04 Apr

8 Important Features to Develop Effective Taxi Booking App

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Nowadays, more and more organizations are looking to develop their own taxi booking apps like Uber. The ultimate success of a taxi booking app has changed the concept of taxi transportation. Though numerous organizations are showing interest in taxi app development, the most important thing is delivering the best services by considering all constraints like quality, price, and on-time delivery.


Apps Like Uber


If you are also looking forward to entering this business, you need to focus on the following things. The top and the most important thing to understand while developing a taxi booking app is that there are three modules/apps, driver, passenger and admin.


Here is a list of the most common, yet must-have features of any taxi booking mobile app:

Location and Maps

To search cars, identify the current location and track the way, you can utilize the GPS tracking technology to your application. Moreover, by including this feature, you can give an approximate estimation to both driver and passenger for a hassle-free journey.

In-app Payments

Nowadays, people don’t prefer to transact in cash and opt for in-app payment. Hence, an app without any payment gateway solution is a waste. You must include an in-built payment option to facilitate passengers to pay directly from the app.

Inbuilt Facility to Collect Fees

Drivers using your taxi driver app have to pay some fees to you. Offering a facility to pay online will make their life easy. Being an admin, you are privileged to create rules like what should be the charges for the drivers and when and how you would do it. Everything that you need to do is to define several subscriptions and choose the billing cycle. The rest process will be handled by the system and automatically collects payments. The online billing process will eliminate the need for manual paperwork. You should also facilitate drivers to access current balance, list of the transactions, subscription details, and top-up features.

Analytics System

It is important to analyze your business properly. One traditional way to do it is collect number, evaluate them and plan accordingly to improve your business. If you have information about your business in well-structured reports, it can assist you in finding out the improvement areas to expand your business. This report can have information about the assigned orders vs missed orders, the total number of orders received and booking sources.



Having a proper authorization process helps you to improve your app’s performance in various areas such as for online payments. You can also add other information such as driver’s name, license plate number, contact details and profile pic to build customer trust. Reviews and ratings are other features that you can add to the profile section. This makes communication between passengers and drivers easy and effortless.

Push Notification

This is something used in every app irrespective of the industry as it gains the user’s attention. It is essential to send push notifications and in-app messages to passengers and drivers to inform them about the news and campaigns about your app.

Tracking and Dispatch

This is related to admin panel, creating a web-based panel with Google Maps facilitate you to take bookings from a mobile phone, manage taxis, drivers and assign trips. It also facilitates you to keep track of your drivers along with their status and track order requests created by passengers.


Though you don’t have a plan to add any additional feature to your application, but keeping your app updated according to the recent market trends.

Below are some other features that you should include when you plan to create an app like Uber:

• Fare calculator
• Reports
• Referral program
• Navigation
• Vehicle selection
• Taxi tracking
• Interactive map
• Coupons
• Trip history
• Split payments

As you can see, you have to take care of many features while creating taxi app, hiring well-experienced taxi app development company to create apps with Uber clone that will offer a bug-free, working product within your budget.


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22 Aug

The Most Important Features of an Uber Like App

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Are you storming your brain right now, as you are planning to come up with a brand new app? Well, then it’s time for you to know that you should prove your flair in something that has the highest demand in the market. Can it be anything other than a taxi booking mobile app? No, we guess! Uber like app development has now been embraced by an array of developers who do understand the current market trend and taking this drift on a light note will definitely be an act of stupidity on your part.

Uber like Apps


Let’s consider the scenario. Whether it’s in office hours, in an emergency or even in a haste to attend a meeting, hailing a can has now become just a cakewalk! It’s just at the fingertips! Starting from opening the application to confirming a ride and finishing the same by paying cash or by using other payment gateways, it has become simpler and easier. Hat’s off to all the taxi app development companies that have put their best endeavor to come up with such amazing creations.


So, don’t you think, choosing cab booking app as your next venture would be the wisest act from your end? Digging deep into taxi booking app development is not going to repent your decision by any means. Now, if you are really curious to know how exactly to make an Uber like app, this post is going to help you in more than one way. To build a taxi booking mobile app, you have to be particular about the fact that you will be required to put your efforts into two different applications- one is the Passenger App and the other is the Driver App.


Following are the features of the Passenger App that you need to follow while building the same-

• The passengers can directly sign up from the mobile app. To do this, they have to put their personal email as well as contact number. Sometimes, the details of social media account are also required.
• A particular mobile app screen should be there that would let the passengers enter their travel choices to book a taxi or schedule other rides.
• This feature allows users to check on the current availability of drivers. However, it depends on the pick-up location they have chosen.
• Users are completely free to opt for any pick-up location of their choice.

• Also, the rider can select the type of car he/she wants to travel by.
• Once done, the passenger gets a fair calculation of the amount that would be charged to him/her, based on the distance between the destination and the pick-up location.
• The user can start tracking the cab even before its arrival. The live status of the cab will always be available.
• In case, the rider chooses any smart payment option, the amount will get deducted from the main balance and the invoice will be sent to the registered email address.
• The option of split payment should also be there, in case there are multiple passengers.
• Sometime, certain discounts of digital coupons should be there to grab more eyes towards the app.
• The passengers should be able to give their valuable rating and feedback after they are done with the ride.
• Last but not the least; certain customer engagement features like loyalty rewards and badges should also be there.


The essentials of the Driver App are as follows-

• Just like passengers, drivers also need to sign up for approval and their profiles are approved only after certain verification by the admin.
• To authenticate their profile information, the drivers have to go through detailed verification.
• Notifications for new booking get flashed in the driver’s account. The driver is free to accept or reject the request.
• Like the Passenger App, the estimated fair is displayed to the Driver App as well.
• The Driver is left with few seconds to accept or reject the incoming requests. They also have an easy access to the distances between the drop-in places and the pick-up locations. The Driver can also update the passenger about their booking confirmation, arrivals at pickup point as well as at the destination.
• The driver can look into the status of the completed as well as cancelled bookings.

Now, when it comes to admin panel, it’s worth mentioning that the Uber like app solution you are going to offer may survive without the absence of this particular facet; but, then managing the large amount of data in the app will actually be a hassle. To avoid such fuss, integrating admin panel to your Uber like app development will definitely be a smart act on your part. However, the admin panel should always be able to perform the following tasks-

• Store, run and preside over the in-app actions
• Help drivers with best-in-class navigation routes
• Keep a proper track of the important data about revenues
• Control app reviews and ratings
• Aid in an ideal business

So, if you are on the lookout for such venture that would help you the best in this regard, taking Panacea Infotech into consideration would perhaps be the wisest act on your part. Providing unique products to an array of clientele, we have acquired a glut of acclamations from every nook and corner. Also, we have delivered a number of successful apps and this is how we have gained a sound control over the same. Building Uber like apps is our forte and we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our clients the best. Being a top-end taxi app development company, we make sure the process of taxi booking remains convenient, comfortable and easy for all the customers.


We have a troop of dedicated developers on board who put their best effort to make a taxi booking experience more than amazing for the commuter, which, in turn, has helped us extend our business yet more. The apps we develop allow best-in-class communication to happen between the Driver app and the Passenger app, which can be easily monitored from the taxi app development platform, thereby making the cab booking apps a grand success. You can contact us any time you want and we will be happy to come to your best aid.


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01 Jun

Developing a Taxi Booking Mobile App? Factors You Should Always Consider

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Have you built a taxi booking app? What factors should you consider while building your app? Planning a taxi app isn’t an easy task. You must take into account several factors starting from competition, local fares, essential paperwork, and going all the way to designing interface and integrating payment methods.

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11 Apr

Reasons Why Your Taxi Business Should Take Recourse to Taxi Booking App Development

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With a sharp rise in the use of internet connected devices, the demand for mobile-based applications has also escalated like never before. Especially, with today’s marketplace withstanding a radical transformation and all the favorable outcomes depending on providing a mobile app as one of their main channels, the chance for customer satisfaction has also manifolded to a significant extent. This is one of the most effective reasons why mobile application companies are on the leap and mobile application developers are so much in demand.

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20 Feb

 How to Develop a Taxi Booking App

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Are you trying to develop a new taxi booking app? Are you on the vogue to initiate something that will create a boom in the industry and trigger the folks to rate your app as the top one? Well, then you have come to the right page. This post is going to discuss how to make an Uber like app solution for your business. When it’s going to give you an end-to-end guide about the same, it will also steer you on the right track.

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