, where drivers are becoming more digital and able to give more transparency and control over the e-commerce experience. Hence, enhancing this experience can help improve parking survival. Let’s take a look at the solutions below to improve our parking management solution for the distant future:

Mobile app to find parking spaces:

Finding free space in some areas, mainly in metropolitan cities, can be a lengthy task in a shopping center, so driving around and waiting for someone to leave will be tiring and a waste of your time and your fuel. Therefore, something that can help in getting information about the available space to park a car would be great. So, using an app or plugin GPS device for a car would be a smart parking solution provider because it gives you information about when and where to park the car. Apart from this, it can also show the parking fee and how long you can stay in one place. Through mobile app development, enterprises can offer best parking services to their customers.

Pay for parking:

The app has made payments using Bluetooth easy because it includes your bank details for payment, so as soon as you parked the car, the phone goes out of your car’s Bluetooth range, and the timer is set automatically. However, the timer stops when it returns to its limit. So, you can expect this in the future.

A simple way to find technologies:

A combination of GPS, mobile phones, cloud software, and sensor monitoring systems can help you efficiently implement them. Therefore, with the number of IoT sensors generating real-time data on parking lot occupancy, drivers can now navigate to the nearest open location using their mobile app. Also, this data can be used for more optimization of traffic and parking pricing policies so that more revenue can be obtained by detecting over stage and directing more drivers to the locations presented.

Customer experience:

There are many government agencies and parking managers who can get feedback by tracking past data as data becomes more readily available to drivers and space owners. So, it is getting better to generate a more user-friendly customer experience, where customers are bringing expectations from smooth ecommerce.

Therefore, parking seems like a stable industry for the industry that moves many corners of the economy. Still, the industry is at its core concerning physical location, so digital technology presents many opportunities as well as challenges. There are many opportunities to implement techniques to create efficient, user-friendly, valuable parking experiences.

Changes in parking options and real benefits will not happen overnight as the smart parking environment will take coordination and cooperation between multiple players’ governments, operators, payment providers, companies, and technology. So those who are not only ready to see the needs of today but also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow may find that parking can be an essential messenger. Therefore, if you want to turn your parking management solution into reality to reduce the burden while providing parking space to park a vehicle, contact us to get more information.

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