11 Apr

Common Pitfalls to Overcome in Magento Store Development

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Around 13% of ecommerce websites are developed using the Magento framework, which makes it the world’s second widely used platform for eCommerce businesses. Magento is considered as one of the ideal platforms that come with foolproof customizing and intensified functioning. Over the years, it becomes the best choice for execution of essential eCommerce functions such as customer services, store management, improving sales, rewards, feedback, and other functions.
Magento Website Development


In the competitive global industry, you cannot commit fundamental development mistakes while developing a Magento store for your business. To achieve the top class functionalities and the best customer services, it is important to prioritize customer and visitor needs along with accepting the modern requirements of the web to increase sales of your website. Organizations should avoid following pitfalls during Magento eCommerce development to improve customer loyalty, visitors and revenue:


Problem with Layered Navigation

The layered navigation can be described as multiple options available on a single page. In layered navigation, several categories are ranged on one page and allow users to choose their desired options from the menu. Different problems may occur in layered navigation, including overlapped categories, obscured images and slow page loading. Nowadays, page load speed matters a lot; if the website is slow, the users will immediately leave such website resulting in an increased bounce rate and decreased sales.


To overcome such problems, here are some solutions:
• Utilize Ajax navigation to facilitate customers to filter the products.
• Restrict search engine crawlers from crawling your pages.


You can consider adding a premium extension available in the Magento Ecommerce extension library such as Layered Navigation Pro to overcome this error.


Keeping Default Settings
Default Home Page: There are many Magento stores, who don’t make basic SEO changes which is a major drawback. According to standard practice, every website should have meta content such as title, meta keywords etc. which will consist of keywords.
Default Descriptions: Another problem is keeping default descriptions. Skipping or using duplicate product description not only minimizes your SERPs, but also impacts your customer services. For any ecommerce website, product descriptions are the most viewed and read section on a product page. This reduces your ranking on search engines. The way to overcome this problem is to create sales-oriented, unique, and plagiarism-free content for all products on your e-store.
Default XML Sitemap: Sitemap is the most important for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other. While developing a Magento website, many Magento developers forgot to add a sitemap. Hence, while hiring a company to develop your eCommerce store, make sure they include sitemap creation and updating in their Magento Development services.


Shared Server and Resources


Generally, Magento powered e-stores can be joint with other websites and online stores, which decreases the loading speed. Shared resourcing is the major factor that has a direct impact on your store’s sales. Not only this, but it also affects the reputation of your online store. You can customize your Magento web-store and configuration to another server like MySQL and PHP5.


Poor Choice of Themes


Remember the first impression is the last impression. Magento offers a huge range of themes to personalize your store. While selecting a theme for your store, you should consider customers’ preferences and make sure you does not use heavy theme as it will directly impact your page load speed.


Unresponsive Site


With the revolution in the smartphone industry, people look for websites that offer the same experience as a desktop. Hence, making your website responsive is very important. It not only improves your customer base, but it also prepares your online store to serve all types of visitors.


The above-mentioned mistakes are some of the common mistakes that many Magento websites have. If you are looking for Magento Development Company in Chicago or anywhere in the USA to design your store, you should contact Panacea.


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26 Feb

Integrating ERP with Magento: A smart move for Enterprises

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In this fast-moving world, everyone is very busy and do not have time. Everyone wants things immediately and easy. People love to shop through eCommerce sites because this is a convenient and easy alternative these days and avails more options than traditional brick and mortar store. ECommerce store should have a large product list and to manage them is certainly a daunting task.


why ecommerce store owneres love erp integration with magento


Do you have your online store having numerous products under various categories? Are you looking forward to simple management of your inventory? ERP installed with Magento websites change the entire criteria and can manage entire information like inventory, shipping, orders, and order-delivery. Stay updated with us, if you want to upgrade your current Magento store through of Magento developers.


ERP makes business operation easy: Integrating Magento ERP is best for eCommerce business, and it is gaining popularity day by day. Business management becomes easy due to Magento ERP installation. It is important to integrate app data and user data with enhanced enterprise activities.

There are numerous ERP systems available. A well-integrated ERP system helps automate manual tasks and customer service. ECommerce business owners use ERP integration to save time, costs and errors on their Magento stores. It initiates marketing, selling and customer satisfaction with ease. Get an edge over competitors by integrating ERP with a Magento store. This also helps in faster delivery of the products.


Advantages of Magento-ERP Installation:-


  • Secured: If Magento installation is currently running on https / SSL, then information between Magento and ERP system cancels this association, and then the information transition is completely anonymous and safe.


  • Synchronized data: Options prices, stock, product, order, etc. among Magento and ERP systems are synchronous.


  • Stock/Price: Any change made in the price or stock in the updated ERP is automatically transferred to Magento.


  • Flexibility: A lot of ERP systems are available for less manual process integration. Decrease manual entries of client, products, stock, orders and shipping inventory and enhance the productivity.



Integration Magento-ERP Solutions: They are end number of techniques of the Magento ERP integration, but we have made three standard techniques to club both the platforms together. Let’s discuss those three techniques.


  • P2P Solution technique: Magento and ERP are “pointed” to each other for data synchronization. However, the data cannot be managed directly due to lacking operational data between the two. The additional system will require managing the data. Point to Point solution is not advisable to the small or medium business owner as it’s full fledge integration costs high and can afford by enterprise level of companies.



Point-to-point integration does not produce maximum flexibility by adding to the sales channels. Every time you add a new channel, you will need to reconfigure your integration. If you need to manage a huge online store, then it is useless, and you can get stuck in the middle.


  • Customized Magento-ERP Installation: Custom integration is the best way to integrate the Magento with ERP. This means, one can develop their custom integration, which can initiate through Application Programming Interface (API’s) for required data synchronization. No matter you are looking to integrate shipping data, stocks, clients, product data, invoice data, credit memos, tax rules or something else, it is possible to initiate through custom integration.



No doubt, custom integration is costly and complicated. This is the reason that there are companies that offer these services as primary service. Panacea Infotech has high-end expertise in offering Magento ERP integration and magento ecommerce development. We understand the requirements of exact customers and provide solutions with Magento 2. We help the enterprise to achieve its desired goals through ERP Magento solutions.


  • Multichannel platform integration: Multichannel solutions required especially to design for integrating the system like Magento and ERP solutions. This option comes with an operational hub to an online store, and it requires knowledge for integration. The type of data like order, customer, item, shipping, and inventory gets synchronized automatically through this platform.



This platform utilizes pre-developed connectors and integration gets smoother as well as easier with it. Although this is a pricier approach, it is highly recommended for an SMB or enterprise vendors. Enterprise can upscale their business through this approach.


Summing up:-


It is essential to select the right Magento Development Company, who can initiate you in integrating Magento eCommerce store with the right ERP system. We have the team of certified Magento developers who are experienced and think out of the box and help the customers to achieve their business goals by delivering end to end solutions. We at Panacea, initiate in selecting right ERP solutions and making integration smoother. For more details drop us a mail at info@panaceatek.com.


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15 Feb

Why to Hire Magento Developers?

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As Magento is one of the latest eCommerce platforms across an online market, numerous eCommerce business owners are looking forward to moving their website on it. The design was always a tough task, with every eStore’ that has launched. And even though setting magneto is not tricky, but once you finish, a learning curve may be required. Of all these, here are five reasons why you should appoint a professional Magento developer: –

Hire Certified Magento Developer

1. Creating Unique Magento eStore-

Enterprise level firms who look forward to opening the online store to offer various products’ face intense competition as there is numerous online store already on the leading edge to boost themselves in initiating best services to the customers. So, if you want to stand tall among the competitors, you have to offer something unique, responsive and highly-quality services as well as the website to the visitors. It will be surely a consuming task to achieve all such things, and that’s the reason why Magento developer can prove to be a one-stop solution for all these.


2. Not engaging the time in basics learning:-

One who wants to migrate their website on the Magento from other platform or to look forward to developing their website on Magento will find that the latest Magento version is little advanced. You need to Hire Certified Magento developer who can assist you in giving a considerable amount of information and can suggest some better ideas to design the store and for adding the products to it. It is essential to install Magento extensions if you want to open a large store to make sure that everything can run seamlessly from the start.


3. You want the store to work as soon as possible:-

Every single minute that you invest in setting and designing counts as a lost opportunity to attract customers. If you select to integrate Magento store and customize it with the one who lacks experience or have the low technical knowledge to help, then the entire process will be very awkward, and output will lack a mature and professional touch. Under other conditions, if you select Magento developer you are guaranteed to own store fastly in days and will every business owner looks for.


4. No need to worry about bugs:-
Magento is the most secured and stable platforms in the online market. Still, some errors or issues get encountered when the time comes. This is common for those who want their store to launch fastly and do not focus on small things that create the difference to an end user. Magento developer can give mental peace on this issue, as output is guaranteed by his experience and portfolios.


5. Staying ahead of the competition:-

Let’s face it, not everyone knows the trick to attract online visitors and how to maintain their interest in their entire time. If the visitor won’t get satisfied or didn’t find the product which they are looking for, they will leave your website and will visit competitor’s websites. By hiring a Magento developer, one can guarantee the execution of the plan as per your strategy, something that competitors won’t be able to achieve.


We at Panacea Infotech had highly skilled and experienced certified Magento developer was having a vast knowledge of Magento. Our developers are highly trained to deliver the project on time and meet the expectations of clients if you are looking forward to hiring Magento developer to feel free to reach us by dropping us a mail at info@panaceatek.com.


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21 Sep

10 Features you can expect from Upcoming Magento 2.3 release.

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Magento is ready to launch its new version, Magento 2.3 by the end of the year 2018. Just like the various important release of this platform, this new version is also ready with its improvements and unique feature embedded with it. The store owners having their eCommerce stores are more than excited for knowing the opportunities for this new version of package. Let’s see the new features that you can expect as a magento development services:

Magento 2.3

1. Progressive Web apps: Progressive Web Apps, usually known as PWA’s will going to be the future of e-commerce as they provide unique essence and feel to native apps. To find out the benefits of PWA for eCommerce store owners, Magento will launch its PWA studio with 2.3version. PWA studio is a robust toolkit that will be full of required tools for enabling the developers to create Magento front end.


2. Page Builder: Magento 2.3 is coming out with essential enhancement of the native CMS platform. The latest feature of the page builder is all about the rewrite of Blue Foot CMS, that is acquired recently by Magento for rendering better service of Content management for store owners. Page Builder also avails exciting feature like drag and drop layout management and template creation along with smooth UX for non-technical ones. It will be available with Magento Commerce 2.3. Well, you can also buy it from Open source implementations.


3. Declarative Database Schema: One of the most crucial features that store owners can expect is a release of its new version of a declarative database system. With its advanced feature, Magento developer will enable to restructure the part of modules with clear coding. Moreover, it will also bring significant performance improvements and will reduce the potential bags to ease the development process.


4. Two-factor Authentication: One more security feature will come with Magento 2.3 version that will be essential as security. It is coming up with the new version of 2.2 users, that can access with command line interface and Composer support. This feature will be enabled with stronger security as the end user will have to give extra information to access the store.


5.Import/Export Improvements: This latest version is bringing a new import/export feature that will be expected with the certain improvements regarding speed and endurance for the admins. This will eliminate the requirement of relying on 3rd party extensions that get used for such purpose.


6. Google ReCAPTCHA: It is expected to have essential security improvement too in the latest Magento 2.3. With the current Google reCAPTCHA feature, it can be ensured that humans can only access the store front. This tool will be attached with the new version that can be installed in 2.2 versions if a merchant can access Command Line Interface and Composer support.


7. Asynchronous API: In the latest versions, the multiple API”S can be run simultaneously. With the latest one, API can be requested and queued up until request gets completed. Moreover, with the update, an online store will see fundamental improvements in the performance of Magento. This function can work with both open source and commerce version and it will be great if you can go for Magento development company.

8. GraphQL: This latest version of the Magento will support GraphQL Magento development services, an API technology that can enable the PWA to pull and push the info right from the online storefront with low data packets. This can translate in fast loading time in compare to traditional API’s which can be used currently by the platform.

9. Elastic search: It is a 3rd party search engine that is capable of getting run on a dedicated server and can be improved as per the relevance and speed of the instore search results. This feature gets already supported by the eCommerce and will be offered for open source to upgrade the 2.3 version.


10. Multi-Store Inventory: This latest feature will get empowered from multi-store inventory feature that can enable the store owners for managing the inventory in various multi sources rather than 3rd party extensions. Moreover, they will be allowed by tracking the inventory level that can manage to ship of items with multiple warehouses and retail stores. The inventory will be underlined in a new table within the database that can furtherly improve the performance and secure the database from locking the order.

Wrapping up:


With the new array of the features coming up with this release, the new version has unlocked the possibilities of Magento merchants. To better perform, can enable the user experience with more conversions, that can grow the sales of online stores. Moreover, security enhancements can build the user trust and will give the positive impact on the goodwill of a business. The other robust features will also bring the benefits that will help in managing the online store front more effectively, simplifying the work of admins and reducing the difficulties and cost of the operations. To upgrade it efficiently you can hire Magento developers so that you can see your store as per your strategy.


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24 May

Adobe is All Set to Get its Hands on Magento Commerce

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In search of the best mobile application development company in USA? Or, in the lookout for quality magento development services in USA? Well, for either reason to be served the best, you should always be well aware of the recent news (related to your vocation) crossing your way.


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15 Mar

Ways How You Can Improve the Security of Your Magento Store

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Magento is now considered as one of the largest open source E-commerce platforms in this world and this is perhaps one of the main reasons why it has become a common target for the hackers. Its open source nature has always been an added advantage to the platform; you will find an array of people who develop Magento, use it, solve all common issues, and create an array of amazing extensions that can bring real benefit to people who use them.

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08 Nov

How Magento Development Services Help Your Ecommerce Store Rise in Marketplace?

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Ways people used to do shopping has changed significantly in past few years. Earlier customers used to visit offline stores and malls for purchasing products. However, with a massive outburst in Internet usage in recent years, people have shifted their focus from offline shopping to online shopping. This has become possible only because of progress in ecommerce development services as more and more businesses are becoming digital to provide the comfort of online shopping.It gives them surplus opportunities to compare, choose and buy from a wide range of products.


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06 Apr

Amazing Benefits Of Magento Development for eCommerce Businesses

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The competition in the eCommerce world is getting wild. As a result, retailers and business owners are taking all efforts to find solutions that help them meet their customers’ needs properly and maintain their success. Magento development provides merchants with the opportunity to establish superior quality e-stores that run according to their needs and deliver unmatched user experience.


Magento Development Company


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03 Aug

Hire Magento Developers to Build the Finest E-commerce Wesbite

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Magento is an ideal open source e-commerce platform that provides developers with the host of features to create fully-functional e-stores. This wonderful platform not only makes online purchase easy for the buyers but also enables store owners to manage appearance, material, and capability of their online stores. Merchants who hire Magento developers for building their ecommerce websites, can optimize optimize their online stores easily and enhance its capabilities. This is the reason why Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform across the world.


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25 Jul

Migration to Magento 2 – Is it Beneficial for Online Merchants?

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Magento Development Company

Is Migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2 is Trouble or Double? Are you in the same turmoil?


Until and unless you find out what better Magento 2 has brought to the table, you will not be able to decide on switching your existing Magento 1.x e-commerce website to the latest version of Magento.


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