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Sohel Patel

Team Lead


Meet Sohel Patel, the driving force behind our web development team with over 4+ years of expertise in building, testing, and nurturing web applications.

With a dynamic skill set encompassing React JS, Vue JS, Next.js & PHP framework Laravel, Node.js Framework Nest.js Sohel builds exceptional digital solutions that seamlessly connect data, functionality, and design we create at Panaceatek.

With a robust command of REST API, JSON, and a wealth of experience of MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and database systems, Sohel is the source of inspiration for our development team.

He has mastered the art of building robust backends, maintaining front-end components resulting in applications that are both user-friendly and developer-friendly.

But Sohel’s talents extend beyond coding. He is a dynamic leader and mentor, inspiring our development team to achieve his best. His collaborative spirit and problem-solving ability to create an environment where innovation flourishes.

When not crafting code, he can be found exploring the latest web development trends, contributing to open-source projects, or sharing knowledge to his dedicative team members.

Let’s recognize Sohel for his exceptional skills, leadership, and unwavering dedication to propelling our web development efforts to new heights.

You can connect with him via Linkedin profile.