12 Apr

How mobile app is Remodeling the future of Parking?

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Parking apps are a big exhale of relief for those who stay in cosmopolitan cities. Struggling to find a vacant place to park your vehicle is a day to day synopsis which doesn’t need to imagine. Parking lots are nothing, but it’s short of a web, which rapidly increases the number of cars in big cities only to add trouble. Therefore, finding a parking spot nearest to the elevator is like winning a lottery. Moreover, identifying where you parked your car is also one information which you need to hold in the back of your mind. Addressing this issue is the need for an hour because for some it could be an urgent business meeting or might be a medical emergency for others and so on.


Mobile App Development


Mobile app for parking is a big business where they process non-cash payments to help driver for finding and reserving the parking space. Integrating this feature is easy at time of mobile application development. It can also help to avoid parking tickets, clear direction with real-time information on traffic jams. So, there might be several reasons why parking app is highly in demand among the users.


Below are the given different types of parking apps which categorize them in several different ways:


Geographical coverage


Localization: This type of parking app mainly focuses on the specific metropolis to cover as many parking spaces as possible within the coverage area. For example, ParkRight is the app which works for London to provides a wide selection for on-street and off-street parking.


Geographically: This type of app helps in several cities, where they also provide international services. For example: ParkNow Group. They offer their services in more than 1000 cities across the world.


Parking time


These types of apps mainly focus on different parking needs which are given below.


Parking in advance: Here, the reservation app allows the user to pay in advance to reserve a place. that they intend long to park. For example, ParkMe will enable the user to park up to two weeks before they planned a business trip.


Parking on the fly: It is mainly designed to find a space to park which is available on the spot. For example: SpotAngels. It helps to show current parking options for every block in a city.


Payment methods

• Most of the parking apps are free to download but require in-app payment for booking a parking space. It also provides numerous payments methods such as credit card, apple pay and PayPal.
• Some app allows the driver to pay for parking by their phone itself. PayByPhone and MKE par are the two examples.
• Some developed iOS and Android app like Parker enable their end user to filter parking options by their payment type. They also include payments by cash for the people who prefer to avoid cashless payments.
• There are apps like Parkopedia Parking which don’t let their user pay within the app.

These payment methods can get integrate in any app at the time of iOS and android app development.


How you provide accurate and timely information on parking options


As a rule, apps for parking only cover associated garages where they don’t provide information on all garages or street parking. However, there are some apps which give all of the information and even show spaces where it’s illegal to park and where free parking spaces available.


There are some apps which give a general description of parking spots, including photos of entrances, showing amenities informing about the reservation redemption, and availability of attendants, etc. They also help to tell; if a parking space requires self-parking or offers valet parking.


Additionally, these apps also inform end users about below points:

• Parking meter rates
• Time limits for meters and free parking
• Resident parking permit areas
• Time limits for non-residents
• Street cleaning days and times when parking costs more

How you achieve a wide range of parking choices:


Variety of parking option is also a matter of high priority, so below are the following methods to meet your user’s needs.


Partnership with parking providers- Your partner will enjoy this partnership as this encourages parking providers to use the mobile attendant app where it has built-in QR scanner to scan parking passes and check in motorists.


Partnership with cities- It is mainly beneficial for the cities as it is helping to improve urban infrastructure. Therefore, it assures a lower cost for handling payments and less traffic searching for parking. ParkNow also offers cities integrated parking ecosystem to control the moving vehicle. This platform’s parking service incorporate cashless apps, parking meters, and permits, etc. Henceforth, it provides pollution forecasts and enforcement data to manage traffic flows.


Encouraging individuals to share parking spaces: They let people listing their space area while they are out. Scheduling tools help them to set their availability and monetize their underused parking spots.


So, for wrapping up the entire business model, revenue channel, market growth, and customer experience, are revolving around the parking mobile app development. Henceforth, now it’s time to join the bandwagon to help several cars to find a spot with a single tap on mobile.

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10 Apr

Why investing in On-demand Delivery App is need of an hour?

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On-demand delivery apps have widespread over the past few years. Whether you want your food delivered or you need someone to drop off your laundry or maybe you are in need of a day out and so on. Everything is possible in on-demand delivery apps. So, when the internet became commercialized, and people see what they could accomplish at the click of buttons then they become unstoppable. Now, we no longer wander aimlessly looking for a service provider, hire strangers or rely on a recommendation from a friend of a friend. Instead, we go online search’ read reviews, compare and then call the professional at home, that is how on demand deliver apps works. On-demand delivery apps have enabled the opportunity for app development companies which have also increased satisfaction and perform more sales. These apps also made things much more comfortable for online businesses. As per the survey conducted by Burson Marsteller, 86.5 million Americans, uses an on-demand service app where 45 million Americans have offered on demand services. Besides 51% of those who offered services in an on-demand economy report’ that their financial situation has improved with the help of an on-demand delivery app.
Why investing in On-demand Delivery App is need of an hour


It clearly shows that on-demand delivery apps are in high demand. So if you can meet your end user expectations better by providing quick and quality services, then market is ready for you.


So below are the given significant reasons why you should invest in an on-demand delivery app right now:


Investors Are Captivated By On-Demand


Uber and Airbnb is an undoubtedly the market leader of an on-demand delivery app because they have opened the gates for venture capital funding onto the on-demand delivery apps segments. So if you have a solid business plan and can show your commitment to action, finance and investor for your on-demand delivery app then it will be a win-win situation.


Real-Time Tracking


On-demand apps help their end user to do real-time tracking by checking the status progress where it is highly beneficial for the logistics and transportation industry. On-demand delivery apps also enable their service providers and customers to monitor the location of the vehicle and the estimated arrival time. It helps their customers to know about the live shipment tracking.


Data Management and Storage


On-demand delivery apps are always equipped with cloud storage space because it is beneficial to manage all the required service data where the information is available at any time. Therefore, the streamlined storage data at a single cloud location can easily be interpreted by data analysts to identify usage trends of an on-demand app and generate better strategies that best suit the pattern of use of all stakeholders. Henceforth, the ability to store and access high amount of data becomes a blessing in the long run for mobile app development company.


Increase in Time Efficiency


The on-demand app helped in reducing the time of service exchange which has resulted in the reduction of the turnaround time such as physical interactions, and therefore, initiates in prompt service. As consumers are getting faster access to the services, so their level of satisfaction has also increased and it has generated greater loyalty towards the service provider.


Data Security


Data storage mainly supported by the strong encryption system. Contrary to the traditional business models which are liable to consumer data leaks, where on-demand delivery apps facilitate with the data security. So, the encrypted security of an on demands delivery app protects end-user privacy along with the shipments confidentiality of any service.


Endless Possibilities


Most rewarding aspects of developing an on-demand delivery app is that it is highly flexible, innovative and boundless. Starting with the taxi, hotel rooms and today, they have expanded to food delivery, healthcare, home service, tutors, etc. There is no limit on how innovative and smart you can get with on-demand delivery apps. You can even take indication from daily life challenges where anyone can create an app to invent a whole new solution and to target an entirely new market.


Changing marketing


On-demand delivery is changing the way how retailers are managing the market strategy by focusing more on individual and less on demographic groups. Therefore, the traditional advertising methods for sales and conversion are getting more targeted with the help of on-demand attribution.


So, for wrapping up’ on-demand apps are the future of mobile application development as almost every businesses are following the trend to meet their business goals. On-demand delivery apps are growing day by day whether you want to order food, shopping or book ride. They have made life seamless and easy. Henceforth, adopting and investing in an on-demand delivery app is great business decision as it will upscale the enterprise in this highly competitive tech-driven industry.


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01 Mar

Why need Agile methodology for Mobile application development?

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Mobile technology is changing day by day, and it had evolved a lot from its beginning days when it used as merely a calling tool. Nowadays, it has been using for a task such as texting, video calling, scheduling meetings, spending and receiving emails and managing social media, which has become possible with the help of mobile application development services. Nowadays, companies started utilizing in an agile methodology which is most efficient in use by mobile and software development companies also helpful in streamlining the critical development process to make it faster. Agile mainly focuses on flexible planning, the involvement of customer, risk management and continues evaluation, which helps the development team to design an end product precisely as per the expectation of their customer.

Why need Agile Methodology in mobile development

What is Agile Methodology?


Agile is a product development approach in which the entire task is segregated into different development cycles for which it requires dividing a complete task into different sub-tasks, and thus each task became a separate module for a development team. Therefore, the whole project becomes an integration of different modules. Then each module assigns to dedicated specialists which looks like an independent project.


Reason for using the agile methodology for mobile app development?


Mobile app development is a complex task because manufactures undergo a rapid change which receives several updates as compared to the desktop. So, the difference in the hardware, software and different networks heightens its complexity even more as it is quite diverse as different users interact with their smartphones in different ways, which requires customer involvement, planning, regular evaluation, and risk management. So, this flexible approach can use in the complex projects where the requirements of the customers change from time to time along with that it also requires you to engage with your customers regularly and take their feedback from time to time.


How Agile helps mobile app Development Company to develop high-quality apps?


Self-organization responsibility, flexibility, and the leadership Agile method make it possible to create a sustainable, high-quality mobile app. It helps in mastering several issues which developers face using the traditional app development methods such as different demand of users, seamless development, different operating system, an unexpected amendment from a customer during project development and much more.


Advantages of using Agile in the development of mobile app involve flawless communication inside the group where it enables continues interaction between the customer and development team which makes the process transparent and flexible.


Hence, at any stage if the customer needs to change something or add in the project, it will not alter the rest process also additional changes can be carried out by the concern team so, the speed of the development process does not effect.


  • The agile methodology enables numerous scopes for improvements to the complete life cycle of app development.



  • It helps to provide a frequent update with implementation also fix bugs to give users unmatched experience.



  • Each stage requires testing to make the product seamless.



  • With the interaction of the developers, customers, and testers, it enhances the flexibility and transparency of process.



  • Efficient application process enables to increase the quality and performance of the project.



  • It also helps to enhance design responsiveness, sustainability in app usage.




Below given the benefits of the Agile Methodology – Agile provides numerous benefits the users, businesses, and developers.

  • It follows the team-based approach with promotes teamwork



  • It enables you to make changes, add new features and keep evolving with the current trend



  • Facilitate Testing at each stage of the project development



  • Helps to launch the project sooner.



  • Help to provide customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of app modules.



  • Helps to know the customer in a better way.




So, for wrapping up the need for selecting the agile methodology becomes an adequate approach for mobile app development companies because it delivers numerous benefits over the traditional method of app development. It also allows customers to involve closely in the process of making faster decisions throughout the process. In order to meet a desirable objective of end users expectation and achieve the tangible results to a mobile app development companies must choose the agile for developing mobile apps.

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12 Feb

Mobile App Trends For 2019

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The year 2018 has been a milestone in terms of the technology developments, which is going to continue in 2019 as well. The canvas of technology is huge and there are many colors that need to get on that canvas.

Mobile Application Development


Here are some of the mobile application development trends that you should look forward in 2019:


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


We all have seen Artificial Intelligence growing over the years and we know that it is here to stay for decades. The International Data Corporation estimated that the AI market would be over $40 billion by the end of the year 2020. So far, the manufacturing and medical sectors have made huge benefits by utilizing artificial intelligence. Affective machine learning and AI are only possible with accurately capture real-time data.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


The list of the current trend in the app development world would be incomplete without AR and VR technology. This technology makes the user experience more interactive and expected to become more popular in 2019. Many mobile app development organizations are looking to invest in the ‘beyond the screen’ technology.


On-demand Mobile Apps


We have witnessed craze of on-demand services and the trend is expected to continue in 2019. Things are going to be more interesting as many other sectors are expected to get into the world of on-demand apps in 2019. In the recent years, some of the major on-demand apps like Taxify and Uber have gained huge popularity. According to one of the reports published recently, the on-demand platform to generate more revenue in coming years.


Blockchain Technology


Blockchain Technology has been launched a few years ago, but grabbed attention in 2018. Major financial investors and institutions have generated huge profits, especially in the case of assets. The blockchain technology market is expected to reach the $20 billion mark by 2024. You should also understand that app development companies will be looking to grab this opportunity. Hence, it is very important for you to follow this field.


Wearable Apps


In 2018, we witnessed the growth in the demand of wearable apps. For instance, in the healthcare sector, we have seen the use of apps to get the vitals including the blood sugar levels and heart rate in patients. Apart from the medical field, other businesses are also looking to try their luck in the wearable app. Smartwatch is one of the major reasons behind the evolution of the wearable app.


Internet of Things


If you look in the past few years, you will realize that the Internet of Things is making its way to the operations. The development of IoT is expected to go a notch higher in 2019 as many sectors including e-commerce and education are looking to invest in the internet of things.


Payment Services for Mobile


Nowadays, everyone carries their world on their phone. Banking platforms cannot spare from this development especially when we are talking about mobile application development. In 2019, you will come across many other mobile payment options. The development of e-commerce and other digital services force banks to offer convenient payment methods.


More Cloud Storage Platforms


The increase in the demand of various mobile applications eventually leads to increase in the requirement of cloud storage. The cloud services make it easy for you to store more data in your business. This will also provide high security and privacy of your data. It is estimated that the cloud-based companies will make more profits in this field.




Chatbots are trending in every industry and in 2019, chatbots are expected to take over various communication facets in the mobile app world. This technology minimizes the need of human-to-human interaction in different fields. Various companies are generating profit partly because of effective customer engagement.


Application Performance Management (APM)


The performance of any mobile application depends on different factor and varies across the board. To deliver the best services to users, search bots like Google and Bing enhance the excellence of these platforms, which gives you the ultimate experience while accessing apps.


Enterprise Mobile Management


As far as the business concern, mobile apps are expected to be at their best space, which highlights the existence of Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) in the industry. In 2019, these EMM services will assist foster app security and management of assets among business owners.


It is very clear that 2019 is going to bring some major evolutions in the mobile app development and every mobile app development company is trying to adapt the latest changes. In 2019, we should expect the exponential development of on-demand and wearable apps. Along with this, we will see AI expanding in different industries and making its impact. Let the technology set the new milestone in 2019.


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28 Jan

Steps to measure ROI for app development

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If you want to learn how business works first, you should understand the terms which are related to business. Among all these, the one which is majorly used is return of investment (ROI) which is a method of determining the efficiency of an investment.  It is a key metric used to rank the attractiveness of the number of different types of investment alternatives and is expresses as a percentage. So, when a business spends USD 1000 per month on an advertising campaign also generates USD 2000 in return directly from the campaign, you get ROI by dividing 2000 by 1000 which is equal to 2.

App Development Companies

Which shows that every single dollar spends on the campaign, the business earned 2 dollars. ROI calculation helps you understand what and all is working for you and what is against your business. Hence you can invest in areas where you can earn and generate more revenue.


ROI in App development – Remember of the last few times you purchased in-store or online? Most of us use our phones to pay for the purchase. The convenience of such purchase offer has attracted many people to online purchase which is in the result of boosting mobile commerce. As per the recent research, mobile commerce will reach USD 25 billion in 2020. Well, this trend helps the organization to realize the importance of mobile and their work applications. There are certain obvious advantages found in mobile app Development Company for business.


ROI in different types of apps and their steps involved in measuring for an app are given following: –


ROI in the development of hybrid as well as paid apps – Pay per download model works as the fastest way to obtain an immediate ROI for your app development. However, a given method is not received well by the users as they are not ready to pay an initial cost which they have not tested. Customers usually keep high expectation of such apps which are often not met hence resulting customers unsatisfied most of the times.


Not all the app is designed to make money directly. There is another way to monetize the apps rather than making customers pay for the first time. Different types of business models used for application, by following two among them have gained popularity among paid for apps.


  • Setting the nominal price for downloading the app



In these types of the cases, the price for the downloading the app is usually kept very nominal so that the purchase for the customers is not very high such type of application development usually obtains a satisfactory ROI in the long run.


  • Setting a high price for downloading the app



In these types of the cases, the price for the downloading the app is usually high for the app because they are sure that product will get sold. It applies in such cases where the ROI for the app is guaranteed other it can backfire.


ROI in hybrid app development – The hybrid app gives more possibilities for monetization hence they are found in ample amount in the market. Such apps focus on obtaining benefits after downloaded. ROI for these achieved from advertising, in-app purchase, subscription, and payments.


ROI in mobile app development – ROI accomplished in different ways in app development. Some companies even sell user information to third parties to generate revenue. Others analyse user behaviour and patterns within the industry. As long as the app providing the service which is useful to the customers, the app is a bond to obtain a good ROI.


Steps for measuring ROI for mobile apps


Objectives –The most vital step of all to know what you want to achieve from an app. It should start before the designing of the screens and before writing the code. Every mobile campaign can be measured by one of the two intended outcomes.


  • Analyze your customer interaction: Focus on user acquisition and retention rate.
  • Analyze your workplace efficiency: Focus on sales and marketing, assets management.


The mobile app developer should be clear about the business objectives of all stages of app development. Without proper implementation of this step, you may not be able to utilize your funds in the app development process.



App development cost -This step is essential because you need to ensure that you keep within the confines of the budget and do not consume may excessive resources in the app development process. Managing an account of the development cost is necessary because you need it to measure it against the key performance indicators as discussed.



Development costs generally include below costs


  • Implementation
  • Hardware
  • Support and integration


We should also keep in our mind that as soon as the app is developed, there will need of a maintenance team which will add to the long term development.


Each app is a measurable KPI – Key performance indicators are business keys used to evaluate the factors which are essential for the success of an organization. Which is also different from one organization to another some may consider the net revenue as a KPI, while others might consider customer loyalty metric rate as a key performance indicator.


For a workplace efficiency, metrics will give you an idea about the performance of your app and its impact on your sales, to evaluate the maintenance costs and equipment uptime. These metrics will help your campaign efforts from multiple angles and help you maximize your results in a way you like.


Well, the bottom line is the market shifts towards a digital world too many businesses have come to a cutting edge to invest in mobile app development companies. Understanding and calculating the ROI of your app do not only increase the results also help to grow your business in the right direction.


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09 Oct

Reasons to select Android as a platform for business app development

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The world is getting restricted to smartphones these days. People are attracting more towards smartphones and ditching desktops as various things can be achieved hands on.

android mobile app development


This resulted in boosting the growth of mobile app development and especially on Android. Business app development for Android has given more satisfaction to end users in comparison to other platforms. Demand for development of business app has reached on a new level and has insisted the developers go ahead for android app for business.


And as the impact of the Android mobile app development on business growth is positive and undeniable, numerous companies are looking forward to developing an Android app to grow more the business that is the perfect blend of top-class technology and features having the best user experience.


Reason for selecting android app development:


If you are doubtful for selecting android for mobile app development, here are some of the reasons that you must opt android app development for business:


High android users: In this digital era, various users across the globe are using android phones. So, in this dynamic competitive technological market, not having an android app for business means losing the limitless opportunities and customers in the business. When there is high competition going on in the market, no business can afford such a huge loss. So, it is suggested to look forward to android app developers for converting a website into an app.


Target Multiple Platforms: Android app developers use java language for developing an android business app. This simply means that you can even port the app into other operating system like Ubuntu, blackberry and Symbian. Thus, one can take advantage of the development of the app by targeting multiple platforms.


Open source platforms: Android is an open source platform. So Google won’t charge any of the fees for utilizing this platform. Moreover, Google also provides the tools for app development and technology for free. This aspect helps to cut the cost in the entire project. The costing of the project is fully based upon company to company depending on various other factors of android app development.


Multiple device compatibility: The greatest merit of selecting an android app development for the business is that, there is no restriction for building an android app on the device. One can develop an app on windows desktop, Linux system and Mac.


Faster Deployment: The overall period of deployment for iOS app stretches to weeks, whereas developing android app can take a couple for hours to develop. That’s the reason why various android app development companies recommend selecting the android as a platform. Business development procedure must be fast because as the app gets developed, the business will bloom.


Customized App: One of the interesting fact about the android is enabling the android app developers to personalize the app as per the need and requirement of the business. This means that the development of an app can be done with right and specific requirements that might not be possible with other platforms.


So, in a nutshell, even if you are a product based company or service based company, it is essential to have an android app for your business. It will help the store to reach maximum potential customers and improves the sales and revenue. We at Panacea Infotech have experienced developers who have rich experience in developing and delivery high quality android apps which make us best in class app development companies in USA and across the globe.


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27 Jun

How the Trends Affect Mobile App Development?

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Where is mobile app development going in future? Right now, we can not say anything at this moment. Because mobile industry has seen an immense changeover in past recent years and we expect more in future. The revenue of mobile app industry is growing equally along with their users. Obviously, Android and iOS applications have dominated the market and haven’t left any chance for competitors to break down their legacy. Though Android users are outnumbered than iOS users, Apple is generating greater revenue than other mobile app development companies. However, both Android and iOS are flapping their wings hardly to rise higher in the market.


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