Lingerie Design Tool

Lingerie Design Tool

The concept of the project was to develop a product selling website for selling lingeries. The website enables sellers to offer and promote women fashion wears online. The website is integrated with customization tool that allows buyers to customize product with their own style preferences. Using this tool, buyers can create top, body or waist brief with their own design. Furthermore, they can choose from different colors, fonts, effects and more to make their design unique and attractive. The website also enables buyers to buy various designs from the store and customize them with their own creativity.

Awesome Feature
  • Product Selection.
  • Product Customization.
  • Pre-loaded Designs.
  • Add product to the cart.
  • Payment gateways.
  • Implementation of the multiple zooming options in the preview panel.
  • Manage multiple categories with various priorities.
  • Database indexing to make search faster.
  • Designer tool integration.
  • Customer review management.
  • Store credit management.
  • Manage Server, Storage, Database, Data transfer, Support plan & Offer Cost from admin side.

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