Common Web Design Mistakes that Harm the Usability Of Your Website


A website has become a must-have entity for every business to survive and thrive in today’s digital world. An attractive web design with user-friendly navigation’s not only catch visitors’ attention but also help you make first good impression necessary to drive customer engagement. If there is any flaw in your web design, it certainly hampers your site’s usability which can make an adverse impact on the bottom line of your business.


When it comes to delivering quality user-experience, usability plays a key role. If your visitors come to your site and they don’t find what they want easily, they instantly leave your site and your conversion rate will go down. Less conversion means less revenue.

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Why PHP Web Development is Popular in the Market?


Advent of the internet and its growing use among people made it necessary for the businesses to build websites for establishing an online presence. Initially, websites were simple and static. Today is the era of dynamic websites that deliver powerful user experience. When it comes to building such websites, PHP web development is considered as a front runner. PHP helps web developers create attractive websites integrated with superior features and functionality. According to the available statistic, in terms of popularity, PHP ranks first among several programming languages including Java and for web development.

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7 major factors why your business website needs an explanatory video

In today’s world, the capability to interest, engage and get visitors to return to your www site is seriously important if you want your company to succeed.  So when your websites development is in need of an inventive technique to be seen and overtake you competitors, visualizations are a perfect choice that delivers many profits to your website and business.  Underneath you can find listed advantages of why your business will profit from adding a custom video.


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Latest Web Development Trends for boosting your Online Business – 2016


Web Development


As its a beginning of 2016, predictions about web development trends have already started. For a business owner or an IT company it’s important to focus and remain updated about web development trends. At the same time, having knowledge about these trends would be helpful for the people who want to hire a web developer for their business website, to ensure that they are providing web development service according to the latest trend.


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Digitize Your Business with Website Design & Development


Are you aware of the fact that while you are reading this blog what all is happening in Digital world in just 1 sec?


In 1 second

10,320 Tweets

are sent

In 1 second

2,820 Instagram photos

get uploaded in Internet

In 1 second

30,421GB of Internet traffic

is observed

In 1 second

51,066 Google searches

are performed

In 1 second

109,601YouTube videos

are viewed

In 1 second


are sent


Whoa !! This is the pace of digital world that is accentuating every second. The preference of people are changing. They are looking for website; awestruck

website design and web development

. They are looking for product details online and decide their choice then and there. Easy and finger-tip click is what the audience looking for.


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Tips To Hire a Web Developer for Your Website Development Need

Are you looking for a web development service or a web developer? If you have decided to approach a web developer then you have taken a right decision. Whether you need to update your existing website or launch a new website, both are the important things to take your business level up.

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Kentico: Microsoft .NET Based Powerful and Scalable CMS

Today, it is very important to have a powerful web portal for your business in order to stand tall in the competition. If you want to establish your business reputation or maintain your existing reputation, there should be a smooth interaction between you and your customers. Having a powerful online portal that lets your customers interact with you easily and effectively certainly flourish your business. A quality content management system not only allows you to manage the content of your web application efficiently and get the look and feel you desire, but also help you achieve good rankings on major search engines and drive more customers to your business. Therefore, it is essential to choose a perfect content management system as per your web development needs.

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Laravel: A New PHP Framework for Building Robust, Feasible and Sustainable Web Applications

Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development

Powering millions of web domain, undoubtedly, PHP has become one of the most sought languages for the web developers across the world. Today, there are plenty of PHP frameworks available for developers to develop high quality web applications which are creative, customized and rich.

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Angular.JS – A Web Application Framework Maintained by Google

What is Angular.JS?

Angular.js is a JavaScript, open-source web application framework developed by Google and the extremely popular framework that extends HTML vocabulary for applications. It is backed by a community of developers and corporations to address challenges encountered in developing both web and single-page applications. The object of this framework is to make development of JavaScript based user interfaces easy and fast. This framework stands along with some of the most popular frameworks such as Backbone, Ember, Knockout, Cappuccino and Require. There are various reasons that make it one of the finest JavaScript frameworks that you will see in this article. It is being actively supported by Google, hence, it has a bright future.

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What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Anyone who is familiar with the internet knows the term “website” and its meaning. However, many people are unfamiliar with the process that brings a website into the life. This process involves two distinct methods that must go hand-in-hand to produce a desired output. These methods are known as website design and website development.
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