Benefits of selecting iOS as a platform for mobile app development

In this digital era of flourishing technology, a professional app is one of the essential aspects of growth. Smartphones are not just personal but one of the most used gadgets for commercial use. Two important platforms running on smartphones are Android and iOS. Typically, an enterprise owner gets confused when choosing a platform for Continue reading “Benefits of selecting iOS as a platform for mobile app development”

Android or iOS – Which Platform Fits Best with Limited Marketing Budget

Nowadays, the business app became an integral part of every business. Are you also running a business and looking to develop an app for your business? There are two operating systems to opt from; one is the open-source contender, Android and the second we have the proprietary champion, iOS. Continue reading “Android or iOS – Which Platform Fits Best with Limited Marketing Budget”

iPhone App Development

The wait is over. Finally, the apple has launched its much awaited mobile device iPhone 6 on September 19, 2014. iPhone lovers across the world eagerly waited for this launch and excited to know the features of this new iPhone version. The device not only dramatically thinner, but also simply bigger and better than its previous versions. The gadget has been launched with two variants iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The former comes with 4.7 inch screen while the latter has 5.5 inch screen size. Its new retina display with smooth metal surface catch the attention of the viewers and entice them to have it as their own. IPhone 6 not only feature the bigger display but also the better display than the previous versions.

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Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps?

Since the emergence of hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets, and their increasing use among the masses, they have become a prime source for interaction. As a result, many businesses started shifting their marketing methods in order to reach the massive number of audiences who use mobile devices. In today’s digital era, where people started shifting from desktop and laptop to their mobile devices for using internet, it is absolutely unaffordable for businesses to overlook this trend. However, many small businesses still not realize the worth of mobile marketing and mobile apps and how they are important to catch the consumers today.

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