03 Apr

A Compact Guide to Marketing Your Mobile App

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Do you feel that a mobile website is just not enough to enrich your business? Your assumption is not wrong though! You are going to have to really grab the attention of the smartphone generation and get them to use your mobile app. The question is: once you are done with the mobile application development, how do you spread the word about it? So, if you looking for some great ways to market your mobile app, you have come to the right page.

Mobile App Development Company

The mobile app industry is expanding day by day, and with the one-million-app mark being achieved by late 2011, the competition to get your app noticed in the marketplace is quite keen. However, you have no reason to lose hope; provided you market your app quite perfectly, you truly have a world of chances to get the much-awaited success. However, a full-scale marketing plan can only go into force when you work strategically and methodically. The plan for marketing should get started way before it is launched.


There are a number of factors that you must consider in the early stages of your app development, including branding, keywords, and competition.

Here is the step by step guide how you will actually do it-
Make the app useful-

Well, the first criteria for the desired marketing success depend on how useful the application is. No matter how well you market your mobile app, it’s never going to come to your benefit unless it’s not something that people need. Your mobile app doesn’t have to be just an extension of your website or another version of your online store that would be of interest to only your current customers. You can just go inventive and come up with something that will attract the common people and put your brand name wide afloat.


Research on the proper keywords-


Having a proper keyword would always help your app get found. When you are launching a mobile app that, you feel, just has to be created, it’s also important to have the description on the download page. You should always find out who your main competitors are and look for proper keywords to see how they rank in the market. This is how you can also determine which category you should be placing your app under. Choosing the right category is difficult, and you will need to take a calculated risk. If your competition is fierce in one category, it may make more sense to choose another relevant category that was not your first choice but will get your app ranked higher and, therefore, more likely to be downloaded.


Welcome feedback-


Always try to welcome as much feedback you can. When it gives you the space for improvement, it also allows you to learn a number of things what might be really beneficial to the mobile app development services you are going to offer to your customers. Submitting your app to app review sites will increase your brand awareness, allowing potential clients to discover your app while they are reviewing similar apps or while they are searching for an app they are considering downloading. So, you should always steer your users towards reviewing your app after download. Positive app store reviews will build trust in prospects who are wondering whether to download your app, especially if the app is not free. Simultaneously, with a number of companies offering several free app creator programs, developing apps has become increasingly easy. But, clinging to any random strategy doesn’t make any sense. To gauge out the ideal way of creating apps, emphasizing on user feedback will certainly be one of the wisest acts from your end.


Proper branding-


Last but not the least; branding is something that represents you and your company the best. Your brand is what represents the status of your venture as well. Irrespective of the sector your business is dealing with, branding is truly important to pave in the way for success. So, when you are developing your app and designing your brand accordingly, you should always give a special emphasis on the name of your business, the style of the app and, most importantly, the icon that is going to represent you before the users. At the same time, your brand is how your clients will recognize you and connect with you. Quite true to the dictum,’ the first impression is the last impression’ -the primary impression your potential users will get your app and brand is directly reliant on the success of your venture. The positive remarks on your download page are what will convert the possible users into downloads.


Panacea Infotech is one of the best mobile app development companies and has now become a digital partner of choice for many businesses across the world. Offering exclusive custom software development services, we have established ourselves as an ideal platform that covers everything from web development to IT consulting and outsourced product development to data analysis, cloud, and mobility. So, if you are on the lookout for some assistance in this regard, you can call us anytime you want or you can also reach us through our mail id.


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26 Mar

Mistakes to Avoid While Developing a Mobile App

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Are you an aspiring developer trying to build a unique mobile app which would ensure customer engagement and the required marketing measures? Well, you have got to stay stick to a number of yardsticks in this regard. Stumbling through mistakes are quite common among the developers and your expertise, as a developer, lies in how perfectly you manage to do away with the errors. However, still, just a mere idea is not enough to help you with the process. You need to be well aware of the nitty-gritty of the job in order to bid adieu to the usual mistakes mobile app development companies often tend to make.


Mobile App Development Companies


At the same time, even if you are not developing an independent app for the market, but just want to widen your web presence with a native mobile app, you are still required to deliver the same unique features to establish interesting design and strong marketing approach. Especially, with an array of apps being in a combat with each other for a better presence across various app marketplaces, perfection is always considered as the main key to paving in success. In such case, it’s obviously quite important to shun off certain mistakes that might subvert your effort towards a quality mobile app development. This post is going to discuss four common mistakes that every app developer should try to avoid in every circumstance.


Unnecessary features This is something you should always steer clear of while developing a mobile application. There are many developers who have such wrong notion that the more features you add,  the stronger is the chance to fortify a good user experience. Well, you can make your app ‘feature-rich’ enough to attract a good amount of customers, but too many unwanted features make an app inept and clumsy without really adding any major value to the same. Rather, you can plump for the most effective features that users find useful and helpful. Else, too many unnecessary features might make the users end up with having a total confusing experience. Also, it can make the app heavier than normal, thereby lowering the loading speed.  Too many features mean extra resources in terms of development time and investment. This might lead to waste of resources as well.


Neglecting the testing part Users are always prone to stick to the smooth and mellow experience of the app they are going to use. Glitch-free performance is something which is expected the most by the users. Especially, before one starts using an app, any performance issue can just take no time to snatch off the good impression from the user’s mind. So, as a wise developer, the only way you can ensure a good user experience is by testing the app as much as possible across various platforms and devices. At the same time, performance issues might not come into the purview of the developers; instead, they are better evaluated by the impartial users. Thus, it’s always recommended to opt for professional help, as far as testing an app is considered.


Considering web page as a reference- If you are one of them who consider mobile app is an extended version of a webpage, you are utterly wrong. There are many developers who still believe in the same which has led to a number of failed apps. An app should create space for specific values for the user and this value should not be the same as which is offered by a website. Though a native app is always up with representing the same business or brand, still it should deliver specific value to the mobile users. The user experience should be enhanced for the native mobile interface, not for the mobile browsing. So, there is no more a doubt that using web pages as a point of reference for mobile app design and development is certainly a big mistake.


Not opting for pre-launch marketing– Pre-launch marketing for a mobile application development needs to be initiated as soon as the process gets started. Before the app is launched, pre-launch marketing would play a crucial role to create the much-needed buzz around the application. And, once it’s perfectly in place, you can then start the post-launch campaign with a decent following. As soon as the basic features of your app are decided, waste no time to build a small website for your app and publish contents on the same. You can also pave the way for various social profiles and business pages in the name of your application and bring out regular posts about the upcoming app. Last but not the least; direct messaging and banner ads would also create a huge difference.


Panacea Infotech presents itself as one of the top-end mobile app development companies, offering an array of exclusive solutions for the mid-size as well as big-scale business ventures. Having a team of highly experienced professionals, we ensure the finest technology solutions for a plethora of business needs.


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28 Feb

Make the Best Use of Push Notifications to Re-enlist Your Lost Customers

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Are you on the lookout for an effective strategy to re-engage your lost customers? Well, using push notifications is an effective way how you can ensure the same. Push notifications represent a great way to interact with your audience. Your mobile application development venture will remain unaccomplished unless you act smart. As per a recent study, a great percentage of smartphone users have push enabled on their devices, and these notifications can be utilized to benefit businesses in the following ways:

Push Notification

    • Channelizing users to your social media platforms
    • Boosting more products and services
    • Creating and retaining trust by delivering valuable content
    • Engaging users who aren’t currently on your site
    • Making use of abandoned carts for e-commerce apps


It’s pretty much certain that brands will come to accredit the high engagement rates of push notifications, and then thoroughly ham up the strategy until they vex their audiences and force them to branch off push notifications. But, until it happens, you should remember that the persons who have installed your app will already be more responsive to communication from you – as long as you don’t harm this trust.


Instead of being hostile and belligerent, focus on delivering value to your audience via push notifications in order to build a brand reputation for the long-term.


In today’s age of information and high-end technology, generic mass marketing techniques are on the verge of dying out. Here, personalization can work as the main key to victory. According to a recent survey, a great percentage of marketing professionals in multiple industries stated that product customization is an extremely important criterion to meet marketing objectives. Push notifications will always enable you to carve up the audiences you’re targeting in a very personalized way.


As for an example, a clothing brand may want to send different messages to its users based on the types of items that they’ve bought in the past. Sending different exhortations to men and women is probably a good idea – and the same applies to customers who have browsed products as per their needs.


This approach is held up by the data of the users who open a push notification. At the same time, geo-targeting is another great feature you can use. As a retail business owner, you may want to send out reminders for time-based promotions to anyone who’s within the immediate area. By inserting the user’s first name and stating the exact area they’re currently in, you’ll be able to capture their attention more perfectly than a generic message would.


Simultaneously, utilizing various emojis has also been found to increase retention.

So, when you are putting down push notifications, it’s always recommended that you empower a great variation of notification options for your users. Once they have a perfect knowledge about when and why they get notified, they’ll be more likely to fix on and remain engaged. Your mobile app development services should also not be devoid of such initiatives.


Last but not the least; if you are able to turn out a high value, there’s always a great chance that the users will be more likely to stay arrested with your push messages along with nurturing a high notion about your brand.


An excellent tool as considered, push notifications can somewhat deliver the best value to the customers, thereby paving way for brand loyalty and increased sales. All you need to do is customizing your messages based on the user which, in turn, will keep your content relevant and customers engaged.


The fact that push notifications are more profound and detailed than that of other forms of communication, they’re quite perfect for reopening a channel of communication to the previous customer. At the same time, they are also quite useful when it comes to reminding the users about adding an item to their cart. You should, anyway, check with your e-commerce provider to look into the best available options to take benefits from. So, making the most use of push notifications is what you should be doing on a prime note.


Push notifications have always been regarded as one of the most effective strategies to gain the attention of more users and keep the existing ones engaged in the same. It’s also said that push notifications play a major role in bringing the lost customers back and re-engaging them into their lost activities. However, it’s always recommended that you become very specific in using the notifications and look into the fact whether it is worthwhile.


Panacea Infotech is a first-rate mobile app development company offering top-end solutions to range over iOS and Android app development services. So, if you are looking for top-end mobile app development services, we can help you right away!

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16 Feb

How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Beneficial for Mobile Application Development

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As a technology maniac, you must be well-aware of the term ‘artificial intelligence’. Involving a machine with the potential to copy intelligent behavior, AI allows the iOS users to get the best essence of natural language processing, machine learning, machine vision, knowledge management etc. So, if you are in the vogue to develop some new app and create a ripple in the industry, it’s time for you to roll your eyes through the post, as it’s going to take you through a new saddle, giving you a sound idea about the new technology on board namely ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and how it’s going to be beneficial in mobile application development.

Mobile App Development

The founder and CEO of Blonde 2.0, Ayelet Noff was quite appropriate in this regard. “Machines are lacking an emotional understanding that enables them the emotional capacity to interact with us as humans. Thousands of new ‘smart’ apps and devices are being launched every day. However, no matter how smart they are, they lack the ability to interact and engage with us on an emotional level.”


At the same time, Bryan Kraner, one of the best selling authors and Keynote & TED speaker, “Computers in our hands and on our heads will start to shift via true AI and voice recognition to provide a higher level of digital assistance that truly understands our contextual experiences.


In other words, we need to be better understood by technology and receive better experiences based on things like location and timing. The software will have to adapt in order to deliver these experiences.” This is where AI paves in and makes sure the users experience an array of groundbreaking features to stay on par with the current technological gush.


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is almost going to bring in a change to the entire world like no other technology has ever done. Especially, with the smart assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant and Alexa, there’s literally been a surge in the demands for iOS devices.

Customers conduct while purchasing-

Have you got a significant number of downloads for the app you have developed lately? Well, then it’s time for you to increase your revenue. It’s quite obvious that getting hold of new customers is not easy all the time; however, the best way you can retain your old customers is by up-selling to your existing customers. When it will work as a crucial propeller to the growth of your app, it will also act as a perfect solution to the problem of acquiring new customers in a costly and time-consuming manner. Nevertheless, the marketers should be perfectly targeted and informed about exactly when and what they put on sale for the users. AI, with its amazing trait, can manage the data in a jiffy. Right from segregating between those who can be identified as hot leads and ‘who is not’ to looking over the behavior of the users, AI can give you the perfect clue about which features your endeavor towards mobile application development should offer to the users.


A recent research says that a big segment of users happens to cast aside an app just within three months from the initial download. And, the reason is quite simple. Either they are not satisfied with the features offered in the application or they find something better. With the technology becoming more and more advanced day by day, the users always tend to expect something out of the box. Demands for customized and tailor-made experiences are always on air and something lighter is simply not going to meet the expectations of the users.


However, with Artificial Intelligence on board, you can easily put on a learning algorithm to keep an eye on the choices your users make while using your application. Netflix and Youtube are the best examples of such applications that have initiated similar algorithms and are already in practice to use AI to perk up the user experience.

Right content-

Whether it’s a push notification, email or in-app message, the content of the message should be fastidiously researched, written and in agreement before it’s sent to the top users. Right from obtaining the right phrase to making sure there is enough space for customization, it has to be perfectly ordered. A recent study has revealed that a significant amount of business content will be scrutinized by machines by this year itself.


With AI operating within the background, the mobile app marketers are certainly going to see a surge in the overall user engagement. Still, like several new technologies, AI has its limitations, but, provided it’s used quite wisely, the users are surely going to experience the best innovations ever. Ultimately, AI takes the estimation away, giving the app marketers the much-required confidence that they’re delivering the correct message, to the correct user, at the correct time, via the correct channel.


What is the wait for? Give your intellect a sharp ruffle and create simply wonders for your customers through the magic of AI!


Panacea Infotech is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Pune, offering a complete solution for an array of mid and big scale ventures. You can take recourse to us in order to bring in the much-required perfection in your apps.


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02 Feb

Ways How You Can Boost the Quality of Your Mobile App Development

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Don’t you want your mobile app to go viral? Don’t you want to create a significant ripple in the market? You would surely want! So, what are the DOs and DON’Ts for the same? How would you even create a distinctive spell among your competitors? Well, this post is going to give you a sturdy idea about the same. Today’s mobile application development demands a lot of suppleness and your ideas always need a gamut of power tools to be converted into veritable apps. Even if you hire the best talent in the city, it doesn’t always ensure that all your expectations will be met for sure. For this, you need to fortify the quality of the product.

Mobile App Development


You should always put a special emphasis on the fact that customers are becoming quite selective nowadays and especially with an array of new designing trends prevailing the market, the only way you can showcase your excellence is by presenting something unique on board. Thus, as a developer, you should always make it certain that you are, in no way, compromising on the quality of the product. For the success of any mobile app, adhering to this special benchmark is more than important.


Following are the ways how you can improve the quality of a mobile application:-


Testing- This is the most important thing to consider while developing any iOS or Android solution. Quality assurance is only guaranteed when you get all your solutions tested quite rigorously. Testing is always considered the key to success. There always remains a chance for any modern application to get affected by several threats. The more you test the app, the better is the chance for you to detect any viable bug that comes up. Even a single flaw may lead to severe consequences and the most effective way you can get away with it is by undergoing a systematic testing procedure.


Responsiveness- Now Responsive Website has come up as a mandatory inclusion to any app development. A responsive website changes its layout and appearance based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on. A webpage that looks great on a desktop or a laptop may look out of sync while seeing it from a mobile. Responsive website here does its duty to make the webpage look similar even when seen on a mobile device. Though the main reason for many companies to switch over responsive websites is its high-end functionality, there are also many businesses that are converting their system to responsive design only in order to look trendy and snazzy. So, before you lag behind due to some severe mistake on your end, consider responsiveness as your top priority while going through an Android or iOS application development.


Security- Though security is one of the most important aspects to consider, still it’s often ignored even by the greatest app developers. Security breaches are the most important thing you need to take care of while developing an application. Especially with cyber attack becoming one of the most common threats of today, you have always got to take up the best security measure on board. Designing the appropriate user authentication has huge significance, as it not only ensures the security of any sensitive information but also makes sure that every solution in every step is perfectly locked at the safest chest.


Documentation- Your iOS application development should always get every feature properly documented. You should always ensure the fact that every integral part of your app is minutely described so that the professionals in charge of making the gizmo can clearly understand it.


Data distribution- Last but not the least; users always tend to give special emphasis on real-time data distribution and as a wise mobile app developer, you should never ignore this part. The users always tend to be attracted towards such apps that give the most up-to-date information. No matter how much swanky the application is, it always has to get the latest data in use. Your app fails to do it and you will be lagging behind the list of the most competent mobile application developers. Thus, before you launch your app, always make sure that it’s going with the perfect sync with real-time data distribution methods.


There is an end number of ventures developing new mobile apps across the country; but in order to come out with flying colors, the application you craft should always be exceptionally qualified so that it can give your customers the best return of investment.


So, what is the wait for? It’s time for you to abide by all the above guidelines for the best of your interest and create a significant exemplary in the industry.


Panacea Infotech is one of the top-end mobile app development companies, offering exclusive solutions to explore the change in Android and iOS app development services.


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16 Jan

5 Exclusive Mobile App Development Trends to Mark in 2018

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Being the biggest technology in market, Mobile App ecosystem has now come up as one of the most hyped over concerns in the market. With a great variety of mobile app development trends reformulating the digital landscape in every innovative way, taking your business to a new height is no more a herculean task. Mobile apps are no longer seen as an additional investment; rather, it’s considered as an obligation. Mobile being the best way to cater to the requirements of the customers, the success line of a company is often reliant on the fact that how effectively it utilises the current trends on board.
Mobile App Development

While mobile applications in large scale companies are used for firsthand campaigning, branding and shooting up customer engagement, in small-scale ventures, they are used for bringing their own apps into being. So, if you are in search of some exclusive mobile development trends to create an exemplar before your competitors, you have come to the right page then! This post is all set to provide you with a set of new app trends to get a headstart from your business rivals.

Accelerated Mobile Pages- The faster your web page is loaded, the greater is the chance for you to engage more customers towards the site. So, how will you do it the best? Having Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is always the most recommended way how you can perk up your web page load time to a significant extent. Apart from enhancing the conversion rate, it will also heighten the visibility of your site in more than one way. At the same time, good user experience is something which is the lookout of every customer and with an accelerated mobile page, you can actually take your online business to a new level of perfection. One of the most exclusive trends on demand, accelerated mobile pages can just make your site create wonder!

Mobile App Security- Well, with mobile payment and mobile banking becoming a significant trend today, it’s quite obvious that there will be a huge surge of security by 2018. Especially with Google and Apple focusing on this particular measure like never before, mobile app security is surely going to be one of the most hankered after units among the customers. Before you release your application to the app store, it should always be your prime concern to explore as well as probe into the same as much as you can. Again, the security checks should always be taken at the development stage itself through scales like code encryption, reputed payment gateway, API, secure back-end etc.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Apps- With the increasing demand of the customers, when entertainment and gaming have become one of the most sought after straits among the fellow buyers, the importance of VR & AR apps has, quite naturally, torqued up like never before. When the demand for new technologies has paved in the way for groundbreaking automation, the quest has also surpassed beyond the want for mere games. The consumers want to explore yet more and once AR graphics are merged with VR tools, it can actually create wonder. The leading mobile app developers are already on the vogue to wander through the drift and as a smart mobile app development company, you should also consider this trend on a prime note and steer your way towards perfection.

Cloud Based Applications- Gone are those days when you were left with no option other than saving all your important files in your device only. However, with the inception of cloud technology, things have become much easier. The mobile phone users no more have to slow down their internal phone memory, as cloud technology will help you store anything on the cloud itself. Apart from Google Drive and Dropbox, there will certainly be many more such apps on the go and the year 2018 is actually going to witness the scenario at its best. As a leading mobile app development company, you should always blaze the trail towards this trend and keep updating your applications accordingly. When cloud based mobile apps are good for personal uses, they are quite in demand in big enterprises as well, for they are most likely to trim down the data security issues prevalent in every venture.

On-demand Applications- Who doesn’t want to get an easy access to all the important locations just with the click of a button? Yes, on-demand apps can make it happen in a jiffy! Bringing along every important thing within your reach, such engaging apps can actually come to your great aid. Be it a shopping mall or a restaurant, a stationery store or a mobile store, a hospital or a clinic and even a gymnasium or a fashion parlour, on-demand apps can get the users convenience and comfort under a single jolt.

It’s always important to adhere to the latest trends in order to set forth the best mobile app in the market. Panacea Infotech is one of the top mobile app development companies adhering to the ongoing trends to make sure the application creates a significant ripple in the market.

Yes, now it’s your turn to paddle the boat !

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10 Jan

5 Checklists to Follow while Launching a New Mobile Application

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Are you into delivering a gamut of mobile app development services for various business companies?? Is it a start-up? Or, have you been running the venture for a long time? Well, in either way, you might be receiving an end number of opportunities. Can you really afford being laid-back or easy-going even for a minute? The answer would definitely be a big ‘No’! Researches have shown that the biggest challenge involved in such business is not being able to figure out the real scope connected with the vocation. When it becomes too tricky at times, too many ideas also make it quite tough to meet the success line. However, you can actually make it easier by following some simple lineups or ballots.


5 Checklist For Mobile App Development


This post brings before you few important checklists to mull over while launching a new app as well as dealing with your clients.


Know Your Product the Best This is perhaps the most important thing you should consider while you are up with your mobile application development business. Among a number of other vital things to be done, you should always be well-aware of the main essence of the app in the best possible manner, so that you can brief the product to your clients just in a jiffy. The better you can summarise your app, the greater is the chance for you to crack the deal.


Recognise Your Target Audience And Their Requirements This is again one of the smartest ways to stay close to your profit line. The perfect way you can offer the best product to the users is by understanding their needs. So, before you proceed with anything, try to gauge out the issues your mobile application is going to puzzle out for them. Once you are done with it, then you better know which platform should be in use for the best outcome. At the same time, you should also be aware of every possible risk involved in making the application; thereby shunning away all the possibilities of incurring loss. Make sure that you are always one step ahead of ruining your mobile app development capability.


Take Time to Eye around All Your Constraints Although you are all set to launch a new mobile app, you should always take time to adjudge the limitations the application has got to function within. This way, you can not only manage to pave in the way for a user-friendly product, but will also be able to retain customer satisfaction at its best. Is it going to appear good in the application store? Will this work equally on every format? What are the possible sweeps and scopes it leaves for the clients to let them have an amazing experience?- These are the common queries you should always be asking yourself before setting the app afloat.


Try to Figure out How Exactly Your Application Is Going to Be Anchored There are always better ways to do things. When certain micro services can make it do wonder, some patent add-ons can also make it work faster. As a sharp-witted mobile app development company, you should always be wise enough to look into the fact that which additional service needs to be plugged into time to time. A mobile responsive website should always be there along with the app in order to pitch in with the user’s requirements. Adhering to such important criteria is what a pro must be in practice with. Last but not the least; one should also have the best knowledge about how the user generated content is likely to appear on the app before it is launched.This way, you can always pave the way for customer delight.


Explore Your Competitors This is again one of the main yardsticks to follow. The better you know your competitors, the smarter you are going to be on your deliveries. You should always be well-aware of the strength and shortcoming of your opponents, so that you can compete with them the best. Before you kick off your new mobile app, make sure that the new features you are launching are highly in demand. Hence, you can trigger your target in the best possible manner.


These are the important lineups to adhere to while rolling out a new mobile application. This post is surely going to find the key to many of your doubts and make it a pleasant encounter for you.


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27 Dec

Top 10 Apps of the Year: Mobile App Development So Far in 2017!!

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With uphill of 2 million apps accessible in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, it can be a challenging to search the truly useful tools or fun games to play. Mobile app development companies have contributed immense efforts to make the smartphone a worth device in hands of users. Otherwise, without great apps, that $999 iPhone X you just bought is as good as a fancy paperweight.


So how do people find the top-related apps for your super-powered smartphone? Panacea Infotech has been developing and testing new application store discoveries all year long. Here are some of our favorites, a combination of the best new apps that just came out in 2017 and apps that got big new features since last 12 months.


So if you’re trying to determine which apps are essential and which ones are expendable, here’s a list of the top 10 apps of 2017 from app development experts.

1. Uber


Uber is, without doubt, one of the most used and efficient ride-hailing services available in today’s market. Uber offers its services to customers as the simplest method to get around. Just tap a button, book a ride. As Uber has emerged rapidly, more and more features become available through the app.


Uber focuses considerable emphasis on user experience. In meantime, the application has gone through a multitude of design cycles and prototyping iterations. The app provides passengers with upfront fares, accurate arrival times, driver details, and data-driven trip lines.

2. Waze


It’s astonishing that there could be a better navigation app than Google Maps. However, an Israeli-based startup developed Waze and it has been making some noise in the mobile app development market.


The main purpose of this app is to be a navigational assistant. The best thing about Waze is the interface doesn’t incorporate anything purposeless. Waze is fast to provide real-time traffic alerts, like roadblocks, law enforcement warnings, and hazards ahead.

3. Spotify

Spotify is still going strong throughout 2017 as one of the pioneers of streaming services. The app offers a huge music library of over 30 million songs.


Moreover, with numerous convenient features, it focuses on the discovery of new music. The app blends weekly Discover Playlists and recently added a Release Radar that keeps users updated on new music.

4. Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is the first-ever mobile app that connects directly to the Bitcoin network. The app has a simple and efficient interface and is free for users.


With this app, users can send and receive Bitcoin with NFC, QR-codes, and specified URLs. The app also contains features an address book of regularly used Bitcoin. Even if a user is offline, you can still pay with Bluetooth.

5. Whatsapp


Do we even need an explanation how amazing this application is? Throughout 2017, Whatsapp was one of the fastest growing mobile apps in the world. In the last couple of years, there is 91% increase in unique users. Whatsapp automatically syncs with your contacts, is rich with features, completely ad-free and incredibly popular with users. In fact, the app is used by 1.2 billion users worldwide.


Over the past year, a team of developers added attractive features to improve the user experience. For instance, the app introduced a universal delete feature. It allows users to delete messages from one-on-one and group chats.

6. Evernote


Evernote remains one of the most useful note-taking apps to date. The app maintains all your important documents, images, files, PDFs, and researched information in one safe and secure location. Rich feature-set allows users to share information and collaborate from anywhere.


The app is amazingly effective for maintaining and managing complex projects with multiple moving parts. Easy track deliverables, revisit material, and sharing of meeting notes, etc are few remarkable features of Evernote.

7. Reddit


If you are looking for best way to search trending topics on Intenet, then Reddit is here for you. This app offers users, whether that is viral video or breaking news. As the app started gaining more and more popularity, the iOS and Android mobile app development companies added several new features to deliver a more inclusive experience. Over the past year, Reddit has been especially focusing on upgrading its app to deliver the top-of-mind content.

8. Strava


It is an application made by athletes for athletes. Yes, Starva is a fitness application that hosts millions of athletes all over the world. This app provides the largest trail database in the app market. The app can help you find your ideal cycling or running route, and users have the option of uploading their own trails.


The app syncs with most devices, including GPS watches, headgear, and heart rate monitors. Moreover, users can track almost any performance metric and retrieve complete data insights. Users/ athletes can share real-time updates and images with Starva during their activities.

9. TD Canada

TD Canada

TD Canada is a mobile banking app that has the most monthly users in Canada. This app focuses on users with the ability to bank whenever, wherever, and however they wish.


TD Canada includes essential and reliable banking functions so that users can make payments easily. This application has become the effective medium to send, request, and transfer money online. Users can also scan available market opportunities like trade, stock. Applications provide particular push notifications related to real-time price alerts and market changes.

10. Facebook Local

Facebook Local

Facebook’s standalone events app, Facebook Local. It could potentially pose a serious threat to Yelp. Facebook recently rebranded their events app which now fuses local events and permanent establishments into a unified search engine. The app comes supported by Facebook’s reputable collection of business pages, reviews, and user check-ins.

Closing Thoughts!!

Well, above-mentioned are top 10 mobile applications of 2017. But are you ready for 2018? Panacea is a leading mobile app development company that follows latest trends and technologies. If you want to flourish your business in a new year, be sure to opt our mobile app development services.


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