Mobile App Failure: Reasons and how you can avoid it?

Millions of apps are developed every year, and yet, less than 1% is successful. The failure of any app is far above and beyond a bug detected and rectified. In addition, there are common issues for an app to fail. It is not necessary to be aware of these issues that make your app impervious to failure. Instead, it can help you evaluate those things that Continue reading “Mobile App Failure: Reasons and how you can avoid it?”

How Mobile apps are reshaping eCommerce industry?

Mobile apps for eCommerce stores are changing the market nowadays, which is also considered as a reliable way of gaining excellent profits. However, there are numerous

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who can help with mobile application development for meeting your business needs. Apart from developing an app for eCommerce business, they also help Continue reading “How Mobile apps are reshaping eCommerce industry?”

Mobile App Security: Practices That Every Developer Must Follow

One of the most rapid progressing things in regards to information technology is the apps on your smartphones, which you use regularly. Nowadays, there isn’t a single thing for which an app has not been developed, whether you are a hungry introvert who wants to order food online or and so on. Nevertheless, in 2018 alone there has been as Continue reading “Mobile App Security: Practices That Every Developer Must Follow”

How Mobile Payments Transforming Restaurant Industry?

Advancement of

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technologies has come to the convenient possibility to turn a smartphone into a credit card. So, there is no wonder that every restaurant is being convenience and comfort than other businesses, were the first in line to take up the initiative. Nowadays, almost every individual owns a Continue reading “How Mobile Payments Transforming Restaurant Industry?”

Aspects to know regarding app development timelines

Everyone knows the relevance of time. Time equals money. Higher will be the cost of the app if it takes longer to develop. If you have started analyzing the options available in pricing for the development, you will see that it is a highly expensive process. Well, every app is unique, and there are numerous factors which impact the tenure. We Continue reading “Aspects to know regarding app development timelines”

7 Major Tips for Effective Mobile App Prototyping

Mobile app prototyping is an integral element in the design phase of

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. So, if a business wants to stand out in a cutthroat market and increase the probability of product success, then prototyping helps to ensure enterprises to move forward with a developing tested product, which is proven to real user value as well as Continue reading “7 Major Tips for Effective Mobile App Prototyping”

Augmented Reality transforming eCommerce arena

The era’ where we all are in the digitally connected world’ has vast scope of new opportunities for the merchants to attract their target audience and retain the potential ones. In the tech-driven market, those eStore owners who constantly adapt themselves in the modern technological changes and opt the updates’ win the cutthroat Continue reading “Augmented Reality transforming eCommerce arena”

Android vs iOS: Best platform for Mobile App Development

Today, the smartphone has truly transformed the way people communicate and has a significant effect on how people interact with technology. So, the most widespread technologies are iOS and Android and have a massive, development on both the sides in the mobile operating system market. So, on one side, there is an open source Continue reading “Android vs iOS: Best platform for Mobile App Development”

6 Tips to follow for successful mobile app development

Over the decade, there has been a drastic rise in mobile app globally, where the mobile app has shaped up our everyday lives ever since its advent. Undoubtedly, they are even re-designing our daily and corporate tasks, helping us to develop an extensive network of professional and innovators. With the competitive landscape, all the business Continue reading “6 Tips to follow for successful mobile app development”

Top 5 food ordering apps for iOS and Android

We all have experienced the moment’ when the desire for something delicious take us to order whatever or wherever we want. Such an incredible luxury brought to us by food delivery apps, something to appreciate. Whereas the world of mobile application development for food delivery’ is as wide as the eating options available to us today and the Continue reading “Top 5 food ordering apps for iOS and Android”